Try Out This Brilliant 3D Room Planner Online


If you like playing around with 3D room planner software, then take a look at ExhibitCore.  It's an online web-based system which seems to be designed for those who work in the industry of designing exhibition stands.  However, it can also be used to design all sorts of other room layouts.

To use the system, go to this page on the ExhibitCore site and create a free account (you'll need to supply an email address).  You can then log in and start working on a 2D image from scratch, or load one of the many built-in samples.  You can see the 2D design screen in the first screenshot below (To save space, I've chopped off the window of items such as tables, chairs etc that you can drag into place). 

When you're happy with your design,simply press the 3D button and your plan is rendered into a three dimensional image, as shown in the second capture below.  You can then fly around the image with the airborne camera, and there's even a walk-through option too.  

It's great fun, very professionally put together, and a basic account on the system is completely free.

Editor's Note: Following advice from the website owner, the link to the website in the article has been updated and now takes you directly to the Exhibitcore Floor Planner launch button rather than the home page.You must launch the app before you can login. 



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Hi I'm ron from here are the proper links go to for the exhibitcore floor Planner launch button. is not the log-in page for this software, so you will get an error.the direct link to the app is You must launch the app in order to log-in. There are no bugs, just bad links.

There are no bugs ... hmmmm.

At one time I used to say that about my programs as well. Then I humbled myself and grew up a bit and realized that the only bug free program is a trivial one that does very little, and even that could have bugs depending on the language, 3rd party libraries and OS.

That said, I am not commenting on the web site or application, I have not yet tried it yet. I may have to, just to experience the first bug free program of my life. :-)

Having played around a bit, I will say the concept is good, and the app does seem to work very well. Not as flexible and intuitive in initially playing with it as I expected, but it is interesting.

Moving from one building to another at work, I have an office to myself once again. I may get the office measurements and play with this a bit just for fun to see how I could rearrange the office if I wanted to. Visio would work too, but this is easy to use even if I am limited in furniture.

What would be nice with this would be to take it further and give it Google Sketchup like capabilities where it could become much more 3-dimensional and allow different views. Maybe that's already there and I just have not yet discovered it - or maybe have limited access since I did not feel like registering to use it.

Your link takes you to a log-in page where you cannot register to an account. Read the comment above that gave a sign up link. Got to the sign up page, filled in all required info. When I hit submit I got.. Account already exists, recover password. Tried link to reset password, put in email addrs. and it said Email addr. not found.
A complete run around.

I already have an account? ....but can't login?
Can't log in, can't register, can't download software.
Looks like a number of bugs on their site.

Log-in screen has link which takes you straight to app without creating an account if you just want to try it out. Presume the account would allow you to save your plans.