Weekend Roundup December 11, 2009

Here's this week's roundup of sites I think are useful or interesting.

Change Windows Folder Color With Rainbow Folders

If you have lists of folders and want them to be viewed easily, this little utility does the job. The article has a short tutorial on how to use the program, and as noted in the article, the program is old but works with all versions of Windows including Windows 7.

Google Dictionary

Google has very quietly rolled out a dictionary - no ads, and you can look up words using 28 languages.
[The Google Dictionary website was terminated on August 5, 2011.]

Idiot-Proof FTP
One of these days you might find yourself having to move files from one place to another using the oft-dreaded FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Here’s a list of nearly foolproof ways to make the process almost painless. These are all basic programs; if you need more features have a look at our Best Free FTP Client category. I like and use FileZilla, but do have a look at the others as your mileage may vary.


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by Jojo Yee on 15. December 2009 - 8:04  (38715)

If you are using Chrome browser (version 4.0), it has an extension Google Dictionary Lookup. While you are surfing on a page, holding down the Ctrl-key and double-click a word, the definitions of the word pop up in a small window. You'll get the same result without leaving the page.

Better still, you can pre-set the language you need in the extension.

by rhiannon on 15. December 2009 - 17:30  (38740)

Thanks Jojoyee, that's a great tip.

by Anonymous on 15. December 2009 - 2:24  (38689)

I tested the Google dictionary and the format is great, clean and concise. Now, because I am a great techie on top of being a Great Grany of 7 robust kids, will you tell me how I can get it firmly fastened to my Firefox browser, especially my iGoogle homepage? I need help getting across the street to but I will leave that to my little neighbor boyscout.

Thanks and hope your Christmas spirit is alive and joyful


by rhiannon on 15. December 2009 - 3:42  (38699)


by Anonymous on 15. December 2009 - 2:33  (38691)

I discovered how to get it permanently set on my toolbar. Was easy!

by shruggy63 on 11. December 2009 - 22:13  (38338)

Is the Google dictionary much different from using 'define: (word)' in the Google search box?

by Anonymous on 12. December 2009 - 0:33  (38351)

Yes, I just tried it with the word "patience" under both methods. Check it out.

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