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21. System rescue

How to fix a computer that won't start
How to fix PC (
How to restore, refresh or reset your PC
Windows Startup Settings (including safe mode)
Windows hangs or freezes
Recovery:the last step in total data security
When Some Websites Do Not Open On Your Computer – Troubleshooting Guide
How to check if system Is 32-bit or 64-bit (x86 or x64)
System Update Readiness Tool
How to Repair a Windows 7 System with an Installation Disc

21.1. System Restore:
Quick Restore Point Maker
System Restore Explorer
Restore Point Creator
Fix System Restore Calendar
Automatic System Restore Maker

21.2. Troubleshooting/diagnostic:
Microsoft:How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows
Microsoft:Resolving blue screen errors in Windows 7
BSOD Index  1  2
BSOD survival guide  WinVistaClub
Windows Error Codes
System Error Codes
Events and Errors Message Center
Microsoft Exchange Server Error Code Look-up
Windows Error Lookup Tool- WELT
Error Messages for Windows
Windows Memory Diagnostic
SF Diagnostic Tool
Problem Steps Recorder
Beep Codes Viewer
See Also: 1 2

21.3. Versatile tools for troubleshooting/rescuing:
Wise PC 1stAid
Farbar Recovery Scan Tool - FRST  (diagnose and fix boot issues)
Microsoft fix it center portable
Admin Swiss Knife Suite
WSCC - Windows System Control Center
Windows Repair (All In One)  
KZTechs.COM Software Suite
Advantage-PC Fix
PC Tools by Davis PC Mechanics
Helge’s Switchblade
GEGeek Tech Toolkit

21.4. Memory dump:
Overview of memory dump file options for Windows 
How to Create a Full Memory Dump
How to analyse memory dump

21.5. Repairing XP:
Recovering Windows XP using the Recovery Console
How to install and use the Windows XP Recovery Console
Repair XP
How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install

21.6. Windows Vista rescue discs :
Neosmart $

21.7. Windows 7/8 rescue discs/USBs: 
Create a WinPE (Vista or 7) without WAIK
WinUSB Maker

21.8. Rescue discs:
Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) 
Hiren's boot cd more
Paragon Rescue Kit
Knoppix more
OTLPEStd more
Secured2k's Boot CD
Ubuntu Rescue Remix
Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home
Lazesoft Windows Recovery Home

21.9. Portable OS:
Icaros Desktop
Syllable Desktop
Privatix Live-System
Cybershield-OS (boot USB/CD e.g.  for online banking)

21.10. Linux live CD:
Lightweight Portable Security (LPS)
Linux Mint
Simply Mepis

21.11. Disk management:
Parted Magic 

21.12. Partition/disk recovery:
Partition Find & Mount 
Eassos Recovery Free

21.13. Partition software:
AOMEI Partition Assistant Home
Cute Partition Manager 
Ranish Partition Manager 
PartitionGuru Free
Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Home Edtion 

21.14. Fixing MBR:
Fixing MBR with Boot-CD another
Fixing MBR

21.15. Boot-CD registry editor:
PC regedit

21.16. BIOS:
How to enter BIOS
How to set BIOS to boot from the CD
Changing Your Computers Boot Order 
Easily Install FreeDOS in USB Flash Drive for BIOS Flashing

21.17. SafeMode:
How to Start Windows in Safe Mode
How to easily enter safe mode in windows 8?
Enable booting in safe mode
SMFixer - Repair Windows Safe Mode

21.18. Solve problem drivers:
Driver Fusion
Identify Which Service or Driver Failed During System Startup 
Driver Verifier more
Driver Reference Table
See Also: 1 2

21.19. Recover a hanging system:

21.20. Repair Internet connection:
Microsoft:Troubleshoot network connection problems in Windows
Fix Internet Connection after Malware Removal 
How can I reset the Hosts file back to the default?
Complete Internet Repair  
Farbar Service Scanner 
Autodebug for Winsock
Repairing of broken internet connection :ICR
Connectivity Fixer
Avira DNS Repair-Tool
Repair Winsock & DNS Cache
Why Can't I Connect? 
Network drivers: 3DP Net

