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This article contains a comprehensive list of free security-related programs or web applications for Windows XP and later Windows PC-based operating systems. The few non-free programs on this list are included because they are of high merit (in our opinion) and lack a comparable free alternative. This list also includes links to webpages that contain security-related information.

We don't give specific recommendations on this list except for the personal suggestions of the list authors. If you are seeking recommendations then check out Gizmo's Freeware "Best Free" webpages (links to them are shown in the list with ) . Gizmo's Freeware also offers free personalized security advice via the Security Wizard.

We usually list a given item on this list only once, putting it where we think it best belongs. However, sometimes we list a given item more than once if we feel strongly enough that it belongs in multiple locations.

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We usually don't test the programs or web applications on this list. We usually don't scan the programs on this list with antivirus software.

We usually don't check these keys for a given item: " Adware that may or may not be optional," " Includes software recommendations via OpenCandy," or " Nagware." We usually check key " Program that works without installation" for a given program by using only online information, not by testing the given program.

We encourage you to use the comments section below to let us know about dead links, incorrect links, links to malicious websites, links that include malicious software, incorrect or missing keys for a given item, items that could be added to the list, programs that work only on pre-Windows XP operating systems, or any other issues. You may also use the comments section to tell us about your experience with a particular program or web application. We value these suggestions and look carefully at each one.

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Program that works without installation. May or may not be portable. Other version(s) that use an installer may also be available.

Web application.

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CNet download link or other downloader with adware.

FF = Firefox, Ch = Chrome, IE = Internet Explorer, OB = Other browsers, AB = All browsers.

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 Includes software recommendations via OpenCandy (potentially unwanted).


What's New
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Items added
9-1-14 Ace BackupIperius Backup FreeNero BackItUp Free
10-1-14 Diladele Web SafetyAvira PC Cleaner, #totalhashEmail Guardian, Tin Hat, Parrot Security OSit-sec-catalogmore
13-1-14 Diceware random words methodMaking Random Letter Passwords MemorableHow do I use dice to create random strings of letters and numbers?Passwordcard GeneratorHow to Create a Secure Master PasswordBruce Schneier's Strength TestPasswordcard Generator Cardtype 1MrBrian password storage method #1MrBrian password storage method #2Methods and programs for splitting a secret into multiple partsMethods of password backup and recovery using challenge questionsMyphrase: Strong and Memorable Passwords from Your Own WordsSpelling-Error Tolerant, Order-Independent Pass-Phrases via the Damerau-Levenshtein String-Edit Distance Metric, KISS PrivacyNetwork Monitor
16-1-14 Nightweb, OpenNICmore:2
18-1-14 Express Zip, 7Backup, Cookies
24-1-14 Snowden Tribute, Shield for ChromeFirewall Builder, Norton Identity SafeFireclam
28-1-14 Kahu Security, Cache Killer
2-2-14 ReadOnceAutomatic System Restore Maker, , VirtrunCrypted Cloud, Extension Defender, Yunio
7-2-14 FileSearchygrepWin, Privacy Guard
11-2-14 ChrisPC DNS switch
14-2-14 , IPFingerPrintsRandom Agent Spooferf4ubcd, pCloud
20-2-14 UnseenShazzleMailGoogle HackingHow to generate strong passwords with Google Chrome without third-party extensionsRetina Community
16-3-14 ProxyMonster, Software Restriction Policies (feature of Windows) Tutorial #2 - http[COLON]//www[DOT]nsa[DOT]gov/ia/_files/os/win2k/application_whitelisting_using_srp[DOT]pdf, MrBrian's AppLocker rules, Parental Controls (feature of Windows), Software Policy, Wilders Security thread on Software Policy, Tuersteher Light, Wilders Security thread on Tuersteher Light, Using Comodo Internet Security as an anti-executable, Process Blocker
30-3-14 RunasRob, RunasSpc, BuddyBackup, Advanced Port Scanner, SuperScan, Feature Settings Check for Desktop Solutions, Ambush IPS, SetACL, NoVirusThanks Anti-Rootkit, Event Log Explorer
2-4-14 What is a Proxy Server?, What is the difference between a SOCKS proxy and an HTTP proxy?, Shadowsocks, List of proxifiersBarbaTunnel, ReQrypt, TorWall, Torcap, BufferShield, Freenet, Comparison of Tor vs. I2P vs. Freenet, Internet censorship circumvention, List of Anonymous Networks
4-4-14 Webroot Secureanywhere (the trial version is a very good cleaning tool) $
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by ako (not verified) on 16. June 2009 - 14:01  (23990)

