Turn A Folder Of PDF Files Into a Proper Electronic Library


The web is awash with programs that can help you to organise your collection of digital audio files.  Media players such as Songbird and Winamp are a great way to search and play your audio, rather than simply scrolling through the list of files with Windows Explorer.

For photos, too, there are programs such as Picasa to help you organise and view your shots.

But what about PDF files?  If you've been building a collection of free ebooks or other documents, have you ever stopped to wonder whether there's a program to help you organise and view the contents of your electronic bookshelves?

As it happens, there are plenty of programs to do it, and some of them are free.  One well-known example, with over 7 million users, is Calibre.  It's a hefty 53 MB download, and you can get it from www.calibre-ebook.com.

Personally, I prefer Adobe Digital Editions.  Like Calibre, it's free.  It's from Adobe, and is only a 5 MB download from http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/.  Unlike Calibre, it has the built-in ability to read and search PDF files, rather than simply acting as a front end to your installed copy of Adobe Reader.  Which makes it a pretty, fast, and very useful addition to your PC.


Adobe Digital Editions on Windows 7


Both of the programs mentioned have been checked with VirusTotal and are free of all malware and viruses.


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