This Scrapbooking App For Windows Looks Great, And It's Free.


One of the most popular pastimes of recent years is scrapbooking.  But if the thought of all that glue and paper puts you off giving it a try, here's a way to move it into the 21st century.

Scrapbook Studio, from Wondershare, is a scrapbooking app for Windows.  Think of it as a child-friendly, family-oriented version of OneNote and you won't go far wrong (though don't tell Microsoft I said so!).

You can download the software from  It's a 7 MB download, though it does also require .NET Framework 2.0 (which it will automatically acquire if you don't have it).  It runs on Windows XP and above.

Once installed, fire up the program and choose a template.  There are dozens built in, such as the examples shown below, however most of them require an additional payment in order to activate them.  Luckily, though, 3 of the built-in templates are free to use (Christmas, Family and Baby), plus there are loads more free ones that you can download from the Wondershare web page listed above.

Once you've chosen your template, just drag your favourite photos into the placeholders.  It really is quick and easy to produce something that looks very impressive, and with no sticky fingers.  Once you're done, press the Publish button and you can print your finished scrapbook or view it as a slideshow on screen. 


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