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10. Sandboxing / virtualization

10.1. Sandboxing (for browsers etc):
Sandboxie   (Aux Browser)
DefenseWall $
Best Free Browser Protection Utility

10.2. System virtualization:
Toolwiz Time Freeze
Virtual Protect
Private Workplace
Reboot Restore Rx 
Powershadow 2.6 $ XP

10.3. Rollback software:
SysRestore (10 snapshots)
Rollback Rx $
Eaz-fix $

10.4. Locked system:
Faronics Deep Freeze $
Toolwiz BHORM

10.5. Desktop virtualization:
Ceedo $

10.6. Virtual players:

10.7. Virtualization software:
VMware Server
VMware Player

10.8. Repository of virtual appliances:
Zero Install

10.9. Application virtualization:
Enigma Virtual Box
InstallFree Nexus

10.10. Virtualized browser:
Dell Kace Safe Browser
Browser in the Box 

10.11. Hypervisors:
VMware vSphere
Microsoft Hyper-V Server
Citrix XenServer Free
Proxmox VE
Oracle VM

10.12. Virtualized Linux with Windows:
Portable Ubuntu Remix

10.13. Physical to Virtual Machine Conversion:
VMware vCenter Converter Standalone
Paragon Go Virtual

10.14. Steady state using Windows features:
Creating a Steady State by Using Microsoft Technologies
Windows 7 SteadyState solution simplified!
Steadier State

10.15. Other:
Introduction to light virtualization

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by J_L on 23. April 2014 - 23:18  (115866)

Hello all. This will decide the fate of the Portable key, please view the image link for background info:

by Home User on 5. April 2014 - 13:22  (115518)

*Using SysInternals Tools Like a Pro*


for '22.16' Windows Sysinternals...?

by ako on 3. April 2014 - 21:26  (115474)

We have a new co-editor: MrBrian. Let's welcome him!

And of course we still have the long time hard worker J_L as another one :-)

by Home User on 8. February 2014 - 11:06  (114318)

For "13.10. Change DNS-settings easily:"

- ChrisPC DNS Switch -
[Link removed - this cannot be considered because the site has a poor WOT (Web Of Trust) rating]

Can you check it, please?

Thank you in advance!

by ako on 11. February 2014 - 20:00  (114411)

Thanks! It seems to me that this is ok.


by Home User on 12. February 2014 - 17:41  (114429)

Yes, ako, it is O.K.

Two (2) other sites recommended it, too!

"ghacks" and "addictivetips":



by biggerabalone on 24. January 2014 - 19:16  (113964)

12.7. Protection against flash embedded on web pages:

spywareblaster has flash blocker (ie) though i have never turned it on in settings.

12.9. More safe downloading:

fireclam plugin for firefox uses clamav to scan downloads.

"Use ClamAV to scan Firefox downloads for viruses. Every download will automatically be scanned in the background. An alert message is shown if a virus is found.
Works on Linux, MacOS X (requires ClamAV) and Windows (requires ClamWin)."

by J_L on 25. January 2014 - 1:22  (113966)

Thanks. SpywareBlaster fits better in its current place though. Fireclam I'll add next to Clamwin.

by biggerabalone on 24. January 2014 - 19:06  (113963)

link broken:

under: 12.2. Anti-phishing/malware browser plugins:

Norton Safeweb Lite (FF,IE)

by J_L on 25. January 2014 - 1:20  (113965)


by mkg_just4u on 10. January 2014 - 23:56  (113519)

It seems that the index "21. System Rescue" is newly added. I am very glad to see it. It is very helpful and useful. If you wish you can add more related links from and specially from .....thanks

by ako on 11. January 2014 - 10:31  (113528)


by stefan555 on 8. January 2014 - 14:59  (113478)

Three data backup programs not yet on the list:

Ace Backup
Iperius Backup Free, (x32/x64)
Nero BackItUp Free, (x32/x64), on x64 OS it runs in x32 emulation mode

by ako on 9. January 2014 - 21:07  (113500)


by mkg_just4u on 21. December 2013 - 0:53  (113083)

