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9. Alternative software & services

9.1. Alternative browsers:
Google Chrome
SRWare Iron
Comodo Dragon
Epic Browser
Pale Moon 
Comodo IceDragon
Google Chrome Frame
Superbird Browser 
Celensoft Super Web

9.2. Alternative PDF readers:
PDF-XChange Viewer

9.3. Alternative media players:
VLC media player
Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
ROX Player

9.4. Alternative image viewers:
FastStone Image Viewer

9.5. Alternative office suites:
Kingsoft Office Suite Free
Zoho Docs
Google Docs

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by ako on 6. September 2013 - 18:40  (110563)

Thanks! Just in case: Virustotal: 0/47

by Home User on 1. September 2013 - 10:57  (110445)

For 'Section 21.0' of your List, ako...

Fix Windows problems with *Wise PC 1stAid*

by ako on 1. September 2013 - 18:01  (110451)

Thanks, I'll check this :)

by Adrastos on 22. August 2013 - 9:37  (110255)

Thanks for such a great list of freeware and for all the work you guys do very appreciative.

by ako on 6. September 2013 - 18:43  (110564)

Thank you for your kind words :)

by Adrastos on 21. August 2013 - 12:05  (110235)

Hi all, I recently came across this freeware offering Qihoo 360 and I seen it on here in one of the posts I forget where exactly might have been the best free security list or one of the sections, but anyhow it led me to check it out. I liked the latest results it got from Av-comparative as well scoring 99.0% with 0.2%user dependant and 0.8% compromised it was up there with Kaspersky, TrendMicro, and Bitdefender. Anyone have any input on this software?

I have also noticed that a few of the other Chinese offerings Kingsoft and Baidu seem to be very similar almost like they are a re-brand of the same product as they both have their own cloud features maybe they share resources or infrastructure and both use Avira engine. I like Qihoo 360 I have been testing it out seems to be fast and effective so far, I like Online armor so when I pick a AV I want it to work with Online armor. Qihoo 360 Internet security seems to be a bit different and more effective in the testing results as the other Chinese offerings. I am a fan of Bitdefender engine over Avira IMO.

by J_L on 21. August 2013 - 23:58  (110248)

Forgot to add it, since it was Chinese the whole time, thanks. Also Baidu replaced Kingsoft (which leads to a Chinese page), so I'll change that as well.

by ako on 7. August 2013 - 22:24  (109963)

Our wonderful editor vodomar has decided to end working for this list. I want to thank him for the excellent work he has done here!

We are lucky, however, that we still have another strong editor, namely J_L, working for this list.

by J_L on 8. August 2013 - 6:59  (109969)

Thank you for the praise, but it's really sad news. Hope vodomar's doing fine and just needs a break. I'll continue to try to keep the list relevant.

by MidnightCowboy on 8. August 2013 - 7:12  (109970)

My thanks also to vodomar. I'm sure many folks don't realize just how much work goes into maintaining this list and his contribution will be missed. MC - Site Manager.

by arsenaloyal on 7. August 2013 - 10:03  (109947)

I think you mean Defensewall by Softsphere when you say Defencewall ?

by ako on 7. August 2013 - 22:19  (109962)

Yes :) Thanks! It is extremely powerful, but only for 32-bit :(

by satrow on 5. August 2013 - 8:06  (109903)

Startup Sentinel is still at 0.3.x level, ie. early pre-release. Watch out for the download page, ensure you get the non-RK version!

Winpatrol free version is much better and smaller, too.

by ako on 7. August 2013 - 22:32  (109964)

Winpatrol (paid) is also my choice.

by drchetan5 on 29. July 2013 - 10:09  (109728)

My head started spinning and eyes started rolling after reading this loooong list. How shall I know how many of these I require?

by ako on 30. July 2013 - 12:55  (109762)

Well, you can look e.g. at: 25. My Choices and More


Our security wizard

by cyguyjg on 4. July 2013 - 18:40  (108976)

Perhaps I should know but why is MalwareBytes Free not listed? Thank you.

by MidnightCowboy on 4. July 2013 - 23:30  (108982)

It is listed. See 3.2. MC - Site Manager.

by cyguyjg on 5. July 2013 - 1:37  (108983)

Thanks. I guess I was looking at a different list. MB is my number 1 bullpen pitcher.

by Adrastos on 22. August 2013 - 9:43  (110256)

MB leads the league in strike outs... Next up. MB strikes them out... YOUR OUTTA HERE!

by MidnightCowboy on 5. July 2013 - 5:29  (108985)

No problem.

Visitors might look at our listing (and others here) and wonder where the free version is. It is common practice for vendors to have their commercial product page presented first because this is what they want to sell to you. The page we link to Malwarebytes is no exception but if you follow the links through from that page you will arrive at the free version download.

by NotSoSure on 4. July 2013 - 14:11  (108966)

In category #10, Sandboxing/Virtualization, under Rollback, the link for Comodo Time Machine has been useless for a long time. Comodo seems to have dropped that program long ago.

Please delete it from your list, or, if you can find it, provide a new link.

by ako on 4. July 2013 - 15:06  (108969)

Thanks! Removed.

by vodomar on 2. July 2013 - 13:39  (108904)

46 Things We've Learned From Facebook Studies

by vodomar on 20. June 2013 - 19:57  (108627)

KB2821895 Windows 8 x64 Update 06.11.2013 problem

>>System File Checker finds corrupt files after installing KB2821895
(KB 2864252)

by vodomar on 16. June 2013 - 11:15  (108552)
by vodomar on 11. June 2013 - 7:37  (108457)

How to Be Secure on Facebook

by vodomar on 7. June 2013 - 16:27  (108376)

What the NSA Spying Scandal Means for You

by vodomar on 6. June 2013 - 16:57  (108336)
by vodomar on 1. June 2013 - 22:13  (108204)

CIA instructions for secure email communications leaked

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