21.21. Restore corrupted system files/settings:
How to Repair a Windows Image (DISM tool)
See Also
A. General:
FixWin Utility  
7 quick fix
Remove Restrictions Tool (RRT)
XP Quick Fix Plus
RefreshPC   review
Virus Effect Remover
Windows medkit
MBR Regenerator
Quick Disaster Recovery
Turn off “Autorun” and “Default Share” download
B. File association:
Fix corrupted .exe association: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7
File Association Fixer another
File Extension Fixer (ExeFixer)
Default Programs Editor
Types - Repair .lnk (Shortcuts) File Association
Broken shortcut fixer
C. Permissions:
Reset Registry Permissions
Permissions Time Machine 
D. Security settings:
How do I restore security settings to a known working state
Security Restore
E. Removable storage:
DVD repair
F. Additional:
How to Restore Missing Default Shortcuts in the Windows 7 Start Menu 
Microsoft .NET Framework repair tool
Recycle Bin back to desktop

21.22. Repair corrupted IE:
Microsoft: How to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer in 7,V, and XP
Repair IE
SF IE Restoration
Repair Internet Explorer

21.23. Restore Task Manager:
Task Manager Fix 
Enstella Task Manager Enable Tool

21.24. BIOS password recovery:
Raymond:How To Reset, Remove, Clear or Reveal CMOS BIOS Security Password
Manually Reset BIOS Password Like a Hacker to Access CMOS
BIOS Password Removal for Laptops
CMOS De-Animator 
PC CMOS Cleaner

21.25. Recover installations keys:
Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder
Recover Windows key for unbootable system
SoftKey Revealer
Win Key View
Advanced Tokens Manager
CD Key Seizer
Lazesoft Windows Key Finder
Recover Windows Key for unbootable system with Hiren's boot cd

21.26. Recover/reset Windows passwords:
How to reset windows account password
Lazesoft Recovery My Password Home
Reset a Windows 8 Password without using any third party software

21.27. Recover other passwords:
Reveal Passwords Hidden Under Asterisks
Reveal a Password in your Browser with a Simple Trick
Password Recovery Tools (SecurityXploded)
Windows Password Recovery Tools (NirSoft)
Recover router password
Advanced Password Recovery 
John the Ripper 
Online Trillian Password Decoder
Hash Kracker

aBhacksPsw Lite 

21.28. Recover documents:
Recover Word documents
Recover Excel documents
Recover Excel/Word documents
Recover ZIP-files
ZIP repair
How to recover corrupt Microsoft Word files

21.29. Clean & update Windows install CD:
RT Se7en Lite
RVM Integrator
Win Toolkit
Windows 7 Component Removal (beta)
WinFuture xp-Iso-Builder

 21.30. Make bootable linux USB:
LinuxLive USB Creator - LiLi
Universal USB Installer

21.31. Make bootable Windows installation USB:
Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool
RMPrepUSB (also for linux)
A bootable USB
WiNToBootic review
DriveDroid (also for linux) guide
more: WBICreator (Windows Bootable Image Creator)

21.32. Windows reinstall guides:
How to Rebuild your Computer
Windows reinstall
Install, reinstall, or uninstall Windows
installing windows xp from a usb key
No-reformat, nondestructive reinstall of Win7
See Also

21.33. Other:
How to use SysPrep to Generate Unique SID before Cloning
How To Fix “BOOTMGR is missing” Error in Vista and Windows 7
Windows Leaks Detector
Restoring Factory Hard Drive Capacity
The Backup Failed when Creating System Image in Windows 7
How to initialize a hard drive in Windows 7
Manually Reset or Clear Dirty Bit in Windows without CHKDSK
Boot an ISO directly from the Windows Boot Manager
How to Fix Problems When Windows Installer or Uninstaller doesn't work

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by Anonymous on 5. June 2009 - 18:14  (23112)

Nice list. Some links point to finnish sites as expected, some other are outdated and other are not relevant, but overall you did a good job, thanks !

by ako (not verified) on 5. June 2009 - 21:02  (23126)


What links are outdated? (I know there are products that are discontinued, but have included them if I find them still useful.)

by Anonymous on 8. June 2009 - 20:42  (23354)

Wow Amazing!! Someone can tell me why i didnt get this list by my rss subscription?

by peter on 8. June 2009 - 23:16  (23361)

You subscribe to a Finnish site? You speak that language?

by PsychEroc on 9. June 2009 - 0:18  (23365)

I really like comprehensiveness and this is it!
Only there are so many choices.
I'd like to know the Editor's Choice and the People's Choice (most popular) for each category. But that opens a whole other can of worms.
I wonder if Gizmo's "Top Pics" could be indicated at least.

by peter on 9. June 2009 - 6:46  (23383)

I don't really understand the last line of your comment.Please bear in mind that this list is copied from two other sites (with full permission, natch) It gets updated sometimes, so any edits made on this page will then be lost. Have I misunderstood you. PsychEroc?

by ako (not verified) on 9. June 2009 - 10:46  (23398)


I have tried to have a kind of order "the better more close to top", but this is of course subjective at best.

by JonathanT on 9. June 2009 - 11:48  (23401)

Great list!

