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9. Alternative software & services

9.1. Alternative browsers:
Google Chrome
SRWare Iron
Comodo Dragon
Epic Browser
Pale Moon 
Comodo IceDragon
Google Chrome Frame
Superbird Browser 
Celensoft Super Web

9.2. Alternative PDF readers:
PDF-XChange Viewer

9.3. Alternative media players:
VLC media player
Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
ROX Player

9.4. Alternative image viewers:
FastStone Image Viewer

9.5. Alternative office suites:
Kingsoft Office Suite Free
Zoho Docs
Google Docs

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by mkg_just4u on 15. November 2013 - 0:33  (112235)

I have used Panda Cloud Cleaner. It detects and removes the infections as well. But, in the online scanner list, there shows a red circle mark that means, it is detection tool only. Please, have a review and look again and remove the red circle mark. Thanks....

by ako on 16. November 2013 - 10:44  (112262)

Thank you!

by Menklink on 18. October 2013 - 16:44  (111562)

Love your Security List! Its a great resource that saves a huge amount of web search / app comparison and review time!!

I'm gathering 'best of' recommendations for AV / Malware protection apps so I can burn a disc for my son and found that the link associated with Kapersky, under AV-Scanners, is a dead link (see below).

If I have a choice, I prefer to download apps from their sourcing site. In this example,, and the link below is to the Kapersky site for their Free AV app:


by Anupam on 18. October 2013 - 17:19  (111564)

Menklink, the Softpedia link is working and is not dead. Please check again. Its opening here.

Also, the link that you posted does not seem to be the right one. The right one would be here:

Anyways, the Softpedia link is working and shows the current version for the tool. Therefore no change will be made.

by Adrastos on 16. October 2013 - 15:34  (111520)

I was checking out Virus Bulletin and came across this free AV
Not sure if anyone has heard of this company and thought I'd post it here. Take care.

by ako on 18. October 2013 - 21:39  (111568)

Thanks! :-)

by Adrastos on 10. October 2013 - 2:22  (111357)

Hey all, I just wanted to ask a question here its related to finding a cloud Av or additional layer of protection I could add that plays nice with AVG Internet Security 2014.
Long story short I got a 1 year license in march 2013 since I was a long time user of the freeware version thought I would try it out. Back then it was doing well in the independent test but now seems its lower then the out of box state of windows 7. (I'm assuming with windows defender enabled.) So I would like to find a additional layer of protection that might help fill the gap, should I run windows defender or just leave AVG as the main protection and just use additional scanners weekly? I am tempted to remove AVG entirely and go with bitdefender free antivirus but I paid for AVG and it would be a waste to remove it and leave it.
Just want to hear what others would do in my situation I would appreciate some feedback thanks again guys keep up the great work here and god bless.

by ako on 10. October 2013 - 10:56  (111373)

Thank you for your words!

One comment (more on the forum): Consider adding another layer with different capabilities. E.g. Sandboxie or Winpatrol. If you insist on an antivirus, add Hitman pro.

by Anupam on 10. October 2013 - 6:34  (111360)

This query will not be answered here. Please post in the forum:

by Adrastos on 4. October 2013 - 17:41  (111251)

Hey all how goes it came across a free All-in-one Zip alternative by a company I just recently came across for their alternative to FRAPS called Bandicam. Its used for screen shots or for creating video and mostly used in online gaming. Anyways I came across this Bandizip and thought I would let you guys here know about it so you can do your review and see if its worth adding to the list as it is freeware.

Here is the link

by J_L on 4. October 2013 - 23:03  (111253)
by Paxmilitaris on 25. September 2013 - 4:03  (110984)

Secure Erase - HDDErase link 404

Active@ KillDisk is a feature very restricted freeware. The free version only allows a one pass zero.

by J_L on 25. September 2013 - 5:26  (110985)

Thanks. I'm not sure if we should include another key for crippleware, because of extra work and its tendency to be subjective.

For example, I find one pass zero perfectly fine for virtually all real-life scenarios. The only non-theoretical purpose of extra writes is the illusion of data still there in my opinion.

by Paxmilitaris on 25. September 2013 - 17:45  (111001)

I would have liked a 3 pass solution, one pass all zeroes, one pass all ones and then another all zeroes.
It's not for theoretical data recovery, it's to find all bad sectors.

by J_L on 26. September 2013 - 1:19  (111012)

Huh, I wonder why that's the case. It shouldn't be impossible to overwrite everything with one pass, is it always like this? Does it have something to do with writing both 0 and 1 to test what's originally zero as well?

by Paxmilitaris on 26. September 2013 - 1:57  (111015)

Exactly! All zeros, then all ones to test and then all zeros to reset the drive.

by Home User on 13. September 2013 - 9:23  (110687)

21.20. Repair Internet connection:

Complete Internet Repair

Change the Link to []

BTW, it is OK with VT...

by MidnightCowboy on 14. September 2013 - 4:38  (110699)

There is some doubt as to how safe the new petrichorpost site is. MC - Site Manager.

by Home User on 14. September 2013 - 8:56  (110701)

VT: 2/39
Void: 1/27

Probably, FPs...

Dear ako,

*Please*, examine whether *Complete Internet Repair*
is Malicious (...)
and (IF it is...), remove it from your List.

by ako on 14. September 2013 - 11:30  (110705)

Having been travelling. I will check this soon :)

by ako on 14. September 2013 - 20:29  (110709)

The site is down....hmmm
The product (Complete Internet Repair)is distributed by many respectable sites, though.

by ako on 14. September 2013 - 20:32  (110711)

I decided to add the link to CNET. What others think?

by MidnightCowboy on 14. September 2013 - 20:46  (110712)

Needs to have a warning attached for the cnet wrapped installer. MC - Site Manager.

by ako on 14. September 2013 - 21:15  (110715)

What kind of warning would be appropriate? You can attach it yourself too.

by MidnightCowboy on 14. September 2013 - 22:55  (110719)

Just the cnet warning icon you use as per the key above is sufficient. MC

by ako on 15. September 2013 - 9:08  (110723)

OK. Thanks MC! :)

by joy90976 on 9. September 2013 - 7:44  (110612)

Just an FYI--A couple of those links in real-time scanners and malware scanners are flagged malicious by the Bitdefender Trafficlight extension, namely Crystal Security and Hazard Shield. I didn't stick around to see if there were viruses floating around....

by ako on 9. September 2013 - 9:13  (110617)

Most likely false positives.

by MidnightCowboy on 9. September 2013 - 13:21  (110623)

Crystal gets 4 hits as a phishing site and also has a bad WOT (Web Of Trust) rating but Hazard Shield does look like a false positive. MC - Site Manager.

by ako on 9. September 2013 - 17:02  (110624)

The Crystal security app. is clean at VT (0/47) and there is lot of discussion of it at Wilders. Just normal debugging etc.

-Isn't G-data (one of the 4 hits) using Bitdefender?

-FOrtinet (another) has many FP:s

-CLEAN MX (third) : Beware of - A flawed virus spam reporting system

-WoT is known to have lot of FP:s

I'm 99.9% sure this is FP.

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