A computerised version of yellow notes stuck to the monitor


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Pros & Cons:

Stickies is robust, does all the basics well and provides a range of useful advanced features. Large selection of skins available.
Possible overkill for users wanting just a "sticky note".

Our Review:

Stickies has been around for a long time and remains a top choice. The notes take the form of resizable windows with a control bar. Basic color changes and text formatting are easily done, notes can be made transparent, pinned on top, rolled up, or hidden. There is also a note manager for searching and organizing your notes.

Stickies has some advanced features that are particularly useful. Some of these features include recurring reminders, alarms, multiple monitor support, user definable styles, network sharing, and you can email your note.

A particularly nice feature allows a note to be attached to any window so when you reopen that window the note will pop up. This means you can add notes to text files, web pages, or whatever you're working on. Next time you open the text file or visit the same web page the sticky note will pop up. Just make sure you set your sticky note to sit on top of the window, otherwise you will have to move your window to find it.

You can also create your own skins or download one ready-made. The right skin can provide you with convenient tool bars to speed and gussy up your memo-writing.

Stickies also allows you to use images and draw (or doodle) in your memo. You cannot, however, add an image to, or draw in a text memo. You must first set your memo to "image", add your image or drawing, and then you may add text to your memo. It's a little fiddly but at least image-based memos with a comment or two are possible. Although Stickies will permit you to drop only one image into a single note, it seems to handle large bitmaps and jpgs very well.

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