Single Free Utility Provides Access To All Your Cloud Storage Accounts


Lots of companies now offer cloud-based storage services, many of which are free.  These include Microsoft SkyDrive,, Google Docs, and dozens more.  They all offer web-based access to your file area, and some also included a dedicated Windows client app that you can download.

But wouldn't it be handy if there was a single client app that provided access to all of those services and more?

As you might have guessed, there is.  It's called Gladinet, the basic version is totally free, and you can get it from  It's available for 32- and 64-bit Windows, and the download is around 14 MB.

Once you've downloaded and install the software, just enter the login details for any online services that you want to use with it.  This is a once-only process, and Gladinet swears that the info you enter is only ever stored on your computer and is never sent to Gladinet's servers.

As an added bonus, Gladinet will also talk to FTP servers, by mapping a drive letter on your PC to a remote FTP server.  Which makes for an easy way to access and edit files on a web or ftp server.  You could even turn an ftp server into your own cloud-based file store.

For more on Gladinet and how to use it, see the example video at




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I think this article is outdated.
Look at Gladinet website - as I understood, they discontinued their tool for accessing other clouds.
Instead they offer their own paid cloud service for businesses.