Spammers Defeat Gizmo’s: Registration Now Required to Comment

At Gizmo’s Freeware we have never required our users to register in order to make comments to our articles. That’s because we are a community site and we trust the members of our community. So while other major websites sites have one-by-one moved to compulsory registration we have resisted.

Unfortunately because we have resisted, we have become a juicy target for spammers. Up to now we’ve been able to manage these spam posts by using multiple layers of anti-spam software combined with a dedicated team of moderators.
But alas, we can resist no more. In the last two months spam posts have reached record levels of over 50,000 spam attempts per day and increasing every week. Such levels are dragging down our server performance and site responsiveness as well as an imposing unsustainable load on our moderators.
spam statistics
So as from Monday 3 December, 2012 users will be required to register at Gizmo’s Freeware before they can post comments to our articles. 
Registration is free and immediate and there are no negatives as we never email our registration list and of course, never have and never will make email addresses available to any third party. In other words, registration is just a formality.
To create an account at Gizmo's Freeware just click the "Register" link that appears in the left sidebar of every page on the site.
If you do not intend to post comments there is no need to register. If you do want to post a comment remember to login to your account first.
I must admit I personally feel bad about this change as it's a tacit admission we have been defeated by the spammers.  Worse still I feel we are making an imposition on our honest users just because of the reckless actions of a bunch of greedy people.  I apologize to all of you.
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by garth on 31. December 2012 - 19:20  (104133)

Former Gizmo's moderator says: yay, long overdue imo. Registration takes a couple of minutes and is a small price to pay if it reduces the number of spammers and trolls that are drawn to this site :-)

by sybeha on 30. December 2012 - 1:52  (104093)

Thanks for a fantastic site. Your efforts have benefited us over a considerable time. Bless you & all the very best for the New Year.
Re the spammers: I've not registered before now, but have done so simply because I also deeply regret that class of mental ineptitude that finds its only real raison d'etre in callow and cowardly destruction at an anonymous distance. It's not you that should be apologizing. Keep up the great work :)

by Juxxize on 12. December 2012 - 15:16  (103547)

I think gizmo's must have been the last website on the internet to ask people to register to comment , i was more than happy to register ages ago when you didn't have too because i wanted to be a part of gizmo's because it's such a great site , the only truly independent and honest freeware review on the web ( i think anyway ) so i think folk will be more than happy to register . I understand why you feel a little sad about the change but it's a sign of the times with all the spammers and spam bots it is sad that this has to be the case but it's actually better people if they are registered because that way they can receive better support from the other com-mentors and editors

by e3znu3d on 9. December 2012 - 1:40  (103451)

No apology necessary. All of us, from newbies to "old timers," surely appreciate the huge return on investment we as users get from having you do for us all that you do. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

by brunogilgi on 5. December 2012 - 6:57  (103360)

To support your good work.

A Quebecer

by MidnightCowboy on 5. December 2012 - 9:00  (103364)

Thank you, and everyone else too for their messages of support. MC - Site Manager.

by SAQV on 5. December 2012 - 2:53  (103357)

I'm brazilian and love Gizmo's work. I understand the problem and thank you for all efforts you make to help everyone.

by Bunkerhill42 on 5. December 2012 - 2:30  (103356)

No need to appologize. While I do not post comments I felt it
neccessary this time to give you my total support.

by budchekov on 5. December 2012 - 1:26  (103355)

No problem Gizmo, sadly 'the web 2012's become a cesspool, with much regret,
for the same reason, Mozillazine has also been forced to require registration.
Sign of the times.
Happy Holidays and many thanks for a site where for years, daily, I've learned a great deal.. :)

by sunsmasher on 5. December 2012 - 1:02  (103354)

Gizmo, there is absolutely no need to feel bad about this in the slightest.
Such is the state of the web these days, and it is no big deal at all to register to comment on a site.
Thanks for all your hard work to create this wonderful resource for us!

by Silverpen on 4. December 2012 - 21:20  (103352)

Too bad about all the damn spamming! People just can't leave good enough
alone.Keep up the good work..Season's greetings.

by flybinder on 4. December 2012 - 19:17  (103350)

