Scan To PDF, Or Create PDF Albums Of Images


Managing the digital photos that you store on your PC can be difficult.  You've probably got hundreds or thousands of pictures on your computer, all with similar names and stored in a variety of folders.

In the olden days, we'd store collections of related prints in an album.  But in the new age of digital photography, there's no real equivalent to an old-fashioned album.

One possible solution is a great program called Free JPG to PDF.  It converts one or more image files (they don't just have to be JPGs) into a PDF file.  Much like an album, in fact, that you can view and print from any standard PDF reader.

The program is very easy to use.  Just choose your output directory, then add puctures (one at a time) to build up your finished PDF file.

The program also has another useful feature.  It can accept images straight from your scanner, and then convert them into PDF format.  So if there's a pile of old paperwork that you've been meaning to digitise for ages, this program will do it.

Free JPG to PDF is available at  It's a 1.4 MB download, runs on Windows XP and above, and is free from viruses and malware according to VirusTotal.  



Thanks to Panzer for this great find.



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Please beware that this software has changed significantly for the worse! It was very sneaky in how it tried to install MANY other things along with it. The screenshot on this page isn't even of this program. It has bad defaults and doesn't save your settings. It created a HUGE PDF file for a one-page scan. When I tried to scan a 2nd time, the program crashed! I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. Please update this review or delete it altogether.