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 7. HIPS (not including HIPS found in firewalls, antivirus programs, or other security programs)

7.1. Introduction:
HIPS Explained

7.2. HIPS:
SysWatch Personal
Malware Defender
Spyware Terminator
Real-time Defender
System Safety Monitor
Ambush IPS
MJ Registry Watcher
System shields
Arovax Shield
Patriot NG

7.3. Behaviour blockers:

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by mark.n (not verified) on 13. November 2012 - 11:34  (102243)

is this a good programme havent tried it

by ako on 12. November 2012 - 23:12  (102217)

I added it, very interesting :)

by Trainkarr (not verified) on 10. November 2012 - 14:45  (102119)

Bad link: The windows sysinternals link takes you to a random page in a sysinternals forum, not a download site.

by ako on 10. November 2012 - 18:55  (102129)

Thanks! Removed.

by AnonymousD27 (not verified) on 5. November 2012 - 17:03  (101918)

I have noticed that PCtools has retired Pctools Firewall Plus and also threatfire now, It must be due to being owned by symantec. I'm using MSE as its simple and effective and I don't and haven't ever had any issues with it so no need to switch. My question is now that threatfire isn't available I was wondering what I could add or run along side MSE to replace Threatfire. I'm thinking about Immunet but I'm not sure if I do should I leave the ClamAV off and use it or should I use all engines provided by Immunet and adjust the exclusion list so they play nice. If there is something else that might run well with MSE I'm just interested in hearing a recommendation.

by Ako (the) (not verified) on 6. November 2012 - 6:07  (101938)

I use LUA, Sandboxie and Prevx free as a backup solution. See, the end of this list.

by dji (not verified) on 4. November 2012 - 14:55  (101875)

Crystal Security is not malware.
All this in Virus Total (4) are false positive.

by ako (the) (not verified) on 4. November 2012 - 16:35  (101881)

Thanks. That seems to be the case . But unfortunately I cannot edit the list (and who knows when the problem is corrected).

by vodomar on 4. November 2012 - 22:43  (101891)

CS removed from prisoners thx

by Paxmilitaris on 2. November 2012 - 19:12  (101761)

Sygate download does not work

by ako on 2. November 2012 - 23:38  (101770)

Thanks! Corrected.

by vodomar on 10. October 2012 - 11:13  (100577)

A white paper: Windows 8′s Security Features

by vodomar on 10. October 2012 - 11:13  (100576)

Kingsoft Internet Security Software Integrates Avira Anti-Malware Engine

by Kyle_Katarn on 6. October 2012 - 16:40  (100379)

SUMo has a portable version too (icon is missing :-) ("Zip" icon)

by ako (the) (not verified) on 6. October 2012 - 19:26  (100387)


by vodomar on 4. October 2012 - 20:58  (100293)

Cookeyah - BETA
A password manager that you can access using your voice

by vodomar on 4. October 2012 - 19:01  (100282)
by ako (the) (not verified) on 6. October 2012 - 19:27  (100388)

Vau! Very interesting pictures/videos/picturevideos/??

You seem to be interested in photographing?

by (not verified) on 7. October 2012 - 17:29  (100438)

not particularly.I'm more into new ways and perspectives :D

by vodomar on 2. October 2012 - 20:23  (100135)
by ako (the) (not verified) on 4. October 2012 - 9:29  (100240)

Any experience anyone?

by Anupam on 4. October 2012 - 9:55  (100243)

Don't think we should be considering this before the final release, because according to its page, it will go commercial once its out of beta.

by vodomar on 4. October 2012 - 11:56  (100245)

software has a good rating here,2817,2410274,00.asp

if it becomes trialware, we always have a symbol $ :D

by Anupam on 4. October 2012 - 12:09  (100247)

Many commercial software have a good rating. Ours being a freeware site, I think we should avoid such software. Anyways, it's a Best FREE Security List :D

by vodomar on 4. October 2012 - 13:14  (100254)

of course, but this software is more like an exception
"...Other users may want to hold off until the final release of this unusual approach to exploit protection." (,2817,2410274,00.asp)
This list should be open to innovation, even when it is paid :) (e.g. s.10.3 and 10.4)

by Anupam on 4. October 2012 - 13:22  (100257)

Many such software can be made an exception. I think it would be better to ask in the Team Forum about its inclusion here.

Many times we have avoided such software, because they were free in beta, but turned commercial when their final version was released.

by vodomar on 4. October 2012 - 13:42  (100259)

Ako should decide about s.9,9.I think that this is a new kind of security software and currently there is no free alternative :)

by Anupam on 4. October 2012 - 14:06  (100262)

OK :). Let's see what MC has to say on this :).

by MidnightCowboy on 4. October 2012 - 14:55  (100269)

IMO discuss on an individual basis in the team forum. :)

by Ako (the) (not verified) on 4. October 2012 - 19:36  (100285)

Wuick comment. The concept is too interenting to drop away, be it free of not.

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