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Obviously, I prefer certain apps to others. Many apps lie on the floor with vacant stares and drool on the hardwood, but some run like cheetahs crafted from uranium lightning bolts. Both of these apps harken to the latter, and I prefer Mr. AahH!! Lite. However, since there is no Android version, it is only fair that I present Mr. Space!! Lite as well, which runs on both iOS and Android.


Mr. AahH!! Lite is a platformer game. Each platform varies in size and has three colors to denote the center, middle and edge of the platform. You navigate your way through platforms by swinging on ropes and tapping the screen to release. If Mr. AahH misses the platform, he dies and it means game over. Once Mr. AahH has let go of the rope, you can tilt the phone to control his descent onto the next platform.

The phone's accelerometer can be disabled in the Options, but it is actually great to leave it enabled. Unfortunately the game never tells you that it does affect Mr. AahH’s flight path, making the game stupidly difficult if not impossible to those playing the game while the phone is held uneven.

As you continue swinging from platform to platform, the wind and gravity will begin to pick up as indicated. Both will affect Mr. AahH's movement in the air one way or another depending on the directions. This makes it even more important to use the accelerometer effectively.

By landing in dead center, you net an excellence which is worth a thousand points. Each successive excellence gives you an extra thousand points, so two excellences in a row are worth three thousand points, instead of two thousand.

For me, the thousand-points reward for getting an excellence pales in comparison to the congratulatory “OH COOL!” by the commentator. The game commentator is terribly cheerful and sounds similar to Ben Stiller’s Zoolander. While the game is great because of its simple yet engaging mechanics, the reason I continue coming back to it is to hear that lovely, reassuring voice telling me what a fantastic job I’m doing.

Like most games made by PONOS, the soundtrack is great and won’t pressure you to get a migraine if you've played the game with sound for more than 30 seconds. This is especially important in this game as without audio, you can't hear what the commentator has greeted you.

Mr. AahH can connect to game center, although it doesn’t continuously pester you to sign in and that's wonderful. It can also connect to Facebook and Twitter if you feel inclined to boast about your score. Unfortunately this game has not been available for Android, but fret not, here is another PONOS game Android users can play.


Mr. Space!! Lite succeeds in being even more simplistic than Mr. AahH!! Lite.

Mr. Space has always found himself in a stressful situation where the ceiling seems to have a habit of collapsing and horrendously killing him in seconds!

Your goal is to navigate Mr. Space through a series of rooms, placing him under a safe spot where the ceiling is slightly higher. This way, when the ceiling collapses, it does not compress Mr. Space into an unenviable contortion known as a pancake. As you continue to escape death, the ceiling collapses sooner and the safe spots become harder to get.

As mentioned, this is also a PONOS game and its soundtrack is enjoyable and adds to the excitement in playing the game, although regrettably the commentator does not make an auditory appearance in this app.

Mr. Space is not without problems. I do experience the occasional lockout with the iOS, and if you leave the game halfway through, there is no guarantee that you will not come back to a Game Over screen. So if you are on a Mr. Space roll, there’s a chance you will not be able to come back to it after a short break.

PONOS appeared to be new to the Android marketplace as the display of this app did not fit into many phones' screen, leaving the player seeing only part of the game and making it unfeasible to play. However, PONOS claims to have fixed this problem in the latest version and I have not heard any complaints since this Android version.


Mr. AahH!! Lite — Free iOS App of the Week

For iPhone
Size: 7.1 MB


Mr. Space!! Lite — Free Android / iOS App of the Week

For iPhone
Size: 8.6 MB

For Android
Size: 4.4 MB


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