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Best Free Windows Desktop Software



Gizmo's Freeware Top PickBest Freeware for WindowsWelcome to the Gizmo's Freeware Editors' Choice List, where you'll find a collection of the very best freeware for Windows from our site.

This really is a "best of the best" list for free Windows applications. Most of the products in this list have been awarded the coveted "Gizmo's Freeware Top Pick" award signifying they are the best free product in their class. We've also included some other outstanding products that have impressed our editors with their usefulness and professionalism.

We suggest you browse the whole list at your leisure as you may be surprised what freeware gems you will discover. The pathologically impatient can use the Page Index below.

Caution: Some of these recommendations involve advanced system tasks like cleaning the Windows registry so be sure to backup or image your system first.

How To Use This List

This is a multi-page article. To quickly find what you want, either check out the Page Index below or view everything as one huge page by clicking here .

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The Editors' Choice List for best free Windows desktop apps now includes 103 applications in 82 categories. To read brief descriptions of the applications, click a page number from the Page Index or check out the new and recently updated apps below.


New and Updated Apps:

NewComodo Backup | NewFreeCommander XE | NewPrivateFirewall | NewHWiNFO | NewLocate32 | NewLaunchy | 360Amigo | SearchMyFiles | Axcrypt | Fairstars CD Ripper


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This software category is maintained by MidnightCowboy. Registered members can contact the editor with any comments or questions they might have by clicking here.

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by MidnightCowboy on 24. January 2010 - 10:16  (41896)

There was a specific period during which Softmaker offered the program for free and donated an amount of money to charity for each download. They intend to run similar promotions in the future and there is a link to be notified about these on the page we link to from the text above.

by Anonymous on 27. February 2010 - 12:17  (44633)

Softmaker Office Free is still available - it is the 2006 version of the program. The site can be found by searching for "free softmaker office".

by Anonymous on 17. January 2010 - 0:54  (41262)

This site is fantastic! Keep up the good work!!!

by Anonymous on 12. January 2010 - 16:04  (40891)

I just discovered this website and am pleasantly surprised. This is a very handy software review site with good analytical, subjective reviews. Thanks for all the hard work.

by Anonymous on 21. December 2009 - 22:28  (39120)

it's really one great site! the time and effort you guys gave just to make ordinary people like us enjoy and be safe while using our computers. thanks alot and more power to you!

by Anonymous on 16. December 2009 - 20:51  (38828)

COMODO Firewall / antivirus
any one got any ideas how I can re install it after accidental uninstalling it, the program keeps saying already installed when there is no sign of it anywhere

by Anonymous on 18. December 2009 - 16:58  (38959)

Use "Autoruns" by Sysinternals (see Startup Managers) and uncheck/delete all references to it, especially drivers, and restart.

Or go to a restore point prior to installation.

by Anonymous on 19. December 2009 - 21:23  (39032)

thank you for that info, applied and fixed all running fine again

by Rizar on 21. December 2009 - 16:15  (39109)

Excellent. I use Autoruns all the time for cleaning up after firewall testing.

by Anonymous on 13. December 2009 - 19:58  (38565)

Hi, Gizmo!

First I would like to say that this is one of the best and most useful sites on the entire internet. I have had so much help from your suggestions to good freeware.

Second I want to point your attention to an imageviewer, which also has many additonal features, and that opens every RAW-format i try it with. It´s called Faststone Image viewer, and works fast and it has never giver me any problems. I think it is worth a review. It also handles big imagefolders without any hickups. I use it every day with three different cameras when I want to organize my newley taken pictures. The image-quality isn´t top of the line, but it´s main job is organizing, and not editing.

Hope you like it as much as I do.

by Rizar on 13. December 2009 - 23:36  (38589)

Thanks. I added it to the list now.

by Anonymous on 10. December 2009 - 21:00  (38218)

This is my list that I use and recommend. most of them are the ones Gizmo's piked

1 Avira
2 Comodo Internet security
3 SuperAntiSpyware
4 Sand Box
5 Eraser
6 Smart Defrage
7 Revo Uninstaller
8 IZarc
9 File Hippo
10 Gadwin printscreen
11 Hot Notes
12 KM Player
13 Image Burn
14 CDBurnXP
13 Wave Pad
14 Switch
15 Free Download Manager
16 Thunderbird
17 Sunbird
18 Team Viewer 4
19 Open Office 3.1
20 Trillian
21 PDF Exchange viewer
22 Picasa 3
23 Fire Fox
24 Google Chrome
24 Advanced System Care

by Rizar on 21. December 2009 - 16:06  (39108)