I registered for your site,nearly 5 years ago. Never gave it a second thought, and don't now, except for the fact; "spammers forced you to finally do it". Like so many have already stated.........."With a site as great as yours, what's the big deal of having to register to make a comment?"
I look forward to the emails I receive from your site, because I did register. Still, even without the emails I receive, I visit your site daily.(often times, several times a day)
Keep up the fantastic job you're already doing!
Happy Holidays, too!

by LeBlk on 4. December 2012 - 7:55  (103336)

It's a shame indeed to have to do this, but understandable and in my opinion 100% acceptable. Spammers ruin sites and do so quickly. Not only do they bog down the site servers and systems but also create much more work for site admins and mods.

Needing to register for a site you trust, visit daily, and refer people to... in my eyes isn't a bad thing. It's a show of support.

High Regards and best wishes for the upcoming holidays and year!

by MidnightCowboy on 4. December 2012 - 1:37  (103330)

As my earlier response is long since buried, thanks to all who have posted here with messages of support. :)

If anyone encounters posting or registration issues, please use the contact facility to notify me of the details and I'll do my best to sort it out. MC - Site Manager.

by Balayage on 4. December 2012 - 0:58  (103329)

We all lose!

by BamBam on 3. December 2012 - 23:37  (103325)

This is the first site on my speed dial. I come here everyday and all my friends get tired of me telling them to go to "Gizmo's" when they need help with their computers. You run an excellent site. Thank You very much!!

by bestyet on 3. December 2012 - 23:26  (103324)

Thank you for this website. You are my only place to find free software.

by Aretas on 3. December 2012 - 22:18  (103321)

Your site is supremely useful to me. Thanks

by slohand on 3. December 2012 - 21:22  (103320)

One of my favorite sites. It's the least I could do.

by snldr1 on 3. December 2012 - 20:22  (103317)

I understand your resistance to requiring a login, but spammers and trolls really take their toll on website threads and hopefully this will mitigate that problem.

by nev200 on 3. December 2012 - 20:21  (103316)

great site, thank you

by rrpberto18 on 3. December 2012 - 18:46  (103310)

I used the audio option and found it quite easy

Just type the first letter of each word you hear (no spaces...lower case)
The result seemed to be independent of the visual captcha
--or at least my best guess at it.

Audio easy. Visual hard.

by MilesAhead on 3. December 2012 - 19:41  (103314)

Since we are logging in, why is Craptcha' required on every posted comment? Every site I've seen that uses it, the audio is easily distinguished initially. As time goes on, it's electronically garbled to make it just as annoying as the printed text. How about making it -- less -- annoying for members by just getting rid of it once an account is created?

The only justification I can see is someone has stock in Hair Plugs For Men. It's there to make you rip your hair out!

by clas on 3. December 2012 - 18:09  (103309)

yeah, easy to do. didnt know you were being deluged. keep up the good stuff.

by mouseissue on 3. December 2012 - 17:50  (103308)

It's too bad it has come to this.

by wsacguy on 3. December 2012 - 17:40  (103306)

Tyhank you

by Rip2dbone on 3. December 2012 - 17:25  (103305)

I have no problem needing to sign in to comment

by bwoods on 3. December 2012 - 17:08  (103304)

Why are you apologizing?! Well, I know why--it's because you are a gentleman.

But it's nothing you should be apologizing for. It's not your fault that there are unscrupulous scum out there.

Keep up the great work, we all appreciate it!

by smoaky on 3. December 2012 - 16:57  (103303)

Been registered for quite some time now and really enjoy Gizmo's Freeware.
As a side note to your spammer invasion:
Was reading an article the other day about Companies falsely giving customer reviews on items that they sell along with other legitimate reviews from honest customers.
Companies inject 5 star rating reviews for their product just to get innocent potential buyers to purchase their possibly 1 star lousy product.
Bubonic plague infested rats are everywhere..
What a shame.

by brian99 on 3. December 2012 - 16:55  (103302)

I agree with the virtually unanimous view point that registering is well worth the ability to post messages about the great coverage.

However, there is great talent that exists at the site and with the many people using it. Not knowing if it is possible I ask, maybe among the people with the greatest expertise a solution could be found?

If it could be done this would surly be the group to do it!

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