Spammers Defeat Gizmo’s: Registration Now Required to Comment


At Gizmo’s Freeware we have never required our users to register in order to make comments to our articles. That’s because we are a community site and we trust the members of our community. So while other major websites sites have one-by-one moved to compulsory registration we have resisted.

Unfortunately because we have resisted, we have become a juicy target for spammers. Up to now we’ve been able to manage these spam posts by using multiple layers of anti-spam software combined with a dedicated team of moderators.
But alas, we can resist no more. In the last two months spam posts have reached record levels of over 50,000 spam attempts per day and increasing every week. Such levels are dragging down our server performance and site responsiveness as well as an imposing unsustainable load on our moderators.
spam statistics
So as from Monday 3 December, 2012 users will be required to register at Gizmo’s Freeware before they can post comments to our articles. 
Registration is free and immediate and there are no negatives as we never email our registration list and of course, never have and never will make email addresses available to any third party. In other words, registration is just a formality.
To create an account at Gizmo's Freeware just click the "Register" link that appears in the left sidebar of every page on the site.
If you do not intend to post comments there is no need to register. If you do want to post a comment remember to login to your account first.
I must admit I personally feel bad about this change as it's a tacit admission we have been defeated by the spammers.  Worse still I feel we are making an imposition on our honest users just because of the reckless actions of a bunch of greedy people.  I apologize to all of you.

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