Thanks for your favorites list. There are many favorite lists to browse on Gizmo's list too:

I believe all of these are reviewed somewhere (except IOBit products), but correct me if I'm wrong so I can post a comment on the relevant article.

by Anonymous on 4. December 2009 - 16:14  (37829)

I am disappointed that I have not seen on these lists these high-quality programs:
Disk Defragmenters - Auslogics Disk Defrag
File Archiver/Zip Utilities - IZArc
Media Players - Windows Media Player 11
CD/DVD Burning Software - Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010
Music Organizers - MAGIX Music Manager 2007
MP3 Tag Editors - Mp3tag
Audio Editing - WavePad Sound Editor
Internet Media Viewing/Capturing - Debut Video Capture Software
Digital Image Editing - MAGIX Xtreme Photo Designer 6
Serif DrawPlus SE

by Rizar on 21. December 2009 - 15:52  (39107)

Thanks, here are a few notes. No doubt there will always be disagreement on many of these types of programs.

*Auslogics is now the top defrag program.
*IZArc is reviewed in its related article, but didn't make it as first or second; PeaZip is higher rated.
*Try The KM Player instead of WMP!
*I hadn't heard of MAGIX; but perhaps I'll give it a look for the music player/organizer article.
*I underlined Mp3tag in the list above; see the related article for its review.
*WavePad is suggested in the comments for the relevant article.
*Debut Video Capture Software -- I posted this suggestion at the relevant article, thanks.
*Serif PhotoPlus SE & Xtreme Photo Designer 6 are both mentioned in the Digital Editing article.

Thanks, write back if there are any more suggestions!

by Anonymous on 2. December 2009 - 17:14  (37704)

Keep good work Gizmo, this site is perfect :)

by irwanwr on 25. November 2009 - 15:15  (37282)

In my opinion, this website is still the best. Whether in general or specifically as community based website.

by Anonymous on 8. November 2009 - 15:34  (36222)

Per McAfee Site Advisor, downloads from (Advanced SystemCare) may contain spyware/malware. Use caution with this download.


by Anonymous on 10. February 2010 - 19:16  (43296)

Don't believe everything an anonymous person tells you!
I check McAfee's page and it said
We tested this site and didn't find any significant problems.

A competitor seems to be running a dirty campaign against IObit

by Anupam on 10. February 2010 - 19:22  (43297)

Arent you an anonymous person yourself? :D

by Anonymous on 11. February 2010 - 18:36  (43400)

lol yes. I've been having trouble logging in (I am brigrove)
But go check the siteadvisor link for yourself

You'll see a lot of posts basically restating malwarebytes accusations and accusing anyone who defends IObit of being IObit

by Anupam on 11. February 2010 - 19:17  (43401)

I do not want to get into that argument/debate. Just want to say that MBAM had put their case forward very strongly, and activities of IObit after that, did not make them look innocent either.

That aside, site of IObit has got unsatisfactory WOT rating, and so we, as per our site policy, cannot recommend IObit's products anymore. Please do not take this further.

by Anonymous on 2. November 2009 - 18:29  (35634)

The link for best free FTP client does not work. Please??


by Anonymous on 15. November 2009 - 4:51  (36646)

filezilla is a great free FTP client (also a server if you need one)

by Anonymous on 2. November 2009 - 15:33  (35624)

There's not much to say but : great site !

by Anonymous on 20. October 2009 - 11:59  (35046)

Thannnnnnnnx veeeery much
There is lot of help and good work on all your pages
and they are still easy, fast and pleasing
my warmest regards and wishes
My kisses if you do not mind
Tarig Anter, Khartoum, Sudan.

by MidnightCowboy on 20. October 2009 - 12:31  (35047)

We're pleased that TSA has managed to reach such a beautiful and historical part of the world.

by Anonymous on 11. October 2009 - 15:11  (34344)


by Rizar on 21. December 2009 - 16:26  (39110)

This is a popular suggestion. I see it suggested on the Site Suggestions list and on last years Christmas wish list.

Gizmo responded that a mobile phone section is on the To-Do list though.


by Anonymous on 2. October 2009 - 13:11  (33767)

génial : ce site est vraiment très utile ! merci !