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Coursera is the best online free education company that I know. It partners with the top universities and organizations in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. Their courses are taught by world-class professors which let you learn at your own pace and then if you like it you can test your knowledge.

They offer a wide range of topics from Humanities, Medicine, Biology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Business, Computer Science, and many others. Whether you're looking to improve your resume, advance your career, or just learn more and expand your knowledge, we hope there will be courses that you find useful and interesting.

You'll find the site at  https://www.coursera.org/ .


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GIZMOS is THE Site to go to for almost anything you need to find in making/keeping a PC useful!

I've just finished a looong disinfection of my little home network and in my investigations found that the the RECURRING infection/s come from download.com !!
Look up "Babylon" as a starter. It is quite a "carrier" as I've learned most of C/Net is apparently!

Thanks Gizmo and thanks to the Editors and contributors - you are making my reconstruction/update research a snack!

Thanks! I just signed up for a ten week course in
Information Security and Risk Management with the University of Washington. And thanks also to Rone Diesel for posting the list of other online resources, I'm checking them out. Oh, I too, am a big fan of Khan Academy.


Briefly looking though the list http://cnx.org/ Looks similar but not I would say as good as this one. https://www.edx.org/ Looks good and comparable, one advantage here to English speakers, the lecturers appear to be more English based. The disadvantage is they only have about 56 courses, Coursera has almost nine times more and growing faster. http://www.learnoutloud.com/ Are not courses as such but lectures https://www.worldcat.org Is a library of books, not a collection of courses. https://www.udemy.com/ Is a pay site so not eligible for listing on this website http://betterlesson.com/ Is basically for students in primary and secondary rather than this site which is for more advanced courses. The lecturers at Coursera are top people from some of the best universities in the world, Melbourne University, John Hopkins university, Stanford, etc http://catalog.flatworldknowledge.com/ Are textbooks not courses. Having said this what this needs is an editor to look through it properly

Here is another one that was recommended to me. I have not personally used it

Although there are many more courses here and many are very good, I will note that the lectures are not of the same standard as Coursera. Coursera courses are conducted by some of the top professors in their field.
This is a good one we featured a couple of years ago. http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/great-collection-science-oriente... Thanks for bringing it to the attention of many who won't have seen the original article. MC - Site Manager.