Website of the Week (ReadWriteWeb)


If you want to keep up with what's going on with technology and web trends but don't want to wade through tech jargon to find out, ReadWriteWeb is a great place to start.
ReadWriteWeb follows technology trends, providing thoughtful commentary and analysis with jargon kept to a minimum.

With several writers the topics are wide ranging, making it easy to find something of interest.
The Best of ReadWriteWeb is a good place to begin, with the front page showcasing the latest content.
Do check the Channels section (drop down menu at the top of the page) for other sections of the site like the ReadWriteWeb Solution Series which "explores specific technologies and industries that use virtualization for critical operations" and the ReadWriteCloud is a "channel dedicated to helping its community understand the strategic business and technical implications of Virtualization and Cloud Computing."
I know that sounds pretty technical but several of the articles are of interest to all - the article "Who Owns Your Data, Really?" being a good example.
The site is searchable through the archives (listed by topic), by tag and the search box on each page. Separate sections with added content include White Papers, Videos, Case Studies, and Resources.
Note: While visiting the site you might have a screen pop up asking for a name and password. Click cancel when it pops up and you'll still have access to the site.
(thanks for the reminder ChaosReigns <g>)



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