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VuePrint. This $30 Image Viewer App is Now Free

Since 1995, VuePrint has been one of the most widely used image viewing/editing apps for Windows.  The latest version, 8.0, was released 3 years ago now and it's showing its age.  Consequently, Hamrick Software, which makes the program, has decided to release it as freeware and abandon the $29.95 registration fee.

Full details, including the serial number that you need, are at





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by THouston on 21. April 2011 - 10:01  (70643)

i used this software for ten or more years without any problems. after a drive failure i lost the registration key. i should have tried to contact Hamrick Software to see about a replacement. at the time i had other things kept me from doing so. then when i needed to use an image viewer i just grabbed Ifranview.

i would say dont be afraid to try this software, you may like it.

by K_M (not verified) on 17. April 2011 - 8:49  (70366)

One of the things that I've been looking for in an image viewer is good dual-screen support for presenting images. Something like how Apple's Keynote can show the presentation on one screen and the elapsed time, current and next slides on another.

Has anyone seen something like this?

by David Roper (not verified) on 17. April 2011 - 3:08  (70348)

This is an old friend from times past. I am sorry it cannot muster the Strength to ask for a registration fee, but there are a lot of similar programs that prevent this. Author Hamrick is one of the "original" authors that provided me and others super software.

VuePrint is super small and would be a perfect program for a thumb drive or small Netbook.

Thanks, Mr. Hamrick for making this program freeware for us.

by wdhpr on 17. April 2011 - 3:45  (70341)

I had thought that I have heard of this software before. After a searching through my old software archives I found it. It was once one of the best in its day. I used it most often to convert images from gif or bitmap to jpeg. A blast from the past and it works on Linux with the help of Wine. Not really sure if is better than other open source and free software thats available.

by J_L on 16. April 2011 - 20:35  (70326)

I need to turn off DEP for a 3 year old unoriginal program? No thanks.

by GraveDigger27 (not verified) on 16. April 2011 - 17:12  (70319)

Although this appears to be a great deal and the program may have a lot of features, is this an area where we're looking for ANOTHER alternative? Between Zoner Photo Studio 12, XnView, IrfanView and FastStone Image Viewer I would guess that we've got the free image viewing program down. Especially for a program that was released 3 years ago and is "showing it's age". And for a program that also has NO technical support?

I'll give it a look, but it's got to be REAL good to take the place of any of the programs I've named above...