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24. Not recommended software and services

Prisoners on remand (might be useful, but not recommended)

PC Tools Antivirus Free (retired)
Spyware Doctor (retired)
RemoveIT Pro  (too many dangerous false positives)
Winpooch (not compatible with XP SP3)
WIPS (PoC-software, very demanding)
Blue Atom, Mint Security Essentials (low detection rate AV)
Emco Malware destroyer, Mysystemexpert, Malware Eraser (low detection rate AM)
Ultrasurf (probably legitimate, but has some strange behaviour)
SpywareGuard (out-of-date)
SecureIT Free (out-of-date)
Ammyy Admin (used too much by scammers)
IObit Advanced SystemCare (All IObit programs: probable MBAM database theft)
IObit Malware Fighter (All IObit programs: probable MBAM database theft)
IObit Unlocker (All IObit programs: probable MBAM database theft)
IObit Random Password Generator (All IObit programs: probable MBAM database theft)
IObit Toolbox (All IObit programs: probable MBAM database theft)
IObit Uninstaller  (All IObit programs: probable MBAM database theft)
Norton PC Checkup (False and exagerrated reports)
FSB Antivirus (Beta program with buggy/incomplete features)
BkavHome (no auto-update,outdated,bad international support)
NANO (Beta,buggy features)
Zoner (private beta)
Moon Secure ( engine is outdated ,not under active development,buggy features)
CMC Infosec (dangerous false positives)
SpyCatcher Express (outdated)
WormBlaster (outdated)
CA antispyware (outdated ,not under active development)
Airy Free AntiSpyware (ineffective, BitDefender+Sophos alerts website)
Lavabit (currently shut down)
CookieCuller (outdated)
CYSEC Anti-Virus (multiple detections including by itself)

Low Web of Trust rating

Yet Another Cleaner 
Stop P-O-R-N
Simple Backup Tool
EUREKA Malware Analysis Internet Service
HE - Hardware Read & Write utility

Doing time in jail (not recommended)

NoAdware, StopZilla, SpyRemover (rogues)
Balaji Plus Cloud Antivirus (nonexistant program, multiple lies)
RoboSAM (rogues)

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by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 22:07  (23722)

Network traffic analyzing:
IP Sniffer (
Microsoft Network Monitor
Cain & Abel ( (easy recovery of various kind of passwords by sniffing the network, etc.)
Analyzer (3.0 Alpha is the version I have installed) from NetGroup, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)

Auto Debug for Winsock (


by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 22:14  (23723)

thanks for the list, very detailed, they certainly have gone to a great dal of trouble to look at what is available.

by peter on 12. June 2009 - 22:30  (23724)

we are working on that, but its a few weeks away. Something about "You pays your money, you takes your choice." Nobody pays us anything.

by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 23:39  (23730)

This is great, but I had installed Super Anti Spyware cos you had it listed at the top of another list, and it isn't on this list at all. I 'lost' my PC Doctor, and can't 'fix' it for some reason. It won't uninstall so that I can reinstall it. I have tried everything, so that will have to wait until I can afford to pay for professional help. Anyway, I will try another one of your top-rated programmes until then. I'm just curious as to why SAS didn't make your new list. Thanks again for all that you do, BTW.

by Anonymous on 13. June 2009 - 0:57  (23738)

How about giving credit where credit is due?

by mr6n8 on 13. June 2009 - 1:35  (23739)

Same person (ako) posts both here and Wilders and the list originates at his website, which is referenced in this article.
Also, the Wilders post is referenced, and linked to, above in the Article, in the last sentence.

by peter on 13. June 2009 - 3:50  (23741)

Thanx Steve, Ako's also an Editor here now, as you can see in his comments.

by Anonymous on 13. June 2009 - 21:20  (23801)

COMODO does not provide a proper Uninstall file. I had to spend $50 (June 2009) to get a computer shop expert to find out why I could not "ping" websites. The culprit: COMODO had lodged a file somewhere in my registry and COMODO's Uninstall would not remove it! Beware.

by Anonymous on 13. June 2009 - 23:22  (23803)

SAS is there.

by Anonymous on 13. June 2009 - 23:24  (23804)

Can you read?

by Anonymous on 13. June 2009 - 23:25  (23805)

I agree. Like Prevx or Defencewall.

by Anonymous on 13. June 2009 - 23:35  (23809)

I'll check these soon.

by Anonymous on 13. June 2009 - 23:36  (23811)

OK. I'll check this...

by Anonymous on 13. June 2009 - 23:37  (23812)

OK. I'll check this...

by Anonymous on 14. June 2009 - 12:43  (23844)
by Anonymous on 14. June 2009 - 16:22  (23854)

Great list, but you may wish to add KIDZUI under the Parental Control section:

It filters behahior via an extensively white-list filter, as opposed to a difficult to update black-list approach. Check it out.

by Anonymous on 14. June 2009 - 17:52  (23863)

Yes, but cheap : "lifelong licence"

by ako (not verified) on 14. June 2009 - 17:55  (23865)


by mr6n8 on 14. June 2009 - 18:18  (23866)

I assumed that is why it had "(lifelong license)" next to it, but I suppose the word purchase or something like that could have been added to make it clearer to all.

