Super Hit Game, Metro 2033 for FREE!! (For Facebook Users)


Metro 2033 is a survival horror FPS shooter with RPG elements that was released in 2010 and developed by 4A Games. The game has one of the best graphics among all the video games that I've played till now (which also includes BF3 and Crysis) and is set in a post-apocalyptic world. 

The giveaway is a part of the game publisher, THQ's promotional campaign for the sequel to the game, Metro Last Light. 

The atmosphere in Metro 2033 is amazing with a great setting, the world is very detailed and engrossing with rich environments. There are many dramatic moments in the game, with creepy enemies, tense action and fantastic sound effects. The game has been based on a novel, and will soon receive a movie implementation. 

How to get it for Free?

All you need to get the game for free is to have a Facebook account and like their page here. Click on "Reveal Code" to get the serial and then click "Go to app" in the pop-up that appears. Download the file linked on the page, run it and when it asks you for the key, enter it. Check the Instructions and System Requirements available on the page.

The page doesn't reflect for how long the game is available for free, so get it as soon as possible. The total download is around 6.6GB so make sure you have a pretty fast internet connection. 

Note: Occasionally you might get this error "We experience heavy volume, please try again in a couple of minutes." This is because of the heavy traffic on their page due to popular demand, so keep trying. 

George.J (Gizmo's Freeware Editor)

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