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25. My choices

Ako's current choices for protection

Free setup  for my friends and relatives. Here robustness and simplicity are as important as efficiency of protection:

  • Avast
  • Windows firewall
  • Panda USB vaccine
  • LUA

My personal setup

  • LUA+TweakUAC
  • Sandboxie $
  • F-Secure client security $
  • Winpatrol Plus $
  • No Autorun


  • Hitman Pro
  • Malwarebytes Antimalware


  • Syncback
  • Paragon
  • Windows 7 built-in backup

Other security-related programs I use:

  • Secunia PSI
  • Virustotal Uploader

Ako's banking advice

1) Use one LUA for ALL everyday use and make another LUA which is used ONLY for banking. The point is, that if the everyday LUA is infected, the infection is almost always limited to that account. (99% safety guaranteed. This of course requires, that  you are not yet infected, and don't install malware with adminstrative rights in the future.)


2) Use one browser only for banking and a separate browser for everything else. This gives some extra safety.

This list is maintained by volunteer editors ako, J_L, and MrBrian

Probably the Best Free Security List in the World (c) 2009-2014 Antti Koponen

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by Oceano (not verified) on 11. October 2010 - 9:52  (59378)

To the author: Returnil Virtual System is compatible with 64 bit :)

by ako on 13. October 2010 - 7:25  (59453)


by xxxxxl (not verified) on 5. October 2010 - 10:38  (59062)

Same problem with PowerShadow.
My OS is newly installed, so i don't think is problem with my side.
Well, what problem is guys decide.

by ako on 6. October 2010 - 11:57  (59109)

?? strange.

by ako on 6. October 2010 - 11:58  (59110)

Try returnil or sandboxie.

by xxxxxl (not verified) on 5. October 2010 - 10:24  (59061)

Virtual Protect doesn't work.
After restarting, my computer can't boot up at all.

by Spectre123 (not verified) on 2. October 2010 - 18:41  (58916)

Something that you might want to add to your list of programs would be Truecrypt. It's an open-source encryption utility. More info:

by ako on 2. October 2010 - 20:54  (58922)

it's there :)

by ako on 1. October 2010 - 17:39  (58837)

I will update this list once a week, if needed. So, if your suggestion does not appear to the list immediately, it does not mean it has been omitted.

by Person you know but you don't (not verified) on 1. October 2010 - 17:17  (58836)

Browzar is deadlink, check it out

by J_L on 25. September 2010 - 21:47  (58439)
by ako on 26. September 2010 - 17:51  (58477)


by desinet1 on 16. September 2010 - 15:22  (57941)

Probably the best and comprehensive list you can find on the web.
I do not know, how many of them I picked from here to blog and review about on my blog at


by ako on 16. September 2010 - 15:33  (57943)

You are wellcome! P.S. Your blog looks interesting.

by Silki Garg (not verified) on 28. September 2010 - 9:53  (58569)

Thanks ako,
I would appreciate, if you could do a guest post on my blog.

by ako on 28. September 2010 - 9:58  (58570)

What kind of post you'd like to see? I'm busy, but I could consider later something if it seems relevant :)

P.S. I saw an ad of Stopzilla on your site :( This makes me not it rogue like NoAdware?

by Nadi (not verified) on 15. September 2010 - 23:37  (57898)


Does NOT work anymore. Development has been stoppped

by ako on 16. September 2010 - 10:00  (57924)


by J_L on 15. September 2010 - 3:15  (57860)

Panda ActiveScan (under Online-scanners: Panda Software) doesn't seem to support removal.

by ako on 16. September 2010 - 10:00  (57925)


by kerykeion (not verified) on 12. September 2010 - 12:13  (57694)

Winsonar link is dead

by ako on 12. September 2010 - 15:09  (57695)


by ako on 12. September 2010 - 11:15  (57691)

I'll check these.

by J_L on 10. September 2010 - 2:13  (57554)

Grammar Error: Hitman Pro not itman Pro

by Mark87 (not verified) on 9. September 2010 - 9:36  (57500)

Excuse me, ako,

How/Where can I find the *Newly Added* items of your List?

(Apart from Wilders Security).

by ako on 9. September 2010 - 9:42  (57501)

I do not mark them separately. If you need something please just look what is offered. I meant below that harden-it and secure-it links have been corrected

by GX56 (not verified) on 10. September 2010 - 10:25  (57576)

So, every time, readers want to see 'What's New',
they have to read *Again* (Scroll Down) the Entire List (???)

That's NOT a convenient thing to do...

In terms of Promotion, it acts against the Popularity of the List.

Users want to see what has been Recently Added; not to read *Again*
what they know.

As the List becomes BIGGER and BIGGER,
users will find it HARDER and HARDER to
read the Entire List in order to see
what has been recently Added.


Create a Space that will List what was added -Only- EVERY Week.
Also, Mention -Last Revision-.

by ako on 10. September 2010 - 10:44  (57577)

I'll think it.

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