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At this time last year I thanked you all from my heart for your support and contribution to this site during the year. Since then I can only say that the only thing that has changed has been my sense of gratitude to you all has deepened even further.  So let me repeat  and reinforce what I said 12 months ago: 

It is Christmas Eve here in Sydney Australia. Not all cultures celebrate Christmas but almost everyone celebrates the end of the year. It is a reflective time; a time to look back on the year, a time to count our blessings.
The last year has been a wonderful year for the Gizmo’s Freeware website. The site is in great shape with lots of new content and many new initiatives. And as a bonus we now have 30% more daily visitors than at the start of the year and with nearly one million visitors per week we now number among the top 4000 websites in the world.
These may be small achievements for a commercial website but for a community website with no paid staff, no offices and no assets it is remarkable.
This has been achieved by because of the generosity, talent and dedication of the team of volunteers who run this community website. To these wonderful people I give my hearty thanks.
And in the same manner I thank you dear readers. Without your support there would be no Gizmo’s Freeware. In particular I’d like to thank you for the quality of the comments so many of you have left on our website. We regard these comments to be just as valuable as the site articles themselves and of great value to other users. They reinforce the concept that Gizmo’s is a website site created by freeware users for freeware users. It is not our site; it is your site.
The fact that we have managed to survive and grow means that we can continue to tell many people about the wonderful array of quality free software that is available. For well-off users in developed countries free software is a bonus but to the unemployed, disadvantaged and citizens of third world countries freeware it is an absolute necessity.
As the New Year approaches we have many new challenges to face and I hope that with your trust and support we can meet those challenges and keep the site focussed firmly on meeting your needs. From my heart I thank you all for your generous support.
And to all our readers, in over 231 different countries across the globe, may I wish you peace, health and prosperity in 2013.
December 2012.

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Thank all of you folks for this wonderful service to the public, especially old-timers like me. I am frequently checking out the freeware and articles you offer and am always delighted with what I find... Thanks again Folks.

Harold Altman

please help me how to use gizmo