Scores of Free MP3 Downloads


Every day, the nice folks at give away a free MP3 music track.  And as a special treat they've put together a single page which contains download links to every track they gave away in 2012. 

As you can see from the screen shot below, which contains part of that page, downloading each track is quick and easy, so you can build up a useful MP3 music collection in no time.

To access the list, just head to and browse.



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I downloaded two songs from this site, and both were ZIP files. However, neither WinZip nor 7-Zip could open those files, leaving me with no listening pleasure. Note, however, that my downloads were not from the 2012 list, but that shouldn't make any difference.

So, I went back and tried to download an "MP3 file" from the 2012 list. It, too, was a ZIP file that couldn't be opened.

Thought I would report on my review of the mp3 files. After listening to part or all of the downloadable files, I have kept 4 files for my permanent collection and trashed the rest.

[I like a fairly wide variety of music but too many of these tracks were awful, a solid number were ok and provided unobjectionable listening but only the 4 were good enough to listen to again, imo]


Using a plugin, such as the FireFox plugin - DownloadThemAll (, the entire collection can be downloaded with no interaction and not having to click on each link. Optionally, push to the cloud, ie. Google Play for example, and remove local files to save space.

Good idea! I thank you for the recommendation!

Thank you for mentioning the downloadthemall plugin. So many clever programmers out there and a truly useful, well written plugin.

It's nice of them, I guess, but obscure as it is, there's no way to tell if any of the music on offer is worth taking the time to download and listen to.

Where is your sense of adventure, LOL ?

I downloaded and am listening to the entire list now and I have a nice NEXT button that works fine !!