Versatile Free Program for Saving or Printing a List of Your Windows Files and Folders

One of the features lacking in Windows Explorer is a way to create a list of the files in a folder. Several ways of dealing with this omission have been mentioned in previous tips. One tip showed how to get an entry in the right-click context menu for printing a list of your files and another tip told how to use the command line to make lists of files.  This time, I will describe a free program that provides even more ways to list the files on your PC.

The program is called Karen’s Directory Printer and it comes with a selection of features that are quite useful. It is configurable in a number of ways and provides a variety of options, as shown in the screenshot below. The program can be used to create a list in text format to be saved on your computer or to be printed. It  can also be used on a network. Many different file properties can be included or left out as desired. File size, date and time of last modification, and attributes are among the choices. There is a Help file as well. All in all, it is quite versatile.

Karen's Directory Printer

The download link is on this page. The program works in Windows XP, Vista, and 7. There is no 64-bit version but I have used it on 64-bit Windows 7 with no problems. Sadly, Karen Kenworthy, who developed the program, passed away last year so it is no longer supported but I know of no problems with it.

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by cecilled on 9. May 2012 - 18:39  (93270)

Karen's program very neat but I have another that I have found a bit more useful because 1.) The program can be run from a portable apps drive and 2.) the output can be directed to either a Word file or Excel file. This is in addition to the standard print and save to disk options.

The program is called DirectoryListPrint found at . This program is available as both a freeware and shareware program with a few of the features disabled in the freeware version. I have found the freeware plenty powerful enough for any of my limited needs related to printing of directory listings.

by sicknero on 19. March 2014 - 10:01  (115124)

Directory List and Print is excellent yes but the free version is quite limited.

Aside from the limitation of what file information can be listed, the main one for me is that only the licensed version allows recursive directories, i.e. you can't get a list of all the contents of a folder containing subfolders.

by Anupam on 19. March 2014 - 10:45  (115127)

Give these two a try.



DirHTML has many options for customization, and therefore it's not easy to understand, but still a great product.

Snap2HTML does not have options to customize the output, but the reporting is excellent, with good details. Very easy to use.

by crombierob on 19. March 2014 - 7:11  (115121)

Thanks for the 'heads up'
I like portable, and I like the program.


by DG (not verified) on 9. May 2012 - 3:39  (93242)

I'm sad to hear about Karen's passing.

I've been a using Karen's Apps from long time & those were integral part of my system.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

by mousissue (not verified) on 8. May 2012 - 14:39  (93224)

I'm saddened to hear about Karen's passing.
I've been a fan of her's since I subscribed to Windows Magazine.

I've found her software to be elegant effective, and NEVER with malware or bloat.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

by Rob (not verified) on 8. May 2012 - 13:01  (93219)

Karen has been sharing for years.
Sorry to hear she passed away.
As mentioned, it is generous of the family to maintain the site.
I have not used any of her programs, as I like to make my programs 'No Install', whereas Karen used many of MS's dependencies in her programs.
(Karen did not fear 'DLL Hell', or compatibility issues in future OS's, like I do.)

I have just downloaded the source code, so if anyone wishes some tweaks to the program, yell out.


by HisSon (not verified) on 8. May 2012 - 12:47  (93216)

I received Karen's emails for a long time and this is great way to be reminded and remember a delightful friend. I never used this program but am going to download it now. Thank you so much for this offering.

by ChukD (not verified) on 8. May 2012 - 12:31  (93214)

I've been using this since Karen first published it. It's a great tool except I wish it had the ability to print to screen so you could see the results without first having to save it to a file.

by chesscanoe (not verified) on 8. May 2012 - 12:25  (93212)

It's very generous of Karen's family to continue to host her wonderful programs.

by Wikkid (not verified) on 8. May 2012 - 7:52  (93203)

When I saw the title, my first thought was "Is Karen developing software from beyond the grave?"

by kell (not verified) on 4. May 2012 - 13:52  (93023)

I have several of Karen's apps on my system but not this one. Getting it now.

by Lowndes (not verified) on 3. May 2012 - 21:53  (92985)

Whoa!!! What is this "left behind" and "memorial" stuff?? I think she's still here among us, am I wrong?? Did I miss something??

What GREAT TIMING GF always has!! I have been cleaning up the biggest mess of a HDD anyone has ever seen, trying to save profiles, email contacts, inbound and sent from several clients thru the years, bunches of software (mostly from GF), pictures, etc., plus all the backup junk you accumulate but still need from time to time on a HDD I bought from my son, who had it "repaired" by someone that put his own special touch throughout.

I have been using Screen Capturer2 pics of Explorer2_Lite (both from GF)onto a Word sheet to save/print the directories and subfiles. Crude but...

I think this is cause to celebrate and upgrade/contribute to GF. Actually WAY overdue, really.


by MidnightCowboy on 4. May 2012 - 4:43  (93004)
by rich (not verified) on 10. May 2012 - 21:31  (93332)

Thank you, MC, for that link, and thank you, v.laurie, for telling us about Karen's passing. She is one of the first producers of freeware utilities whom I benefitted from, and I join the other commenters in missing her and wishing her family well.

by Keith B.R. (not verified) on 3. May 2012 - 16:36  (92975)

This a great program & VERY helpful for peeps like me who hav wayyyy TOO much 'stuff' on their p.c., to-keep-track-of!! It's a grrreat contribution & legacy she has left behind!!

Thx for posting this 'memorial'!


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