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25. My choices

Ako's current choices for protection

Free setup  for my friends and relatives. Here robustness and simplicity are as important as efficiency of protection:

  • Avast
  • Windows firewall
  • Panda USB vaccine
  • LUA

My personal setup

  • LUA+TweakUAC
  • Sandboxie $
  • F-Secure client security $
  • Winpatrol Plus $
  • No Autorun


  • Hitman Pro
  • Malwarebytes Antimalware


  • Syncback
  • Paragon
  • Windows 7 built-in backup

Other security-related programs I use:

  • Secunia PSI
  • Virustotal Uploader


J_L's current setup (not for emulation):

  • Main: avast! Free Antivirus, Immunet Free Antivirus, PeerBlock
  • Filters: Adblock Plus, BitDefender TrafficLight, HTTP Switchboard, Norton ConnectSafe, WOT
  • Analysis: Anubis, Comodo File Verdict Service, IPVoid, Metascan Online, PeStudio, VTchromizer
  • Scanners: Avira Free Antivirus, Emsisoft Emergency Kit, HitmanPro, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
  • System: EMET, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, Permanent DEP DLL, SpywareBlaster
  • Utilities: FileMenu Tools, Process Explorer, Sandboxie, SUMo, UltraSearch, Unlocker, VirtualBox
  • Privacy: CyberGhost VPN, LastPass, SoftPerfect RAM Disk, Tor Browser Bundle, TrueCrypt
  • Backup: AX64 Time Machine, Parted Magic 2013_08_01, various cloud providers

Ako's banking advice

1) Use one LUA for ALL everyday use and make another LUA which is used ONLY for banking. The point is, that if the everyday LUA is infected, the infection is almost always limited to that account. (99% safety guaranteed. This of course requires, that  you are not yet infected, and don't install malware with adminstrative rights in the future.)


2) Use one browser only for banking and a separate browser for everything else. This gives some extra safety.

This list is maintained by volunteer editors ako, J_L, and MrBrian

Probably the Best Free Security List in the World (c) 2009-2014 Antti Koponen

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by J_L on 15. June 2011 - 6:04  (73817)

Already added.

by J_L on 15. June 2011 - 6:04  (73818)

Once it doesn't work properly anymore, we'll remove it.

by Dontemailme (not verified) on 15. June 2011 - 10:47  (73827)

I have noticed that some applications that have portable versions do not have the portable icon next to them. A few:

8.3 Iron, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera

8.4 PDF-XChange Viewer, Foxit, Sumatra

8.5 VLC media player

8.6 Irfanview

Many browser extensions are not currently classified by which browser they support.

11.6 Zscaler (FF, Ch)

11.8 ShowIP (FF)

11.14 Public Fox (FF)


by Dontemailme (not verified) on 15. June 2011 - 11:25  (73828)

13.16. HTTPS-everywhere (FF), ForceTLS (FF), Prefer HTTPS (Ch)

13.17 Tunnelier has a portable version.

13.19 Foxyproxy (FF)

13.21 CS lite (FF), Cookie monster (FF), CookieSafe (FF),
Cookie culler (FF)

13.22 BetterPrivacy (FF)

13.26 KeePass has a portable version.

by Snert (not verified) on 15. June 2011 - 14:20  (73840)

The best way NOT to get >any< type of malware is isolate you computer from the net simply by not having a modem - not an option.

by cerrmj (not verified) on 15. June 2011 - 15:10  (73842)

Effective September 1, 2011, GFI's ClearCloud DNS service will be discontinued and no longer available for consumer use.

We would like to thank all of the beta testers for their valuable feedback throughout this last 12 month evaluation period.

To discontinue using the ClearCloud DNS service, you will need to reconfigure your network connection. If this is not done prior to September 1, 2011, your Internet connectivity will be interrupted. Learn how to remove ClearCloud DNS from your computer by clicking here.

