Thanks to You All, from Gizmo

At this time last year I thanked you all from my heart for your support and contribution to this site during the year. Since then I can only say that the only thing that has changed has been my sense of gratitude to you all has deepened even further.  So let me repeat  and reinforce what I said 12 months ago: 

It is Christmas Eve here in Sydney Australia. Not all cultures celebrate Christmas but almost everyone celebrates the end of the year. It is a reflective time; a time to look back on the year, a time to count our blessings.
The last year has been a wonderful year for the Gizmo’s Freeware website. The site is in great shape with lots of new content and many new initiatives. And as a bonus we now have 30% more daily visitors than at the start of the year and with nearly one million visitors per week we now number among the top 4000 websites in the world.
These may be small achievements for a commercial website but for a community website with no paid staff, no offices and no assets it is remarkable.
This has been achieved by because of the generosity, talent and dedication of the team of volunteers who run this community website. To these wonderful people I give my hearty thanks.
And in the same manner I thank you dear readers. Without your support there would be no Gizmo’s Freeware. In particular I’d like to thank you for the quality of the comments so many of you have left on our website. We regard these comments to be just as valuable as the site articles themselves and of great value to other users. They reinforce the concept that Gizmo’s is a website site created by freeware users for freeware users. It is not our site; it is your site.
The fact that we have managed to survive and grow means that we can continue to tell many people about the wonderful array of quality free software that is available. For well-off users in developed countries free software is a bonus but to the unemployed, disadvantaged and citizens of third world countries freeware it is an absolute necessity.
As the New Year approaches we have many new challenges to face and I hope that with your trust and support we can meet those challenges and keep the site focussed firmly on meeting your needs. From my heart I thank you all for your generous support.
And to all our readers, in over 231 different countries across the globe, may I wish you peace, health and prosperity in 2013.
December 2012.
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by hmaltman on 11. January 2013 - 13:56  (104403)

Thank all of you folks for this wonderful service to the public, especially old-timers like me. I am frequently checking out the freeware and articles you offer and am always delighted with what I find... Thanks again Folks.

Harold Altman

by tayyabbajwa78 on 8. January 2013 - 12:46  (104322)

please help me how to use gizmo

by MidnightCowboy on 8. January 2013 - 13:17  (104323)
by sharphawk on 2. January 2013 - 9:15  (104163)

AS I said in my previous e-mail and as so many others agree (see above), I wish you a very great 2013 and my best wishes for the years to come

by Farzad Alipour on 30. December 2012 - 23:01  (104110)

Happy new year, i wish you guys at Gizmo a wonderful year full of joy.

ive been enjoying the articles and guides in your website for moe than 2 years now and i gotta say, it was a fascinating experience so far. your website is my only source for info on good freeware info.
keep up the fantastic work and good luck.

by Aretas on 28. December 2012 - 15:08  (104049)

When you are retired and no longer have so much access to like minded people, a site such as this is rare pleasure. Thanks

by MidnightCowboy on 28. December 2012 - 8:42  (104036)

Many thanks for your messages of support.

The 26th December was our busiest day ever with 133,394 visitors!

We are all looking forward now to achieving our objectives for 2013. Amongst these we aim to increase the quantity and quality of what we publish together with improvements to our user experience for both desktop and mobile platforms.

As ever your feedback is always welcome. MC - Site Manager.

by Yankiwi on 27. December 2012 - 9:12  (104015)

Many thanks to you, Gizmo, and to all your hard-working staff who volunteer their time to make your site simply the best software evaluation site on the Web, hands down. I may not need or want every type of software you review, but I know that if I do need or want it, I can get honest reviews and straightforward recommendations without the influence of commercial overtones. I greatly respect the excellent work that you and your team do and I recommend your site to anyone who will listen.

I feel sure I speak for thousands of your loyal readers when I say that I sincerely want to return your own kind thoughts by wishing you and all your team true peace, health and prosperity in 2013. Thanks so much for everything you do to make our computing lives better and easier; I really appreciate it.

by adj7388 on 26. December 2012 - 20:16  (104003)

Thanks, Gizmo. Yours is one of the most valuable sites on the Internet. I thank you and your volunteers for all their hard work on our behalf. Happy New Year to all from North Carolina, USA.

by kgkwilts on 26. December 2012 - 15:24  (103995)

From the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, I can only echo every single person responding here. I found you over seven years ago through an IBM IT professional. I knew then that this is a site I can trust. Things here have certainly evolved since then; all for the best. You and your volunteers are the BEST there are. I respect all of you for your commitment of serving the rest of us. I am ashamed that I don't express my gratitude more often. May you all be blessed with happiness and health (as well as some wealth) in the coming year.

by Century22 on 25. December 2012 - 23:52  (103987)

Thank you Gizmo. Ian and all the others that work on this site.

Thank you for all that you do, finding, testing, comparing, and writing.

This is a Great service to all, and especially to those of us who cannot afford buying all of the software that we need/use every day.

