I have a Brother MFC-8660DN (Copier, Scanner, Printer, Fax).  I'd like to be able to start a small application that would use the scanner driver to scan in multiple pages from the scanner glass one page at a time (asking me at the end of each scan if I'd like to scan another page, saving the file when no more pages are to be scanned).

Anyone know of such a feature?  Without this, I can use the bundled scanning software which creates a one-page PDF and then use a separate one to combine the file; I was just hoping to be able to do this in one step.


by Anonymous on 15. February 2012 - 20:41  (88916)

it seems that Documalis Free Scanner produces very big PDF files, 10 times bigger than PDFill.

by Anonymous on 23. May 2009 - 7:37  (22187)

There is tool that works fine: Scan2PDF

It is freeware, and can scan lots of pages afterwards you can make PDF on them.

It also can import prescanned images from hard disc to make single PDF containing them. It is pretty simple, has lot of space for improvements but it does the job very good.

by shawnz on 12. July 2013 - 15:26  (109172)

From the linked page on scan2pdf:

Scan2PDF supports:

- Load images from your harddisk
- Scan images with and without interface
- Change the order of the images
- Delete images from the list
- Rotate images

It converts image files to pdf. What does that have to do with "scanning" a document?

I started using a different xp machine, and my printer will print but no longer scan. Downloaded some "smartphoto" software from HP (359MB installer!). It worked for ~14 hours (machine dedicated to task) but appeared to stall out and achieve nothing. Is "Documalis" the only program to run a print scanner (outside of the HP abuse system)?

by jpjarosz on 20. November 2008 - 4:09  (10750)

Thanks guys--great resources!

by SgtSaboo on 16. September 2008 - 2:40  (7807)

I think Documalis Free Scanner, , may be the kind of software you are looking for. The install is in French but is easy to figure out. When you start the App there is a flag to click on for English. It does what you want, just click Add to scan another document, and it's free.

It's not perfect, a few quirks I would like fixed, but it works well. I don't know what the page limit is for the free version, the largest I've done so far is eight pages.

Sounds like this is a category that needs explored and added to the Best-Ever list.

by Anonymous on 6. September 2011 - 11:50  (79072)

From the website of Documalis:
"Freeware for individual use for the digitization of documents containing less than 25 pages."

by Anonymous on 3. January 2012 - 13:53  (86469)

Thanks Its Work

by Anonymous on 18. November 2010 - 3:40  (61343)


by Anonymous on 1. October 2010 - 7:01  (58759)

Have been looking for one good software to do this for ages. This works perfectly.

by Anonymous on 13. March 2010 - 4:29  (45469)

Thank You! Documalis Free Scanner Worked, it was VERY easy and free.

by mikedutch (not verified) on 12. August 2008 - 13:16  (5964)

This kind of functionality is usually built-in to the all in one if it has an automatic page feed. Simply load the pages in the feeder and begin the scan. The problem I've had is that it creates separate files for each page and creates .jpg output instead of .pdf. However, there are good freeware programs to solve both of these problems.

pdftk - the PDF toolkit (portable)

PDFTK Builder (pdftk GUI)

by tony on 9. August 2008 - 7:12  (5836)

I personally haven't seen a free OCR scanning software that would do that. I have looked through the Freeware searches for you and there are some freebies, but none I would download. To do what you are asking it to do I would think its a software that wouldn't be free, but I may be wrong.


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