Weekend Roundup April 23, 2010

Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! The weekend roundup is a short list of links that is sent out towards the end of each week. This is where items that are interesting, fun, or useful are apt to show up, tech related or not.

Facebook Kills More Of Your Privacy For Cash
From the ever-popular Consumerist blog: "Yesterday, Facebook announced an awesome new feature that lets anyone see your current city, hometown, education, work, likes, and interests, even if you've set your profile to private."
- Facebook Kills More Of Your Privacy For Cash

How to Restore Your Privacy on Facebook
A must read from Gawker network if you're at all concerned about Facebook privacy issues. I know two Facebook articles in one post seems a bit much, but I believe members and non-members both need to be aware of how Facebook handles private information.
- How to Restore Your Privacy on Facebook

6 Tips and Tricks For Firefox's Address Bar
Some good tips to customize Firefox more to your liking. I've been using the Make Address Bar Font Bigger extension - it's a little larger than I would like but better than my previous setting.
- 6 Tips and Tricks For Firefox Address Bar

How to Drag and Drop Attachments in Gmail
Attaching files to gmail just became much easier. Great how-to from Google Tutor.
- How to Drag and Drop Attachments in Gmail

Radiotuna: Find Internet Radio Stations
Looking for some new tunes to listen to? Has your Pandora station gotten stuck in a rut? RadioTuna can help you find a new Internet radio station in a jiffy. The bandwidth here doesn't allow for streaming data so you'll need to test drive the site if you're interested. More details on the Useful Tools site.
- Radiotuna - Find Internet Radio Stations

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by HeWhoRocks on 25. April 2010 - 12:01  (48388)

Thanks for the interesting Facebook links. I don't use it myself and i'm not entirely sure why anybody else does, but i would ask Facebook users: what did you think would happen? Wake up!!

by Anonymous on 25. April 2010 - 5:35  (48383)

Thanks, Rhiannon, for these tips, especially the link to "Make Address Bar Font Bigger." I noticed that you said this extension made the address bar font a little bigger than you would like. You can change the font size without too much trouble: Close Firefox, then go into your Firefox profile, open the "overlay.css" file and edit the font size and style to your liking.

On my XP box this file is located at:
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\PROFILE_ID\extensions\addressBarFontSizeBigger@papafresh.com\chrome\skin\overlay.css

Open this file with Notepad or another text editor and scroll down to the second "#urlbar" entry. The next two lines define the font size and font weight for the address bar. Change them to whatever you like, save the file and restart Firefox. I went from 14pt. bold to 11 pt. bold: smaller, but still much more visible than before.


by rhiannon on 27. April 2010 - 18:10  (48582)

Thanks for the tip, it worked great!

by terrawarra on 25. April 2010 - 12:22  (48390)

Following your instructions, I've just changed the address bar font size from 14 to 11,.. just perfect ! Thank you !

by Anonymous on 24. April 2010 - 11:38  (48347)

yes, excellent suggestions on the font size in firefox. it sure beats the control-scroll. you guys always come up with the best stuff and it doesnt have to be big things...its sometimes the little things that make our internet experiences better...

by terrawarra on 24. April 2010 - 4:38  (48311)

Thanks Rhiannon,.. another good batch of info from you. In particular, I found the Firefox tips & tricks extremely useful. Because my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be, I find it hard to pick out the finer details on most webpages. I've been using an excellent Firefox add-on called "NoSquint 2.0.3" which enables me to make a larger default page size,.. something that Firefox wouldn't let me do.
Now with the help of your latest Weekly Roundup tips, I've installed the Firefox add-on to enlarge the Firefox address bar,.. now my page is just perfect for my poor eyesight.
SOL (smiling out loud)

by rhiannon on 24. April 2010 - 4:59  (48312)

I understand that! One thing that has helped is to set a default font size in Firefox. Go to Tools/Options/Content/Fonts and Colors/Advanced and set the Minimum Font Size. 14 works pretty well for me.
I also set the system font size to medium using the Display properties.
Part of my problem is that in my current configuration I'm three feet or more away from my monitor. Closer would be better. :)
I'm glad your eyes are happier now.

by Anonymous on 24. April 2010 - 5:40  (48314)

Thanks again for the extra info on setting a default font size in Firefox.
Yes,.. my eyes are smiling too !


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