I think herdProtect should be listed under "Online Scanners". Because, it clearly states in its website that "herdProtect is a second line of defense malware scanning platform powered by 68 anti-malware engines in the cloud". So, please analyze and decide if it would be appropriate to do so. Thanks...

by J_L on 21. December 2013 - 6:05  (113089)

I think Multi-AV Scanners fit better just like for HitmanPro.

by mkg_just4u on 23. December 2013 - 23:39  (113148)

I did not mean to remove it from Multi-AV Scanners. I just suggested to keep it also in Online Scanners. It qualifies for both list. More technically, it should be kept under new heading something like "Multi-AV Online Scanner" or "Online Multi-AV Scanner", etc. as you wish...thanks

by J_L on 23. December 2013 - 23:53  (113149)

You'll have to ask ako about duplicate entries, but we've never done those and simply chose whichever fits best. I think it's to save space, work, and confusion (especially when modifying).

As for the new heading, I don't think there are enough products and need to justify that. It's not as if herdProtect doesn't fit anywhere on the list.

by mkg_just4u on 15. December 2013 - 0:41  (112950)

It almost seems that this page is Windows only security list. There are also large number of users of other operating systems like Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. These operating systems also require security. So, I would like to suggest to create security list index for these operating systems as well. I already know that there are several links in your website that focus on the mentioned operating systems as well. But, I am suggesting to keep all of them under one page and regularly updated. I mean, this page can be made an all in one security list page. In this way, all device and OS users would be able to get right security guideline under one page. And, on the other hand, the number of readers of this page may also increase.
However, it depends on you, whether you consider my opinion or not. But, being a fan of this site, it is my responsibility to suggest for its improvement. Please, take a while to decide. Rest is in your hand.....Thanks !!!

by ako on 15. December 2013 - 19:07  (112961)

Good idea, but this requires specialists in those areas. I myself know something on Windows, but nothing on Mac OS, iOS, Linux or Anroid.

How about you?

by mkg_just4u on 15. December 2013 - 23:32  (112966)

I too have not so much knowledge in those areas. It was just my suggestion. But, some one expert in that field can do that. At least for now, contents from the following pages can be copied-

And, other resources from the web may also be helpful.

It can be maintained and updated with help of the concerned admins of those pages. And, the programs should be tabulated with separate columns for different OS in each index of this page. I hope it could be implemented very soon. Thanks !!!

by ako on 16. December 2013 - 8:29  (112970)

Could you please start this discussion on our forum? There yuo would see if our admins are interested :-)

by mkg_just4u on 28. November 2013 - 1:10  (112583)

I think "F-Secure Key" ( should be added in "Privacy" page index under "Password management", please have a look over it, thanks...

by J_L on 28. November 2013 - 4:47  (112588)

I should be thanking you instead, added. :)

by mkg_just4u on 23. November 2013 - 8:05  (112473)

Please add "Panda USB Vaccine" in "USB protection" under "System hardening-HIPS" AND "Bitdefender USB Immunizer" in "USB-autorun disabling" under "System hardening".....thanks

by ako on 24. November 2013 - 11:56  (112505)

To my eye they are in right places. Can you explain?

by J_L on 24. November 2013 - 5:35  (112500)

Any reasons for specifically those? Cause I don't really see why.

by mkg_just4u on 22. November 2013 - 23:44  (112467)

Please, have a look over "Ubuntu Privacy Remix" ( and "Fedora Security Lab" ( Give them suitable places in this page....thanks

by J_L on 23. November 2013 - 4:05  (112469)

Thanks, although I'm not sure how suitable those places I've chosen are. You may recommend somewhere else for correction.

by ako on 16. November 2013 - 10:47  (112263)

by Shelduck on 16. November 2013 - 1:24 (112256)
LSN Password Safe and KeePass are the password-managers that I use and I particularly like their anti-keylogging features.
I just had to point out that the link given here for LSN Password Safe [link to non English site removed as per policy] has not been valid for some time. It is obvious that it has been discontinued, but it can still be downloaded from Softpedia


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