Probably the Best Free Security List in the World - Part I

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by eikelein on 8. January 2015 - 23:18  (120467)

Sorry, but I have to object to (seemingly) generally giving download links from or Maybe I misunderstand the text.

These are in my experience some of the worst sites adding unnecessary download programs and wrappers that in turn then get (ab)used to sneakily get PuPs installed.

Recommending Cnet/ IMHO equals aiding the proliferation of one of the nastiest kind of malware that currently is way too common. I have found that almost always there are other options.

by ako on 10. January 2015 - 10:21  (120503)

Nasties, that you can typically uncheck during installation, and if you accidentally install them, you can easily uninstall them. Or is there something more serious I am not aware of? (I yesterday reinstalled my Windows and used many times without nasty suprises.)

by eikelein on 10. January 2015 - 11:31  (120504)

Well, IMHO you only really know after you run ADWcleaner and Malwarebytes and both come up clean.

I encounter quite often the opinion that all PuPs can be removed in Programs and Features. Not true in my experience.

Babylon, Conduit and Searchscopes for example (there are many more) come up in these scans ONLY and can completely ruin the internet experience.

by ako on 10. January 2015 - 20:37  (120508)

Just to convince you: I scanned the PC today with Hitman Pro, MBAM and AdwCleaner. No problems found.
I am now scanning with Antivir. If it sees anything, I will report it. But I don't expect to see anything exiting.

by ako on 11. January 2015 - 14:24  (120520)

No problems here. But generally you are right. Most people probably just click, and there may be next time when I use these services more efficient efforts to put something on my system.
But the work for changing all links is huge. Perhaps we should add some warning first....

Thank you for your comments.

by MrWednesday7 on 10. January 2015 - 10:11  (120502)


Stupid captcha feature.

by Geert on 8. January 2015 - 13:49  (120459)

The link "Five (easy-to-follow) tips for strong passwords and secure accounts" is no longer valid.

by MrBrian on 13. January 2015 - 2:24  (120541)

I fixed the link. Thank you for reporting :).

by mrfingerz on 11. August 2014 - 17:35  (117889)

Mitro password manager...

Privacy Badger (beta)

by MrBrian on 11. August 2014 - 23:20  (117893)

I added Privacy Badger to 14.29.

Mitro was already in 14.11.

Thank you for the information :).

by mrin on 2. August 2014 - 20:09  (117709)

12.3 Reviews of ShowIP extension says it has spyware.

by MrBrian on 3. August 2014 - 15:58  (117724)

Thanks for the feedback!

I looked into it, and posted my findings at .

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