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reddit Earthporn (Wallpaper of the Week)

This week brings a site that showcases photos from around the world. Earthporn, a part of the site, has photos submitted by members from around the globe. All the photos are natural landscapes (though there are links to other categories at the top of the page) and are work and family safe. I like the quantity and variety of images and find the quality to be very good. The photos come in all different sizes - with the sizes easy to see at a glance you can quickly decide if the image is one you'd like to download.

Available Resolutions: varies according to image

How To Install:
Click on the photo you'd like to view. When it loads, save it using your browser.
 • Firefox: right-click the image and select Set As Desktop Background
 • Internet Explorer: right-click the image and choose Set as Background
 • Opera: right-click image and select Use Image on Desktop
 • Chrome: right-click on the image and choose Save image as. The image is saved to your default download directory.
Navigate to your download folder, right-click on the downloaded image, and choose Set as desktop background.
Optionally in Windows, clicking on the image opens it in Windows Photo Viewer, where you can right-click the image and select Set as desktop background.
None your size? Download the nearest size to your screen resolution (larger is better) and resize using your favorite image editor.

Visit Earthporn at

Until next time,

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by dynamite00401 on 23. August 2013 - 20:45  (110288)

Beautiful shots. Thanks again Rhiannon.

by rhiannon on 24. August 2013 - 19:38  (110304)

You're welcome. :)

by alexscott (not verified) on 26. November 2012 - 11:22  (102929)

You do not explain how to save image with a d2 tablet with the a.droid ice cream sandwich, then again I am new to all this.

by rhiannon on 26. November 2012 - 17:18  (102945)

I don't explain how to use wallpapers on a tablet or smart phone since I don't have either device. :)

I'm sure you can find answers to that in our site forums, everyone there is friendly and helpful.

Freeware Forum

by happyhaze (not verified) on 25. November 2012 - 14:09  (102883)

Huge fan of earthporn over here!!! :)

by Panzer on 23. November 2012 - 8:10  (102763)

Earthporn ;)))))))))))))

Sorry, Rhiannon

by rhiannon on 25. November 2012 - 17:26  (102890)

I understand Panzer, sometimes you just can't help yourself. ;)

by MidnightCowboy on 23. November 2012 - 8:29  (102764)

This is different to moonporn but don't ask me how. :D
Anyway, wallpapers are great.

by Jojo Yee on 23. November 2012 - 8:46  (102765)

What's Earth Porn?

by Panzer on 23. November 2012 - 8:50  (102766)

They should rather name their site Magnificent Earth, Heaven on Earth or something like that ...

by Jojo Yee on 23. November 2012 - 8:57  (102769)

True, but it seems to have taken the second definition of the word porn.

by rhiannon on 24. November 2012 - 5:34  (102826)

Just so Jojoyee. The word p0rn has made its way into areas that have nothing to do with what you'd normally think of. I saw it surfacing a few years ago in the form of Food P0rn and it seems to have made its way in to many other areas.
Personally I don't care for the term. Maybe because I'm old enough that there was only one definition most of my life and I'm cranky enough that I'm not comfortable with it no matter where it's used.
I haven't let that stop me from enjoying the images at reddit. =)