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This article contains a comprehensive list of free security-related programs or web applications for Windows XP and later Windows PC-based operating systems. The few non-free programs on this list are included because they are of high merit (in our opinion) and lack a comparable free alternative. This list also includes links to webpages that contain security-related information.

We don't give specific recommendations on this list except for the personal suggestions of the list authors. If you are seeking recommendations then check out Gizmo's Freeware "Best Free" webpages (links to them are shown in the list with ) . Gizmo's Freeware also offers free personalized security advice via the Security Wizard.

We usually list a given item on this list only once, putting it where we think it best belongs. However, sometimes we list a given item more than once if we feel strongly enough that it belongs in multiple locations.

We check all links with Web of Trust. Only links that are rated by Web of Trust as green are shown as hyperlinks. Links that are rated by Web of Trust as yellow are shown as obfuscated links; in such cases copy and paste the obfuscated link to your browser's address bar, then replace [COLON] with : and [DOT] with . to change the obfuscated link into a valid URL. Links that are rated by Web of Trust as red aren't shown either as hyperlinks or obfuscated links. Links that directly link to files are shown as obfuscated links.

We usually don't test the programs or web applications on this list. We usually don't scan the programs on this list with antivirus software.

We usually don't check these keys for a given item: " Adware that may or may not be optional," " Includes software recommendations via OpenCandy," or " Nagware." We usually check key " Program that works without installation" for a given program by using only online information, not by testing the given program.

We encourage you to use the comments section below to let us know about dead links, incorrect links, links to malicious websites, links that include malicious software, incorrect or missing keys for a given item, items that could be added to the list, programs that work only on pre-Windows XP operating systems, or any other issues. You may also use the comments section to tell us about your experience with a particular program or web application. We value these suggestions and look carefully at each one.

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This list is maintained by volunteer editors ako, J_L, and MrBrian. 

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$ Not free.

Program that works without installation. May or may not be portable. Other version(s) that use an installer may also be available.

Web application.

Provides only malware detection. May have paid version(s) that includes removal.

CNet download link or other downloader with adware.

FF = Firefox, Ch = Chrome, IE = Internet Explorer, OB = Other browsers, AB = All browsers.

Image itself links to a Gizmo's Freeware "Best Free" webpage. Not a key in some cases.

Image itself links to a Gizmo's Freeware webpage other than a "Best Free" webpage. Not a key in some cases.

Adware that may or may not be optional.

 Includes software recommendations via OpenCandy (potentially unwanted).


What's New
The newest items in this list are shown in the table below.
Items added
9-1-14 Ace BackupIperius Backup FreeNero BackItUp Free
10-1-14 Diladele Web SafetyAvira PC Cleaner, #totalhashEmail Guardian, Tin Hat, Parrot Security OSit-sec-catalogmore
13-1-14 Diceware random words methodMaking Random Letter Passwords MemorableHow do I use dice to create random strings of letters and numbers?Passwordcard GeneratorHow to Create a Secure Master PasswordBruce Schneier's Strength TestPasswordcard Generator Cardtype 1MrBrian password storage method #1MrBrian password storage method #2Methods and programs for splitting a secret into multiple partsMethods of password backup and recovery using challenge questionsMyphrase: Strong and Memorable Passwords from Your Own WordsSpelling-Error Tolerant, Order-Independent Pass-Phrases via the Damerau-Levenshtein String-Edit Distance Metric, KISS PrivacyNetwork Monitor
16-1-14 Nightweb, OpenNICmore:2
18-1-14 Express Zip, 7Backup, Cookies
24-1-14 Snowden Tribute, Shield for ChromeFirewall Builder, Norton Identity SafeFireclam
28-1-14 Kahu Security, Cache Killer
2-2-14 ReadOnceAutomatic System Restore Maker, , VirtrunCrypted Cloud, Extension Defender, Yunio
7-2-14 FileSearchygrepWin, Privacy Guard
11-2-14 ChrisPC DNS switch
14-2-14 , IPFingerPrintsRandom Agent Spooferf4ubcd, pCloud
20-2-14 UnseenShazzleMailGoogle HackingHow to generate strong passwords with Google Chrome without third-party extensionsRetina Community
16-3-14 ProxyMonster, Software Restriction Policies (feature of Windows) Tutorial #2 - http[COLON]//www[DOT]nsa[DOT]gov/ia/_files/os/win2k/application_whitelisting_using_srp[DOT]pdf, MrBrian's AppLocker rules, Parental Controls (feature of Windows), Software Policy, Wilders Security thread on Software Policy, Tuersteher Light, Wilders Security thread on Tuersteher Light, Using Comodo Internet Security as an anti-executable, Process Blocker
30-3-14 RunasRob, RunasSpc, BuddyBackup, Advanced Port Scanner, SuperScan, Feature Settings Check for Desktop Solutions, Ambush IPS, SetACL, NoVirusThanks Anti-Rootkit, Event Log Explorer
2-4-14 What is a Proxy Server?, What is the difference between a SOCKS proxy and an HTTP proxy?, Shadowsocks, List of proxifiersBarbaTunnel, ReQrypt, TorWall, Torcap, BufferShield, Freenet, Comparison of Tor vs. I2P vs. Freenet, Internet censorship circumvention, List of Anonymous Networks
4-4-14 Webroot Secureanywhere (the trial version is a very good cleaning tool) $
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by Cesar (not verified) on 9. September 2010 - 2:42  (57484)

