Quick and Easy Way to Delete Internet Browser Caches, Cookies, or History

If you have ever been faced with wanting to delete your browser cache, cookies, or history, you know that the path to the browser dialog where this can be done involves a number of steps. However, there is a simple keyboard combination that will get you there faster. (Hold down all three keys.) It is
This shortcut works for Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Google Chrome, and Firefox 3.6 and up. The graphics below show the dialog that opens in each of the three types of browser when the shortcut is used.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer dialog

Google Chrome

Chrome dialog


Firefox dialog 

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by lordamit (not verified) on 19. October 2011 - 15:42  (81712)

Thanks for sharing :D It will come in handy.

by Australia (not verified) on 28. August 2011 - 9:01  (78498)

Thank you very much. Works for me with Internet Explorer 8.0. Great find !

by decider (not verified) on 4. August 2011 - 9:38  (76882)

For those firefox users where it doesn't work: If you have permanent private browsing enabled there's nothing to clear so it's greyed out and unavailable.

by djj01 on 4. August 2011 - 8:21  (76876)

Works okay for me....
But I still haven't been able to find anyway of deleting the memory of addresses that have been directly typed into the address bar? (not even using cCleaner)
Any ideas out there please?

by Graham (not verified) on 4. August 2011 - 9:32  (76880)

Doesn't work with my my IE9....

by Pierre Mare (not verified) on 4. August 2011 - 6:49  (76869)

doesn't work in FF 5 running on WIN7 64bit, just comnes up with the normal task manager screen

by v.laurie on 4. August 2011 - 14:11  (76901)

It works fine on FF5 Windows 7 64-bit for me.

by Clockdrummer (not verified) on 4. August 2011 - 8:44  (76878)

Same result with Firefox, Windows 7 and 64 bit.

Hope there is a solution as this sounds like an excellent resource.

by Av (not verified) on 4. August 2011 - 17:14  (76914)

works ok for me, win7 64bit, FF 5.0. tho' the initial menu doesn't display as shown in the tip, clicking "details" expands the menu to show the various options :)

by insecure (not verified) on 4. August 2011 - 3:41  (76862)

I discovered CCleaner will not clear the browser history if the browser is in use. Ctrl+Shift+Del will clear the history (up to the last hour) in FF & Chrome. So this shortcut key still proves its worth.

by Laurel (not verified) on 4. August 2011 - 0:00  (76858)

This, and loads of other useful keyboard commands are listed on the browser pull down menus, next to the command. In the case of FF, check the tools menu, and you'll see this very shortcut next to the command. When I was a trainer, I always told folks to pay attention to those commands as they used toolbars...


by Nora Brinley (not verified) on 3. August 2011 - 23:16  (76856)

..!! great tip !!

btw, works with "FeedDemon 2.7" too.


by nikolais (not verified) on 3. August 2011 - 20:24  (76850)

It's working for me - Win7/64, Firefox 5.0.
Thank you!

by fastfood (not verified) on 3. August 2011 - 20:07  (76849)

Works with my IE8 on XP. A shame it doesn't work with my preferred browser, K-meleon 1.5.4. Thanks for the tip.

by MrWednesday7 on 3. August 2011 - 19:14  (76848)

Worked on Chrome but not on FF5, leastways not on my machine. Will carry on using CCleaner as not much of a keyboard shortcut person.

Thanks for the tip, though.

Absoloutely loathe this

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Rude, old fashioned and shouty.

Just saying. ;-)-

by snert (not verified) on 3. August 2011 - 18:06  (76845)

I can see the usefulness of this, but I still use CCleaner to take out the garbage when I'm finished browsing.

by johnarro (not verified) on 3. August 2011 - 15:40  (76836)

Works for Firefox, Chrome and IE (and not Opera) as explained by Vic, all under Windows 7, but not for ChromePlus.

Brilliant find - thanks !

by simsan (not verified) on 3. August 2011 - 13:32  (76827)

best tip to clean those unwanted files. thnx gizmo - best-ss

by C. Queen (not verified) on 3. August 2011 - 13:30  (76826)

I found it DOES work in Firefox 5 (unlike mario bozeglav's claim). It doesn't seem to work in Opera 11, alas, but the article didn't claim that it did.

Thanks for this very useful tip!

by v.laurie on 3. August 2011 - 13:50  (76829)

Unfortunately, it doesn't work in Opera.

by OblongCircles (not verified) on 3. August 2011 - 13:23  (76823)

This key combination is not working for me in Firefox 3.6.15. i guess I'll need to update FF version or, as JIMY wrote, use cCleaner

by clasof56 (not verified) on 19. October 2011 - 12:35  (81700)

works easy for me in ff 3.5.2

by v.laurie on 3. August 2011 - 13:52  (76830)

It works in Firefox 3.6.18 for me. It should work in your version.

by mario bozeglav (not verified) on 3. August 2011 - 13:14  (76821)

hi, thanks for the tip... works fine on chrome and ie9, but doesn´t work on firefox 5

by v.laurie on 3. August 2011 - 13:49  (76828)

It works in Firefox 5 in Windows 7 for me.

by Anonymous_one (not verified) on 3. August 2011 - 13:26  (76825)

It is working just fine on my Firefox 5.0

by sulasno on 3. August 2011 - 9:43  (76816)

great tip

by Sheumais (not verified) on 3. August 2011 - 7:15  (76806)

Very useful, thanks.

by jimy on 2. August 2011 - 20:54  (76792)

Can't one obtain the same results with Ccleaner?

by OblongCircles (not verified) on 3. August 2011 - 13:21  (76822)

For expediency's sake why open a separate program (cCleaner) when you can simply press 3 keys?

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