Best regards,

Lana Decker
Beta Coordinator
GFI Software

by ako on 15. June 2011 - 15:29  (73844)


by J_L on 15. June 2011 - 22:17  (73852)

You're still vulnerable from removable devices though.

by Dontemailme (not verified) on 16. June 2011 - 5:48  (73861)

To add:

RequestPolicy (FF) [controls which cross-site requests are allowed]

RefControl (FF) [controls what gets sent as the HTTP Referrer]

HTTPS Finder (FF) [detects valid HTTPS pages as you browse. One-click rule creation for HTTPS Everywhere]

Locationbar² (FF) [puts emphasis on the domain to reduce spoofing risk]

Redirect Cleaner (FF) [protects against redirection profiling by removing redirects from links]

XNResourceEditorPortable [I believe this could (maybe?) be added because it can be used to edit other programs and make them more secure -- for instance, programs can be edited to remove (possibly insecure) ads.]

RT 7 Lite [Tool to create custom Windows installations -- allows for the permanent removal of commonly exploited or insecure elements (such as, but not limited to, Internet Explorer).]

by J_L on 16. June 2011 - 21:50  (73899)

Thanks! Locationbar2 doesn't look like it'll help much at all in security. Regular users won't understand and experts looks at the domain without it anyways.

Oh yeah, RefCotrol is already on the list.

Lastly, I don't know what to do with XN Resource Editor or where to put it.

by Dontemailme (not verified) on 17. June 2011 - 0:44  (73903)

1. Hmm, I can see it not being that useful for people that would actually peruse this list.

2. RefControl is mislabeled as Referrer control; I see it now.

3. Perhaps a new section for editors? It may not even belong on this list -- it was just a thought.

4. Would you and ako consider standardizing the naming conventions? I almost suggested Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer when I was looking for "Microsoft" since it did not come up. (You have it in there as MS Baseline Security Analyzer). There are a few others tagged MS instead of Microsoft, or Microsoft instead of MS.


11.11. Adblock Plus (FF, Ch) [Chrome version is called Adblock Plus for Chrome -- same dev], Adsweep (Ch), Simple-adblock (IE) [External program. Trial-ware (reduced functionality). It looks like the effects can be duplicated using InPrivate content filtering with ABP lists], AdblockIE (IE), Ad-ban (FF) [This is now nag-ware], Karma Blocker (FF)

11.13. Certificate Patrol (FF), Perspectives (FF, Ch) [Chrome version is in alpha], SaferChrome (Ch), SSLGuard (FF), Calomel SSL Validation (FF), Unencrypted Password Warning (Ch)

11.14. BrowserProtect (FF)

11.16. Lazarus (FF, Ch, Safari), Textarea Cache (FF)

by J_L on 17. June 2011 - 5:32  (73907)

3. I don't know where though. Or how it's specifically security-related.

4. Kind of hard since ako and I name things differently. I try to copy word for word, while ako focuses on speed (at least that's how I think it tend to be).

Thanks once again.

by ako on 17. June 2011 - 7:02  (73911)

When starting this list, I wanted it to be as reduced as possible. The more text, the more time it takes for the eye to browse. E.g.

2.5. AV Rescue CD:
Spybot S&D

This is much better in my opinion than having the whole name of each product. I don't know, what would be a good compromise here.

by Anonymouse (not verified) on 17. June 2011 - 18:00  (73927)

I totally agree with this point.

In 20 years of computer use, I have only been infected by 2 viruses.

The first time, I downloaded an infected keygen. Clearly, this was highly risky behaviour and I paid the price.

The second time, I plugged in a friend's USB flash drive into my machine.

Do not underestimate how easily you can be infected via USB.

by Dontemailme (not verified) on 17. June 2011 - 19:46  (73931)

3. It's cool.

4. If you guys would agree on something I think that would save everyone time (posters from posting items that are already included, and you and ako from having to check for these items and respond that they are already included).

You're welcome, though there's no need to thank me. I intend to contribute to this list more often, so expect more updates.