One product I definitely promote is Defencewall. Cheap and very powerful. I prefer it over Sandboxie in everyday use. I have purchased the Sandboxie PRO version too.

by ako (not verified) on 16. June 2009 - 15:28  (23996)


by DesElms on 17. June 2009 - 1:20  (24015)

I certainly did not mean to insinuate, in my above posting, that the list maker had any ulterior motives; or that he was promoting commercial products by some back-handed means. But I do agree, most strongly, with the point that if the commercial line is crossed, it opens wide a door not nearly wide enough to accommodate all that is out there. The very essence and value of this web site is that it lists such powerful applications which are nevertheless freeware. Allowing commercial products to be listed -- especially without clearly (almost obnoxiously) labeling them as such -- just wastes everyone's (here) time...

...and, perhaps worse, risks making new visitors (who haven't yet learned that Gizmo and his site, here, can be trusted implicitly) think that maybe the promise of this site was really too good to be true after all.

This is important stuff. A web site like this needs to decide what swamp it's going to drain and then drain it. Listing commercial products here (even when properly labeled, in my opinion... but then again, maybe I'm just a purist) is the very definition of "off topic."

That said, I, myself, have mentioned a commercial product or two, a time or two, in my postings around here... but at least I properly labeled them, and explained, alongside my mentioning them, why I dared to so do here. So I'm not suggesting that there's just never a reason to mention a commercial product... especially for purposes of making readers aware of the commercial alternatives to the freeware listed here so that they can see the differences. But commercial products presented in a list like the one on this page sort of runs counter to the whole point of this place.

It's still a great list, though. I hope that that inescapable point didn't get lost in any of my criticism.

by DesElms on 17. June 2009 - 2:18  (24016)

This is my biggest irritation regarding freeware -- and especially open-source -- web sites:

The attitude by some that to complain is to look a gift horse in the mouth; and the concomitance of suggestion that the complainant is ungrateful.

Without feedback, philanthropy is blind; and blind philanthropy is reckless and irresponsible.

Even the time of the freeware maker is valuable, and so s/he should always endeavor to be the best possible steward of it. Without feedback, then precisely how is s/he to achieve such responsible stewardship?

(A rhetorical question, mind you.)

by DesElms on 17. June 2009 - 2:15  (24017)

ako wrote: "Please tell me some examples of not free and not labelled."

It's unreasonable to expect me to remember them, now, the next day, right off the top of my head. One time through your list, last night, when I discovered the ones I discovered (and, admittedly, there weren't many) is all I'm willing to give. They're there, or I wouldn't have mentioned them. I'm not interested in wasting your time, either.

ako wrote: "If there are non-free products worth mentioning I want to include them."

But that's contrary to the very point of this site; and wishing (otherwise) won't change that.

I understand the the list also appears elsewhere... in a security forum or two, for example. In such places, a mix of freeware and commercial products is probably just fine. But not here... or so it is my opinion.

ako wrote: "I'm not going to check this list all the time checking links. Last time it was done 2 weeks ago. Next time will be a rather long time in the future."

Hence, at least in part, the reason I suggested that what's on this list should be integrated into the rest of this (Gizmo's) web site, into the appropriate categories therein; among my reasons being that at such point the respective editors could take over. The list is almost big enough to warrant its own site. There's no shame in it being a bit difficult for you (or any other single person who has a life and other things to do) to keep up with.

ako wrote: "Unless someone wants to help in this."

