Set Up Reminders Easily Via Email


You're sat at your desk, or perhaps on the sofa, and you suddenly remember that it's your friend's birthday next Friday.  Which means you need to buy a card on Wednesday.  But that's 4 days away, so how are you going to remember? 

One option is to use a really neat email service called Nudge Mail (  Fire up your email program and create an email that says "Remember to buy a card".  Send that email to and the job's done.  On Wednesday, you'll get sent a reminder email.

Needless to say, Nudge Mail doesn't just work for Wednesdays.  Try sending a message to if you prefer.  Or to  Or if you prefer, just send it to and include the timing information in the subject line.  Full details are available on the site.



My thanks to Geert for telling me about this.  If there's a great freeware app or web-based service that you want to tell thousands of people about, just fill in the short form at and I'll try to write about your suggestion on these pages.





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Has worked well for me thus far. I've chosen exact times for notifications.