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Is this Website down, or is it me?

Nifty online tool to check if a website is down.

Not too long ago I went to a website to place an order. It wouldn't load. It wouldn't load in any of the five browsers I tried. Since the site is a large and reputable site I've been using for years, I was puzzled.
A bit of looking led me to the 'down for everyone or just me' website.
This is a great little web based tool that tells you if a site is really down. All you have to do is type in the name of the site and click on the "or just me?" link in blue.
Turns out the site was fine, and a recent installation of a security program was blocking access to the site.
Update: Since I came across this site the first time I can't count how many times I've used it.

Down for everyone or just me?

Have fun,

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by AbsintheFairey (not verified) on 7. September 2011 - 3:35  (79106)

I been using for months now, almost every day. So tonight, all of a sudden it won't connect. I went to a few of those checking sites and they all say it's just me. Ok so here's the thing. I am able to go to any other site and nothing has been changed on my laptop so this is a bit of a conundrum to me. Can you advise please?
Thank you, Abs xXx

by Anupam on 7. September 2011 - 5:04  (79114)

Its just not you, the website is actually down. Cant open it here either.

by rhiannon on 7. September 2011 - 3:56  (79111)

@AbsintheFairey; I have a few suggestions that might help. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies and see if that helps. If not, try going to the site with a different browser.
You can also try flushing the DNS, a clear and easy how-to is here:
DNS Cache Flush, Clear, or Reset in Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

If you are on a wireless connection, try changing the settings not to connect automatically. If that doesn't help, delete the wireless connection and allow it to be detected again.

Last, try resetting the adapters - you didn't mention what version of Windows you are using, but these settings are usually in the Network and Sharing category in Control Panel.

I hope that helps. :)

by Anonymous on 12. March 2010 - 10:47  (45428)

Thanks , you can try this site :
Is That site down

by rhiannon on 12. March 2010 - 19:14  (45446)

Thanks! I've added it to my toolbox, along with the other suggestions.

by Anonymous on 8. October 2009 - 15:17  (34173)

I prefer - fast, quick and clean. I also love the feature where it can keep checking the site for me and email me when it comes back up.

P.S. - downformeorjusteveryone is DOWN for me! :D

by Jojo Yee on 8. October 2009 - 16:05  (34175)

Thanks. How about:

Is That Site Down

Sites On my IP

by Anonymous on 13. October 2009 - 18:40  (34576)

The difference between and the two sites you posted is that also accepts full length URL's (i.e.

The two sites you posted do not accept full length URL's - just the top root of the domain (i.e.

So the problem is that the domain may work, but a specific URL may not (for numerous reasons).

by Anonymous on 28. September 2009 - 19:02  (33489)

First try: - claims the site is down for them, and the link they provide works first time..... =/

by DesElms on 23. September 2009 - 16:27  (33169)

Hmm. Interesting. Of course, ultimately, it's a promotion for a web hosting provider... but that doesn't mean it's not useful along the way.

I'll tell you why it interests me, though...

...and that's because I use OpenDNS and sometimes it seems like I get blank screens, or OpenDNS "the site's down" sort of error pages for sites that never used to have problems; and I've often wondered if it's actually a problem with the site, or it's OpenDNS. This tool can help me determine that.

Of course, there are other web based tools that allow one to quick-check a site, but most of them include a whole raft of other tools, ping tools, and traceroute tools, and other stuff. This one is far simpler and more straightforward. Not bad. Not earth shattering, but not bad. I have added it to my IE8 "Favorites Bar" for easy access.

Thanks, Rhiannon!

Gregg L. DesElms

Napa, California


by rhiannon on 23. September 2009 - 22:19  (33194)

I've had ups and downs over the years with OpenDNS. For a few years they were very slow in the area I live in, slower than my ISP.
I had been using DNS Advantage for some time, then one of the site editors mentioned Comodo Secure DNS. I tried both and noticed little difference - not too surprising since they are both run by Neustar.

by Anonymous on 23. September 2009 - 9:23  (33148)

The site is down - or is it just me?

by Anonymous on 23. September 2009 - 11:02  (33156)

Aha, so witty

by Jojo Yee on 23. September 2009 - 12:18  (33159)

True enough, if that site is down, the user can't even ask or it can't even tell you who is down :>)

But if that site is not down, it will tell you this:

"If you can see this page and still think we're down, it's just you."

by Anonymous on 23. September 2009 - 1:25  (33135)

This is a Very useful site, I have been using it since 2008....
Thank You

by rhiannon on 26. September 2009 - 17:02  (33361)

Thanks Roberta! I'm glad you like the site. I'm rather partial to it myself. =)

by Anonymous on 22. September 2009 - 18:30  (33121)

Oh man, wish I'd known somebody needed this...
I've known about this site for years, and it's saved my sanity more than once...

Rock on, stellar site! :D

by Anonymous on 23. September 2009 - 18:23  (33183)

Dollar short and a day late...again ? =)