Be careful what you wish for. Personally, I think this list deserves its own web site. And I'd be only too happy to donate the web server space, the bandwidth (at least until it becomes so much that we'd have to figure out how to pay for it), the domain name (at least to get it started, then, hopefully, at least enough revenue from it to pay ten bucks for a domain name renewal each year will be derivable from it)... and maybe even the initial development of it, using an easy-to-use CMS so that multiple people, if need be, could help keep it up-to-date. Such a site could simply have both freeware/open-source and commercial sections, and then much of my freeware complaint would be rendered moot. If you'd be interested in something like that, email me at gregg[the@symbol] and we can figure it all out. So that Gizmo won't feel weird about this idea hatching here, I'll say, right now, that if this new site were built, I'd want to heavily link to (and promote) this site on it. I think this site is a real gem about which too few people know. I'd be honored to promote this site on that one.

ako wrote: "There are various reasons [for] not linking to original pages."

Like? (That not meant to be as cynical and intentionally challenging as it might seem. I'm seriously interested because I don't want to suggest something like only always linking to the maker's site when there's a genuinely good reason out there not to sometimes.)

ako wrote: "Laziness is only one of them."

Laziness, however subjectively justified, or objectively justifiable, is not really very much of a virtue in a place like this... or so it is just my opinion.

ako wrote: "Please tell me some examples of a non-english site when such is available."

Okay, I do happen to remember one of those, to wit: Unlocker

As of this writing, it links to this page:

There are others.

ako wrote: "Some "dead" products are still useful. Processguard is an example."

Agreed. But, in my opinion, they should at least be clearly labeled.

ako wrote: "Give examples of dead useless products."

Oy. Again: It ain't my list. It ain't my job. I found them (and, again, there aren't many) when I went through the list last evening. It's unreasonable to expect me to remember them now. I reiterate: I'm not interested in wasting your time, either. If they weren't there, I wouldn't have said they were.

If we decide to build a site for this list (which I hope you'll accept my offer to help you do), then I'll obviously go through it, one by one, and everything will be appropriately labeled.

by ako (not verified) on 17. June 2009 - 10:40  (24030)


Reasons not pointing to original site include : wrong language, does not exist anymore, did not find it, ...

There were indeed many finnish links, I removed them all about week ago, but apparently I did not save the result at Thanks!

I'll think about your offer. But as Gizmo and others have agreed to have the list here, I think the location should not be changed right now. But who knows? The idea might work.

by peter on 17. June 2009 - 16:15  (24046)

It's really odd reading user comments that attempt to elucidate what this site is about. Of course the focus is freeware, but its also about helping users, exchanging information, and providing a little hospitality (or a platform) to knockout contributions. How else would you have found this list? We're a community; it isn't a resistance, it's a war.

by Anonymous on 18. June 2009 - 17:54  (24104)

Flash disinfector is on the website, which has got poor ratings on I decided not to take chances.

by ako (not verified) on 22. June 2009 - 11:23  (24232)
by Anonymous on 22. June 2009 - 14:22  (24238)

FreeOTFE ( - "Free disk encryption software for PCs and PDAs". I came across this tool browsing some computer magazines; I've never used it.

Manual link scanning by Dr.Web antivirus can be set up not only in Firefox, but also in IE and Opera.

Finjan SecureBrowsing - doesn't it (also) fall into category "Anti-phishing/malware browser plugins" ?

Strangely enough, in some cases this list fails to mention famous free utilities widely discussed on this site and everywhere else. PC Wizard (while Everest Home Edition and SIW are included), CDCheck (ISOBuster we can see) ...


by ako (not verified) on 22. June 2009 - 18:40  (24256)


Real-time monitoring is only for Finjan and AVG, of course it (also) falls into category "Anti-phishing/malware browser plugins".