The article does say up top that the list is "mainly" for freeware, indicating some non-freeware would be listed.

by Anonymous on 14. June 2009 - 19:09  (23869)


by Anonymous on 14. June 2009 - 20:15  (23877)

What comodo product are you talking about and version ? There are 5-6 comodo products listed.

by Anonymous on 14. June 2009 - 23:01  (23885)

untangle is a shitty toy man. it's like a playdo kids toy "my first firewall". nobody can take it seriously.

by Anonymous on 15. June 2009 - 7:26  (23910)

Thank You very much indeed for the time and trouble of all those involved.

by Anonymous on 15. June 2009 - 8:03  (23912)

What's bad about untangle and what would you suggest as an alternative with a friendly UI and easy linux install?

by ako (not verified) on 15. June 2009 - 9:20  (23917)

Yes XP/Vista. It would be very hard to check what are compatible with Vista/Windows 7

by Anonymous on 16. June 2009 - 0:48  (23955)

(Some more additions)

Vulnerability scanning:
Windows Vulnerability Scanner (

Rescuing files from broken CD/DVD:
IsoPuzzle (
Why is CDCheck not here?

System rescue:
Ultimate Boot CD (


by DesElms on 16. June 2009 - 7:49  (23963)

This is a good list, but there are more than just a few things on it which are not really free (and, by that, I mean things other than the few which are labeled, right on the list, as not free). But this is a freeware web site. We come here so that we don't have to sort through the free-vs-commercial stuff ourselves (like we must do on the above list). In that sense, then, this list does almost as much of a disservice as it does a service.

Please clearly mark that on the list which is not truly freeware.

Also, we are linked, on many of the items, to something other than the maker's web site. That's an unnecessary extra step. Our time is valuable, too; and if we were looking for web sites which only describe the products, and then link from there (or sometimes don't even link) to the maker's site, then why would we want to do that from a site (this one) which does exactly the same thing?

Please link only to the product makers' web pages.

Additionally, not all the links are to English web sites... even when an English version exists. And, please: I get that not everyone speaks/write/reads English... this, that I am writing, is not an arrogance or a conceit. It is based, simply, on the inescapable fact that this is an English-speaking/writing web site. Therefore, all links from it should be to English-speaking/writing web sites.

Please make it so that all links are to Enlish-speaking/writing web sites (or at least the English pages thereon).

Finally, some of the products listed are dead... begging the question of whether the person who compiled the list bothered to ensure that it was current, or perhaps relied too heavily on old notes accumulated over a long period of time.

Please ensure that all products are actually still current and available.

Thank you, otherwise, for the excellent list...

...a list which, to avoid confusion, should, in my opinion, be, as quickly as possible, integrated into the appropriate categories throughout the rest of the site rather than being on this one, single-page list. But, again, that's just my opinion... as is the rest of this posting.

by Anonymous on 16. June 2009 - 8:20  (23965)

I completely agree with your point about a few not free things on the list. Actually, I think they have no right to be here at all.

As for the rest of your message... It looks like some people behave as if they paid money and now wait for technical support, bug correction, blah, blah, blah. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't, I just don't know.

by ako (not verified) on 16. June 2009 - 11:07  (23978)

Please tell me some examples of not free and not labelled. If there are non-free products worth mentioning I want to include them.

I'm not going to check this list all the time checking links. Last time it was done 2 weeks ago. Next time will be a rather long time in the future. Unless someone wants to help in this.

There are various reasons not linking to original pages. Laziness is only one of them.

Please tell me some examples of a non-english site when such is available.

Some "dead" products are still useful. Processguard is an example. Give examples of dead useless products.

Thanks for comments! :)

by Anonymous on 16. June 2009 - 11:56  (23981)

These non-free products - I think it's a dead end, since the FULL list of commercial products worth mentioning has to have a few hundred items more. There is less than a dozen or so of them here, and on seeing this some people may start to insinuate that you are simply trying to promote them.

Overall great list indeed, thanx.


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