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Wallpaper of the Week (Maldivian Sunset)

Wallpaper of the Week

Rich purples, pink and orange highlight a lone outcrop of rock with a single tree.

 Sunset in the Maldives, ocean with long outcrop and tree.

Available resolutions: click the Download Now! button and your monitor resolution is automatically detected and an image optimized for your computer is loaded.

Maldivian Sunset


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by Anupam on 23. May 2011 - 10:21  (72536)

Did you see the comments below, where this was answered?

by rhiannon on 24. May 2011 - 1:02  (72556)


Go to this link:
Maldivian Sunset
(this is the same link under the photo in the above article)
It should take you to the wallpaper site. The download link is on the right side of the page towards the upper part of the screen.
Click on the download button, the screen will give you a message that a wallpaper optimized for your screen resolution is being is loaded.
When the image is finished loading, right click on the image and choose whether you want to save the image to your computer or set it as your desktop background. That should do it. :-)