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Scan To PDF, Or Create PDF Albums Of Images

Managing the digital photos that you store on your PC can be difficult.  You've probably got hundreds or thousands of pictures on your computer, all with similar names and stored in a variety of folders.

In the olden days, we'd store collections of related prints in an album.  But in the new age of digital photography, there's no real equivalent to an old-fashioned album.

One possible solution is a great program called Free JPG to PDF.  It converts one or more image files (they don't just have to be JPGs) into a PDF file.  Much like an album, in fact, that you can view and print from any standard PDF reader.

The program is very easy to use.  Just choose your output directory, then add puctures (one at a time) to build up your finished PDF file.

The program also has another useful feature.  It can accept images straight from your scanner, and then convert them into PDF format.  So if there's a pile of old paperwork that you've been meaning to digitise for ages, this program will do it.

Free JPG to PDF is available at  It's a 1.4 MB download, runs on Windows XP and above, and is free from viruses and malware according to VirusTotal.  



Thanks to Panzer for this great find.



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by Linuxser on 22. April 2012 - 21:52  (92429)

Will not help your hard drive if same scan you can do with Adobe it's about 1MB but here takes 200MB

by Australia on 16. April 2012 - 9:49  (92161)

The above screenshot is Adobe Professional 8, as described in the Title Bar !

by DesElms on 16. April 2012 - 2:01  (92148)

This, don't get me wrong, is pretty good; and I wish there were an Android version, too...

...but it can actually also be done (though I think likely not as well or as easily) using certain standard photo viewer software tools, and then arranging... oh... let's say... two photos per letter-sized page, and then "printing" all pages to a PDF print driver...

...such as the one that comes with the freeware version of Nitro PDF Reader, or any of a number of other (usually freeware, but commercial, also) print-to-PDF type tools.

That's how I've always done it, and it works just fine. But this tool, clearly, simplifies things considerably.

I notice, also, for whatever it's worth, that the web site, considering that's it's merely for a simple freeware utility of relatively narrowly-focused purpose, is very professional... done exactly the way a site for a tool like this should be done... very professional. This signals to me that the maker of the software is correctly concerned about image, and professionalism, and doing things right because anything worth doing, is worth doing right. This sort of thing, to me, is VERY important.

So, if for no other reason than that -- and there is another reason, of course, and that's that the software's good and cool, in its own right -- I'm now officially a huge fan!

Nice recommendation, Richard!

by Australia on 15. April 2012 - 22:09  (92140)

Thank you. This software may prove very useful to those with a scanner wishing to create PDF documents !
However in terms of JPG image to PDF conversion, Im confused. I downloaded and installed the software. The screenshot above is very different to the actual program. And the actual homepage screenshot is also different.
The program's homepage claims the program has been reviewed by Softpedia, but is not longer featured on this reputable site
In addition, the program only allows the conversion of ONE jpg or image file at a time to PDF format. I cant find a way that this program can convert a large number of photos (image files) to one PDF file as suggested.
As described on the homepage tutorial "Click to choose an image .. click Next and the JPG to PDF conversion is finished immediately"
If this program indeed cant convert or combine a number of photos at once to PDF (ie batch conversion), then it is too timeconsuming for general use.
Use of this software with a scanner may be useful, but I just need a JPG to PDF converter that can batch convert a collection of photos or images
My only question - Where can I get the program that is illustrated above ?

by Jojo Yee on 16. April 2012 - 6:46  (92155)


Try to repeat clicking the "New Page from File" button for next images you want to add, then only click "Next" to convert them to PDF.

Ideally it should allow users to multi select files with Ctrl and Shift keys in the Open dialog window, but unfortunately it didn't when I tried it.

by Jojo Yee on 15. April 2012 - 1:56  (92112)

It works pretty well. Try also i2pdf, portable, 32 & 64 bits, support drag-and-drop, paperless or other paper size, text header/footer, etc, though it doesn't work with a scanner as this does.