Hi! I just wanted to inform that I can't download the YASC application called secure-it. I've tried different places, but they all take me to a webpage called XXXXXXX, but the download doesn't start, or is nowhere to be found. I was able to download harden-it by YASC also, but I downloaded it from Major Geeks. Sadly, Secure-it isn't available on Major Geeks. Can you give a link where I can download it? Harden it is only for WinXP and earlier, when I try to install it on Vista, it tells me to download Secure-it, but I haven't been able to. Thanks a lot, and congratulations on a great and useful website!

[Moderator's Note : Link to red WOT site obfuscated. Please do not post links to red WOT site]

by ako on 9. September 2010 - 7:08  (57493)

New links added (see above)

by Cesar (not verified) on 9. September 2010 - 21:58  (57544)

Hey, thank you for the fast response! Downloading it as we speak. Keep up the good work guya, really appreciate it!

by J_L on 6. September 2010 - 18:50  (57353)

PC Tools Free Antivirus

by Akoo (not verified) on 6. September 2010 - 19:40  (57357)

It is there (Spyware doctor with antivirus)

by MidnightCowboy on 7. September 2010 - 8:04  (57395)

This is the Google pack restricted/limited (IMO very!) version of Spyware Doctor +AV

as opposed to PC Tools Free AV

by ako on 7. September 2010 - 8:43  (57397)


by Anonymous456 (not verified) on 3. September 2010 - 23:30  (57229)

Hey Ako, in the section removing stubborn malware can you elaborate a bit more on it. I am mostly wondering about how you run DrWeb Cureit and Emsisoft Emergency on UBCD4Win. Are they already on the UBCD4win or do you have a USB plugged in with these programs on it (would the programs then have to be portable versions?). Also do you run full scans for all the suggested scanners or some quick scans and some full?

Many thanks for the great freeware list!

by ako on 4. September 2010 - 8:20  (57247)

Yes, you should copy them to the hard disk or USB stick. Run always "full scan".

by J_L on 3. September 2010 - 2:40  (57163)
by ako on 3. September 2010 - 6:40  (57182)

How is this related to security? Is this alternate DNS? Where are the IP addressess for their DNS servers?

by AlanMcAlan on 3. September 2010 - 17:31  (57214)

You can (through quite a painstaking process) register, create a domain, and use their DNS servers with your own custom filters, almost like OpenDNS.

by Adrastos (not verified) on 5. September 2010 - 17:10  (57313)

its not recommended for the faint heart I'd still take openDNS over that...

by J_L on 31. August 2010 - 20:31  (57058)
by ako on 31. August 2010 - 21:05  (57060)


by ako on 31. August 2010 - 7:13  (57026)

I'll check these.

by J_L on 30. August 2010 - 19:29  (57003)
by ako on 30. August 2010 - 19:38  (57004)

See Prisoners on remand (might be somewhat useful, but not recommended)

by J_L on 28. August 2010 - 17:28  (56912)
by ako on 28. August 2010 - 22:25  (56920)


by AlanMcAlan on 20. August 2010 - 19:23  (56435)

Hey Ako, this is becoming a monster! Looking great! I am really liking the new area you added about removing stubborn malware.

by ako on 20. August 2010 - 20:36  (56437)

I'd be happy if people will find it useful.
P.S. Thanks for encouragement! :)

by Thank you (not verified) on 17. August 2010 - 2:28  (56144)

Thank you Ako for adding my website: to your list. I greatly appreciate it!

by ako on 17. August 2010 - 9:00  (56174)

You are welcome :)

by Hobbit (not verified) on 14. August 2010 - 17:27  (56018)

In the anonymous browsing tools you refer Ultrasurf

In (Practical Internet Privacy) you can read: "Well, you would normally avoid government-funded freebies that log everything. One such service is Ultrasurf – linked to the Falun Gong run GIF Inc, and headed by an NSA scientist to break Chinese censorship."

by ako on 14. August 2010 - 23:23  (56037)

The overall opinion of that page seems OK.

by J_L on 12. August 2010 - 4:38  (55836)
by ako on 12. August 2010 - 7:06  (55845)


by J_L on 8. August 2010 - 20:49  (55652)
Vba32 did great, while Sophos was satisfactory.

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