Merry Christmas to all and a prosperous new year to you and yours. - David

by goldfinch on 25. December 2012 - 22:29  (103986)

Ian, I must add my thanks to the chorus - I visit techsupportalert every day, sometimes several times a day. I came to trust the content - the reviews and the comments. When I need to get some software to cover a new need - I go to this site first to see what exists for that type of task, what are the best tools too meet my needs.
I also completely trust the quality of recommendations regarding the cleanliness of the app - I never got anything infected with a virus - thanks to all the editors for mentioning using virustotal - with that note I do not even bother to check it myself - so much I trust you guys!

Thank you very much again - and have many happy and productive years ahead.

by oscarbam on 25. December 2012 - 17:06  (103979)

I am one of a myriad of fans! I tell folks about you. From Louisiana to "Down Under", have a blessed new year!

by Phylis Sophical on 25. December 2012 - 16:00  (103978)

Besides the fantastic freeware reviews, the other thing that keeps this website at the top of my lists is the comments by the community.Usually as thoughtful and informative as the actual articles. Thanks to all of you for your useful links.
Seasons Best from the Great White North.

by bartprg on 25. December 2012 - 14:45  (103977)

Merry Christmas from Lexington, KY USA!

Thanks for all you do.

by glofp on 25. December 2012 - 10:46  (103970)

Thx a lot here from Denmark.
I love you site, and are looking foreward every daya to see, what new you have discvovered.
Somthing I can't use, bur luckyly, most of it isgood stuff to have og read.
Keep on the good work.
Have a happy newyea - I love your site.

by pratomorone on 25. December 2012 - 8:54  (103965)

Best wishes to all from Italy!

by Asad Shah on 25. December 2012 - 7:50  (103961)

Thank you, Gizmo for your invaluable work; we, here in Pakistan, appreciate it no less. May you and your family have a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Keep it up!

by mauries on 25. December 2012 - 6:22  (103959)

Great site Use all the time. Didnet realize you were a local!


by grampadave on 25. December 2012 - 2:46  (103958)

Thank you for your unflagging efforts to bring us the best.

A Merry Solstice to you and yours!

by dav532000 on 25. December 2012 - 1:17  (103956)

Thanks for all your work over the years Gizmo much appreciated Merry Xmas and all the Best for 2013.

by Australia on 25. December 2012 - 2:15  (103957)

Thank you Gizmo and your team
There is no more helpful website on the internet for Windows users
I have been a fan for over three years, and have had my life transformed by your work
Really the only site without bias, advertising bloat or spyware. The only website that can be trusted for proper reviews that are NOT misleading
And the only website that involves people like me, who want the best for others, and dont have their own vested interests
In short, Gizmo and your colleagues are people I can truly call 'friends'

Also from Sydney - one of the worlds most beautiful cities, with the worlds most down to earth people

by mightyjoe1 on 24. December 2012 - 23:31  (103955)

Mahalo, Gizmo, to you and your volunteers for all your hard work. We appreciate you all very much. Have a Blessed Christmas and an auspicious New Year! Joe

by edgar123ny on 24. December 2012 - 22:08  (103954)


by Sgluber on 24. December 2012 - 22:58  (103951)

AMAZING community, EXCELLENT site day after day... THANK YOU VERY MUCH and KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB, Gizmo! ;-)

May the Christmas be the happy start of a 2013 full of HEALTH and PEACE for EVERYONE!



by Joe A.TT on 24. December 2012 - 20:31  (103950)

Thank you Ian J. "Gizmo" Richards.

That was so well written and covered just about every base, so much so that there is almost nothing I can add except to wish everyone Peace, Happiness and Good Health :) :) :)

by carbotec on 24. December 2012 - 19:08  (103945)

Thank you to everyone a Gizzmo!s freeware for all your hard work and advice. I check your site every day and appreciate all the giveaways you work hard to put on the site. As far as peoples comments are concerned some I respect, most of all Ashraf who has influenced me most and has his own site which is also most informative. A merry christmas & happy new year to you all from Mick in the UK. Long may you all continue.

by flybinder on 24. December 2012 - 19:04  (103944)

A very Merry-Whateveryoucelebrateordontcelebrate-Holidays, to Gizmo and to all the Gizmo Family readers!

by Anupam on 24. December 2012 - 18:21  (103941)

Merry Christmas Gizmo!! Merry Christmas to everyone!! May God bless you all!

Proud to be part of the team :)... and yes, thankful to everyone for their love and support... it's really overwhelming to see such love and support from our visitors, and members of this site :).

by Snowedinagain on 24. December 2012 - 17:59  (103939)

This is coming from the Great White North, Canada: I just had to offer my thanks too. Thing is, I almost never register for anything. I guess I'm your stereotypical conservative canuck. But I have used this excellent site for years now and I trust it completely. I think it's time to buy a T-shirt.
Lots of warm thanks to Gizmo & crew. Great job!

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