I'll copy the latest version here later.

by Anonymous on 23. June 2009 - 15:34  (24285)

Here's a short list that I didn't see up top. These tools are for the more advanced user and are not for the faint of heart... but they are good tools anyhow.

Combofix (
IceSword (no longer being developed but a great tool)(

by Anonymous on 23. June 2009 - 15:36  (24286)

Since two posts down mentions free disk encryption...

TrueCrypt -

It's free but it's also open source.

by ako (not verified) on 23. June 2009 - 18:35  (24292)


by ako (not verified) on 23. June 2009 - 18:36  (24293)

IceSword can be found in one of the rootkit links (more). Thanks!

by Anonymous on 27. June 2009 - 3:49  (24408)

With all due respect, I appreciate your feedback because it helps the site managers better serve us as its viewers.

However, this is one of the best sites I have found, and I believe that they do a very good job. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Furthermore, I use Comodo's firewall and a licensed antivirus and STILL don't have an issue. I don't know what you're referring to, but Comodo combined with any of the freeware I have used hasn't given me enough issue to respond in a condescending way to the people who are reviewing these for us.

As advice, I would say maybe do a little more hands-on research and a little less criticizing of the great people at this site.

by Anonymous on 4. July 2009 - 16:16  (24638)

try uninstalling with revo uninstaller or another uninstaller that gets rid of the program,files and registry files.

by Anonymous on 14. July 2009 - 15:46  (25091)

A real helpful list.


by Anonymous on 15. July 2009 - 20:36  (25160)

Hi Silki!

Thanks! :)


by Anonymous on 19. July 2009 - 7:22  (25344)

There is one more tool (pack) out there, perfect AIO created by Michael Zacharias "MZ Ultimate Tools".
Here are the links:

Official website:
MZ on Windows Live:

Probably best freeware AIO.

by Anonymous on 20. July 2009 - 10:09  (25423)

I'll check this.


by J_L on 25. July 2009 - 22:49  (25763)

I'm not sure what happened exactly, but Multi-AV Scanning Tool deleted every file on my system drive! (excluding those in memory). It worked fine before.
The deletion just happened silently after I chose the Trend Micro. I don't think there was even a process.

The first time it happened, I wasn't even sure WHAT happened until it's too late. Good thing I had a drive image. The second time I was prepared, and confirmed the culprit.

Luckily my data drive was never touched.

Will never touch it again *watches shredding progress*.

by Anonymous on 30. July 2009 - 11:18  (26017)

Well, I'm happy you could recover. I'll add a warning there!


by ako (not verified) on 31. July 2009 - 14:23  (26077)


Non-free products have been included if a) there is no free alternative, b) the product is good and licence is for lifetime, c) the product is exceptionally good and recommended by many professionals.

by Anonymous on 18. August 2009 - 11:47  (31076)

Freeware - ICE Encrypt is a simple files/folder encrypting program.Portable EXE file. There is not installation.

Freeware - KGB Archiver is the compression tool with unbelievable high compression rate. It beats UHARC and 7zip!!

by Anonymous on 21. August 2009 - 22:14  (31293)


I'll look at them.

by Anonymous on 22. August 2009 - 19:02  (31337)

IObit's Security 360?? Still in Beta (just went RC)Still buggy as an old dog,and many false positives still being reported.Suggest you remove this one til they sort it and release final build.Hell of a list though.

by ako (not verified) on 22. August 2009 - 20:06  (31341)

Well, there are other betas on the list.Everyone has to decide oneself what to try...

And IObit is on the end side (5.) there...

by MidnightCowboy on 22. August 2009 - 20:27  (31344)

Iobit 360 is currently being trialed by some of the people here. There are some bugs but nothing major, no more than you would expect with Beta software, and certainly far less than we've been presented with by some other major vendors recently.

by Anonymous on 23. August 2009 - 9:05  (31364)

The url for the Kaspersky Rescue CD is no longer valid.
Does anyone know of an updated url?

Url from above:

Not Found.
The requested resource was not found.

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