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The Ultimate Scientific Calculator. From Microsoft. And It's Free.

Microsoft used to sell a program called Mathematics, which was aimed at students.  It was a very capable product, able to solve equations, draw graphs, do calculus, and much more.  Ideal for anyone involved with mathematics, science, engineering, physics, and so on.

So why do I say "used to sell"?  Have they stopped producing it?  No.  They've merely stopped selling it, and are now giving it away!  There's even a brand new version, 4,0, which was launched only last week.

You can get it from  It runs on all versions of Windows from XP onwards, and is available in both 32- and 64-bit flavours.  The installer itself is an 18 MB download, although you'll also need .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, which is another 53 MB if you don't already have it.

If you're a student, or you need to do mathematical calculations in your work, then check out Microsoft Mathematics.  And if you use Word or OneNote a lot, there's even a version which works as an add-on in those programs too.


Microsoft Mathematics



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by Thamza (not verified) on 26. January 2011 - 22:18  (65259)

This is great, thank you guys, you rock!

by Mesen (not verified) on 26. January 2011 - 9:35  (65219)

I downloaded this software and used. Slowly but compeherensive. Typical microsoft software...

by koolchik98 (not verified) on 26. January 2011 - 2:46  (65209)

rawrrrr this is frikkin awesome dude

by Jorpho (not verified) on 25. January 2011 - 20:24  (65190)

Don't forget the old "powercalc" included in the XP PowerToys. (Is there going to be a set of PowerToys for 7? They were quite awesome.)

by huckleberry52 (not verified) on 25. January 2011 - 14:32  (65172)

Principia Mathmatica, yeah! I remember switching over to RPN in the early '70's and espousing it as the only way to calculate. Heaven forbid that I was an H-P version of an early Apple fanboy.

by John at the Waterfalls (not verified) on 25. January 2011 - 13:50  (65167)

For those that need more than a calculator and need to do calculation management ... Keep notes and graphics along with interactive calculations on the same page. I might add that these programs use standard math notation, not computer type string notation; I offer up:

SMath Studio

It is an interactive equation worksheet that you can do interactive equations on and cut and paste notes and pictures. Very similar to MathCad except it is free and does not cots $1200. It is still rough around the edges as it is not up to version 1.0 yet. I'm using it already for my calculation management.

Then there is:

Red Crab the Calculator

Is an incredible clean Calculation Management program.

Again, this is more than a calculator. It is an interactive Math worksheet for managing calculations along text and graphics.

by Ich (not verified) on 23. January 2011 - 16:31  (65073)


Their server seems to be down, or is everybody trying to access at the same time?

by syntax_error on 23. January 2011 - 0:03  (65034)

Nice find.

I wonder if it may be worth having a separate category for "Free Microsoft Stuff"? They seem to have a diversified range of free software but it's not easy to find most of it, some many peeps will never find.

Having it all in the one place, and reviewed by Gizmo would be of great assistance.

by garth on 23. January 2011 - 0:16  (65036)


"I wonder if it may be worth having a separate category for "Free Microsoft Stuff"?"

Are you volunteering?:D

by AntDude (not verified) on 22. January 2011 - 20:05  (65028)

Wow, I thought that said Mathematica. Heh!