VideoPad Video Editor


VideoPad Video Editor

Basic video editor for personal use


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Intuitive interface, easy to switch from Movie Maker. Installations available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and even Kindle.
The difference between free and paid version is unclear. The program might be unstable, according to user comments.

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VideoPad Video Editor is a non-linear video editing software, but its free version allows you to use it as a linear tool. That means you will be able to work with only one video track and one audio track at a time. The interface is clear and intuitive; there are built-in and pop-up suggestions on what to do next - helpful for a first-time user.

At a glance VideoPad has everything for basic video editing: video and audio effects, blending, color correction, transitions, tools for recording video, audio or capturing desktop. For export, there are three options: you can either upload video directly to social networks, record it to a DVD or save it on your computer in avi, wmv, mpg, 3gp, mp4 or mov formats.

Although installation process is fast and smooth, for some reason even a short video export takes untypically long time in comparison with other tools.

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Hi. I used this and liked it! BUT.. after a short time, a matter of days, it reverted to the "trial ended". You can use it, but you can't export video. So, it wasn't worth $69 for the paid version. I gotta uninstall it. Too bad.