11.12. PanicWare Pop-Up Stopper (FF, IE) [Free version -- Pro supports other programs as well]

EMS Free Surfer (IE)




Change "Referrer control" to RefControl


Detection of web bugs:Ghostery (FF, Ch, IE, Safari),

Keep My Opt-Outs (Ch),

Beef Taco (FF),

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on (FF, Ch, IE, Safari, Opera),

Google Advertising Cookie Opt-out Plugin (FF, Ch, IE),

Disconnect (FF, Ch, Safari)

by Dontemailme (not verified) on 17. June 2011 - 19:48  (73932)

Don't know; just think it would be beneficial for everyone to have one template.

by J_L on 17. June 2011 - 23:16  (73936)

I'm fine with that as long as the reader understands the message.

by J_L on 17. June 2011 - 23:36  (73937)

Keep up the good work. I've contributed a lot before as well, and got promoted.

by Remah on 18. June 2011 - 0:50  (73941)

The list is great and I want it to be better. I think that definitive names are better than generic or abbreviated names.

If you want a list of my reasons and other suggestions I can add it here or in some other forum.

by ako on 18. June 2011 - 11:48  (73957)

In many cases short names are good (when the title is easy to guess, like Anti-virus), but in others not. I'm fine with both though, so if J_L likes longer names in all cases it's ok too.

by Dontemailme (not verified) on 19. June 2011 - 1:03  (73977)


HackBar (FF)


Tamper Data (FF)


WOT (FF, Ch, IE, Opera, Safari) [all others with bookmarklet]

Webutation (FF, Ch) [all others with bookmarklet]

LinkExtend (FF) [This company's ethics are questionable (check the AMO reviews page for FoxLingo, another add-on Linkular created -- it would appear they included superfish without telling anyone; and it's privacy policy is practically nonsensical). I vote that we move this extension to prisoners on remand, or even jail.

PcTools Browserdefender (FF, IE)

Norton Safeweb (FF, IE)

Surfcanyon (FF, Ch, IE)

Netcraft toolbar (FF)

Bitdefender anti-phishing (FF, IE)

Sitehound "SiteHound is not currently available as it is being rewritten"

TrendProtect (IE6/7)

Comodo Verification Engine (FF, IE)

BrightCloud Toolbar (FF, Ch)

Trend Micro eMail ID (FF 3.x, IE6/7/8)

[I looked at the browser plugin portion of these programs because they are under 11.1, but some (such as trend micro email id) also affect other programs, such as email clients.


Mozilla's plugincheck website is not just for the Firefox browser; it should work with any browser, and I can confirm that it works for FF, Ch, and IE at the least.

by giantslor (not verified) on 19. June 2011 - 19:22  (73998)

Password Hasher, an extension for Firefox that creates strong passwords based on master password and site URL.

by giantslor (not verified) on 19. June 2011 - 19:53  (73999)

Similar extensions to Password Hasher:
Magic Password Generator
Hash Password Generator
Yubikey Master Password for Firefox

KeePass extensions:

Comprehensive privacy extension:

by J_L on 19. June 2011 - 23:00  (74002)

I'll add an all browsers key.

LinkExtend has a Chrome version as well. Currently, the extension itself doesn't include controversial extras, so I wouldn't move it. If it does, I would add the adware key, unless something worse happens.

You forget a few, but I've done them.

Moved Trend Micro eMail ID. Decided not to add version numbers, because it'll increase complexity (imagine doing that for the whole list!).

For SiteHound, I would keep it, because it's being rewritten, not discontinued.

by J_L on 19. June 2011 - 23:27  (74005)

Thanks. Not adding YubiKey, because it has too much specific requirements.

Also added ChromeIPass instead of PassIFox from the same developer, because it's more unique.

by Dontemailme (not verified) on 20. June 2011 - 4:14  (74012)


Firefox Plugin Check [I think this name is misleading, as people may mistake this for a Firefox specific check -- perhaps Mozilla Plugin Check?]

by J_L on 20. June 2011 - 21:00  (74055)


by giantslor (not verified) on 21. June 2011 - 21:41  (74125)

Would it be possible to make these sections collapsible, or otherwise more managable somehow? This is just getting massive. Amazing list though, keep it up.

by AnthonyBrooks (not verified) on 23. June 2011 - 22:18  (74269)

@ 14.4. Hardware, network and software inventory:
Belarc Advisor is free personal PC inventory tool

by J_L on 24. June 2011 - 4:58  (74276)

Already on 10.1.

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