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Split your Monitor into Sections with Acer GridVista

I recently came across GridVista while looking for a tool that would help me manage my open windows better.  I cannot afford multiple monitors and find that I often need to have two windows open at the same time so that I can read one, while I write in another.  You can split your monitor into two (half size), three (one half, two quarter) or four (all quarter) sections.  You can then "maximise" your windows into any of the sections so that no screen real estate is wasted by simply dragging the window into one of the sectors.  Don't worry, you can still maximise your windows to full screen and you can select which windows should not adhere to the space constraints set by GridVista, which windows should run on top of the others and even the transparency of the windows.

I have not tried this, but it does appear that you can use it across multiple monitors, configuring each one separately.

I have been using it in Windows XP without problems and Joshua at gHacks tested GridVista after I informed him about it and reports that it works well in Vista.  It would be ideal for people that have large monitors (such as 22" and larger), although I quite like it for my 17" LCD.

If this sounds like a great idea, download it here.

UPDATE:  A reader at gHacks called Mike suggested WinSplit Revolution.  I am not sure which is better, but it also looks promising and can be installed as a portable application.

Update (2009/10/22): I have been using WinSplit Revolution for some time now.  If you have a keyboard with a NumPad then this is one of the programs I cannot imagine living without.  Outstanding!

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by Anonymous on 23. October 2008 - 17:38  (9525)
by Anonymous on 23. October 2008 - 21:00  (9538)

I have a Vista laptop and while WinSplit seems to work fine with Windows applications, it doesn't seem to work with other browsers, e.g. Google Chrome or Second Life, which I believe runs on Mozilla

by Anonymous on 23. October 2008 - 22:08  (9542)

Now, why would I do this instead of manually sizing the windows I want sized to the exact size I want, then going from there? So this just helps me to resize in one fell swoop. But what if I need a window slightly bigger than 1/4 screen or 1/2 screen? I have to resize manually anyway. So why add something more that takes up resources?

by Anonymous on 24. October 2008 - 0:09  (9548)

It IS handy that if you keep clicking on a particular arrow in the 9-square box that the current window does resize in 3 various sizes. That is useful when you need extra space or less space for your window.

by Anonymous on 25. October 2008 - 10:07  (9616)

Cool UI.
Resource Friendly
The best!

by Anonymous on 26. October 2008 - 1:18  (9645)

Winsplit Revolution worked great for a day or two, then mysteriously stopped functioning. Ctrl+Alt+3 minimised the current window to task bar(?), none of the other Numpad functions worked at all. Editing the Hotkeys did nothing.
Irks me, 'cause was starting to like it!

by Anonymous on 26. October 2008 - 6:20  (9653)

I don't get it. If I needed to "have two windows open at the same time so that I can read one, while I write in another" and I couldn't be bothered to arrange them manually, I'd just use a utility like Winroll that can make one window always-on-top.

But maybe that's just me.

by FrankO on 26. October 2008 - 10:45  (9663)

You can define the exact sizes you wish to use. Furthermore, if you want to have two windows adjacent to each other, Ctrl + Alt + f places the last two used windows together, with a slider that allows you to adjust the point where the two meet.

by Anonymous on 2. November 2008 - 16:05  (9974)

BE CAREFUL WHEN UNINSTALLING GRID VISTA. I accidentally installed to a high level folder and the GridVista uninstall deleted the entire folder.

by Anonymous on 15. November 2008 - 9:43  (10516)

I tried both GridVista and Winplit and found GridVista better. It also has a function Transparent that is useful. One problem is that the double I want is one on the top of the screen and the other on the bottom.

The other problem is I am finding some programs are not stable if the screen is split.

Still overall I like it. Thanks Frank

by Anonymous on 15. November 2008 - 12:09  (10519)

Try TileWindows (It's only 20kb):


Make 2 shortcuts:
"C:\Program Files\TileWindows\TileWindows.exe" -v
"C:\Program Files\TileWindows\TileWindows.exe" -h
and place them into quicklaunch.

You can split all windows vertically or horisontally with one mouseclick and it works.

by Anonymous on 17. November 2008 - 14:47  (10610)

Dexpot is also another alternative. Although its not quite splitting the screen in half, it lets you run up to 20 different desktops simultaneously. I find it very handy in my work.
You can get your hands on it here:

[Moderator's comment: Changed the download site to that of the developer.]

by Anonymous on 21. October 2009 - 22:29  (35190)

Signo (available on is another great tool to look into. It not only allow snapping windows to sides of the screen hence achieving this split among other things, it also manages multiple screens, send Windows from one screen to another, help minimizing to tray, hiding, changing opacity of windows, screen capturing and many other things, all of that with a rather easy-to-use interface.

by Anonymous on 6. November 2009 - 16:19  (36085)

I got GridVista with my 22" Acer monitor, but had to dump it in favor of WinSplit Revolution because it kept crashing my Excel 2007 on Vista. Besides, WinSplit has more functions and is smoother.

by Anonymous on 29. November 2009 - 18:43  (37524)

One reason (if I remember correctly) is that you can use full screen modes of applications with these defined areas. For example you can press F11 for Firefox and make full use of the area, obviously when manually positioned Firefox would simply fill the entire screen when F11 is pressed.

by Ganguly (not verified) on 8. June 2011 - 12:22  (73490)

I don't find it useful except the transparent function (perhaps). Grid vista doesn't splt although it shows a strange icon claming 1:1(set windows to grid. the screens become large as soon as i work on one screen. what use is this ?

by FrankO on 8. June 2011 - 12:30  (73491)

I used WinSplit Revolution when I still had a multiple monitor Windows machine and it was definitely the best for me. I enjoyed the fact that it was so customisable. I now only have an old WinXP laptop that does not have a numpad, so GridVista is what I use instead (though I could set up new hotkeys or use their virtual numpad). You can customise it to some degree to assign windows to certain regions of the screen. Perhaps something went wrong there.

I now work on a Mac and there is no freeware like this available. I had to buy SizeUp to get functionality that is far surpassed by WinSplit Revolution.

by FrankO on 8. June 2011 - 19:26  (73507)

Thanks to a fortuitous article in Lifehacker, I found a freeware version for Mac. It's called ShiftIt.