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25. My choices

Ako's current choices for protection

Free setup  for my friends and relatives. Here robustness and simplicity are as important as efficiency of protection:

  • Avast
  • Windows firewall
  • Panda USB vaccine
  • LUA

My personal setup

  • LUA+TweakUAC
  • Sandboxie $
  • F-Secure client security $
  • Winpatrol Plus $
  • No Autorun


  • Hitman Pro
  • Malwarebytes Antimalware


  • Syncback
  • Paragon
  • Windows 7 built-in backup

Other security-related programs I use:

  • Secunia PSI
  • Virustotal Uploader


J_L's current setup (not for emulation):

  • Main: avast! Free Antivirus, Immunet Free Antivirus, PeerBlock
  • Filters: Adblock Plus, BitDefender TrafficLight, HTTP Switchboard, Norton ConnectSafe, WOT
  • Analysis: Anubis, Comodo File Verdict Service, IPVoid, Metascan Online, PeStudio, VTchromizer
  • Scanners: Avira Free Antivirus, Emsisoft Emergency Kit, HitmanPro, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
  • System: EMET, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, Permanent DEP DLL, SpywareBlaster
  • Utilities: FileMenu Tools, Process Explorer, Sandboxie, SUMo, UltraSearch, Unlocker, VirtualBox
  • Privacy: CyberGhost VPN, LastPass, SoftPerfect RAM Disk, Tor Browser Bundle, TrueCrypt
  • Backup: AX64 Time Machine, Parted Magic 2013_08_01, various cloud providers

Ako's banking advice

1) Use one LUA for ALL everyday use and make another LUA which is used ONLY for banking. The point is, that if the everyday LUA is infected, the infection is almost always limited to that account. (99% safety guaranteed. This of course requires, that  you are not yet infected, and don't install malware with adminstrative rights in the future.)


2) Use one browser only for banking and a separate browser for everything else. This gives some extra safety.

This list is maintained by volunteer editors ako, J_L, and MrBrian

Probably the Best Free Security List in the World (c) 2009-2014 Antti Koponen

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by J_L on 8. August 2011 - 23:42  (77248)


by MidnightCowboy on 9. August 2011 - 6:46  (77271)

This is a very good point and one of my own reservations when this was introduced, i.e. we would be providing an ideal tool for trolls. That said, this type of interaction is what net users want and expect these days and overall I think the results will prove useful.

by Rizar on 9. August 2011 - 12:39  (77294)

To take the 'bad cop' stance, this behavior often leads sites to requiring registration or login in order to vote (which is annoying). History suggests that if you abuse these kinds of features, you lose such easy access to them.

The worst part is that the voting is so baffling in some cases that it's difficult to interpret. In a forum we've discussed this and compared some of the odd voting to background noise.

A vote is much more meaningful if it relates to some claim or piece of advice a poster makes. If a comment is innocuous, thankful, or otherwise in good grace, why vote at all?

Or maybe some readers would like threaded comments, so they don't have to read the responses without clicking on them?

It's too early to form an opinion, but these voting features are fun to watch even if only for entertainment. I think eventually someone will suggest why certain types of comments get weird seeming down votes out of nowhere.

Besides the possibility that some don't like to read innocuous comments or perhaps think that comments should 'matter', I'm clueless to explain them.

by J_L on 9. August 2011 - 22:04  (77330)

Actually, it'll fit in Other:

by thor (not verified) on 11. August 2011 - 5:43  (77424)

Jetico firewall is a 30 days demo. please correct it

by ako on 11. August 2011 - 20:10  (77493)


by vodomar on 14. August 2011 - 18:52  (77656)
by ako(the) (not verified) on 17. August 2011 - 6:59  (77774)


by rs on 17. August 2011 - 7:48  (77780)

Why in list not included Ashampoo Anti-Malware?

by Anupam on 17. August 2011 - 7:53  (77782)

because its not a free product. Its commercial.

by MidnightCowboy on 17. August 2011 - 10:25  (77786)

There is a "giveaway" version of this on Softpedia but we don't regard this as freeware because it's still listed as commercial on the vendors site and it's status will therefore likely change as soon as this promotion finishes.

by Anupam on 17. August 2011 - 10:38  (77787)

Yes, indeed. Giveaway versions cannot be regarded as freeware.

by rs on 17. August 2011 - 12:50  (77794)

You are very strange men. In that list included commercial products, just marked with $ sign. Why you can't to do same with giveawy software, if promotion time will finish you can simple remove from list.

by Anupam on 17. August 2011 - 12:56  (77796)

Very few commercial products are included, mainly because there are less products in that category. I am sure, the editors must have a good reason to include them. Sorry, but commercial products won't be included.

by vodomar on 17. August 2011 - 16:49  (77821)
by ako on 17. August 2011 - 19:57  (77831)


by thor (not verified) on 29. August 2011 - 6:17  (78531)

A good tweaker program, that works. Gigatweaker. Find it on

by vodomar on 29. August 2011 - 17:14  (78575)
by J_L on 30. August 2011 - 0:01  (78595)


by J_L on 30. August 2011 - 0:02  (78596)

Thanks, but please provide a link next time.

by Patrick.B (not verified) on 30. August 2011 - 12:29  (78641)

Mozy backup has been known to delete free accounts without notice. I could not believe it when it happened! After Googljng it, I found that has happened to many.

by sirpaul2 on 30. August 2011 - 13:24  (78645)

"It's official! KMPlayer has been dethroned. PotPlayer is now our new king of media players." (from your site - Best Media Players)

Is it not secure?

by FPK (not verified) on 30. August 2011 - 18:55  (78667)

I did try your recommended Agnitum Outpost Security Suite. However, I found that, although stated as being free, the program is only free for one year if one registers.

Fine, but it meant giving one's E-mail address, and worth still, to activate the registration, so not to be nagged all the time (also the trial period was only for two days without registration)one had to write out, not paste, literally, dozens of keyboard characters. So many in fact that it became a time consuming bad joke.

The Agnitum software, as was their previously free Firewall is good, but for that irritation.

Summary: back to the Comodo Security Suite.

I have received your e-mails now for some years, and have found that your recommendations are very good, but for the odd nigglyness on some programs.

Keep it up. It is appreciated.

With best wishes,


by MidnightCowboy on 30. August 2011 - 19:27  (78670)

I installed this only last week for a neighbor at their request. I used a temporary email address and had no trouble copy/pasting the license.

by ako on 30. August 2011 - 20:08  (78675)


by ako on 30. August 2011 - 20:08  (78676)

Some reference links, please.

by catester (not verified) on 30. August 2011 - 23:05  (78687)

You know, if you are going to call this "Probably the Best Free Security List In The World" then you should confine yourself to listing *free* security programs.

Prevx, for instance, might well be a great program, but it does me no good to have it identify stuff for free and make me pay to remove it. That looks like one of those rogue AV programs: Hey we found a lot of bad things, now give us your credit card before we fix your computer.

You need to create another list for "Probably the Best Security Programs That You Have To Pay For" if you're going to list programs that you have to pay for.

by J_L on 31. August 2011 - 1:31  (78699)

The program is available for free for an unlimited time. Therefore, it's clearly freeware, but with limited features.

You aren't everyone else. Detecting real threats is a part of security.

by ako on 31. August 2011 - 4:07  (78705)
by thor (not verified) on 31. August 2011 - 4:17  (78708)

Here is the link.

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