What's the difference between UAC-control and Better UAC?

by PsychEroc on 9. June 2009 - 13:19  (23409)

I thought it would be useful, for example, to put a star by the products that are Gizmo's Top Picks.

by peter on 9. June 2009 - 13:32  (23410)

You are very welcome to do that, but you'll have to repeat every time the list gets update (we don't know how often that will happen).

by PsychEroc on 10. June 2009 - 3:28  (23474)

Someone mentioned SafeSpace in a comment for another article, but it's not listed here.
It's no longer being developed, but just wondered if you are aware of it AKO?

by ako (not verified) on 10. June 2009 - 8:32  (23481)

Thanks for a comment. I decided to leave it out as there are developed alternatives, and for a (policy-based) sandbox I expect full security, which is only guaranteed by continuous development. SP may be still very valid, though.

A good example of a very valid undeveloped product is Processguard. It still blocks processes as well as ever.

by ako (not verified) on 10. June 2009 - 8:33  (23482)

Norton has a kind of whitelist included.

by ako (not verified) on 10. June 2009 - 8:51  (23485)

If you are willing to help here. we could think about this.

by peter on 10. June 2009 - 9:48  (23490)

Maybe that's worth explaining in the Article, at the top or somewhere in the bit "This list was kindly provided...
But it's just a sentence, I think.

by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 6:27  (23657)

These are for all practical purposes Windows tools, correct?
It would be nice to see a delimiter of OS applicability...just sayin'.

by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 12:40  (23669)

Just started using Hamachi as a free VPN solution to replace Cisco's non-Vista compatible VPN client software. It ROCKS!

by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 13:18  (23674)

Thanks so much for your efforts to provide this all-encompasing list "of everthing you'll ever need"!!! Am saving it in a Folder in case of future need(s)!!

by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 13:20  (23675)


for virtualization I and many people use VirtualPC,
you list "Microsoft" but the name of the program is actually VirtualPC, not Microsoft.


by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 13:32  (23676)

Seems you have forgotten LastPass - my favorite pass keeper


by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 14:07  (23678)

Surprised to not see SNORT, or for that matter, an entire NIDS category. Still, nice list that pointed me to a new series of tolls I wasn't aware of. Thanks

by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 14:23  (23680)

This is a great list. I've been around a long time but there are plenty of items I haven't encountered before. I also found a dodgy site but only indirectly from the list. Sometimes I check out the ads! Fantastic effort.

Just a comment. I like free stuff so I can try it for a while but I make a point of buying anything I need that is really good. That way I feel I'm supporting those vendors worth supporting. Usually the paid version is worth paying for so it's a win-win.

by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 14:25  (23681)

"Surprised a program you like is not on the list" - "the list is not complete without...." - "I prefer to use (such and such)" - "Some of the links are outdated" .......... nag nag nag.... bitch...
The list is free people and someone has spent much time and effort to present it to you... that doesn't give you licence to complain.

Try giving instead of taking and complaining. Seems it's true that our value is judged by what we charge for a service.

by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 16:00  (23687)

Twister is NOT free. It has a BUY NOW button. How is that free?

by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 16:07  (23689)

Yep, first thing I noticed too. Lastpass is absolutely brilliant. It is so brilliant, I voluntarily paid money for it!

by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 18:31  (23702)

A very helpful list! Thank you for putting it together.

by housecorrupt on 12. June 2009 - 18:37  (23704)


by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 18:48  (23705)

What about Untagle?
Free basic firewall to re-purpose hardware (linux-based).
I have no affiliation/investment with this

by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 20:51  (23714)

Loki VPN Client ( "Loki Network Project is free VPN service and SSL based free VPN server. It is an opportunity to protect your private data (IP address, e-mail/FTP/HTTP passwords, web-sites visited, uploaded/downloaded files and etc...) and bypass certain Internet access limitations you may have at your location."


by Anonymous on 12. June 2009 - 21:46  (23718)

I have to chuckle because this list points out my main problem with free security software -- the multitude of combinations. You have to find an optimal combination of products, avoiding functional overlap, while minimizing security holes. For example, multiple product categories offer what they call HIPS. If my firewall has HIPS, can I turn it off in my anti-malware and/or anti-virus package? Same for popup blockers, or anti-rootkit, etc., etc., etc. I've even gone through the exercise laying it all out on a spreadsheet to try and identify optimal combinations, but came to the conclusion that there's a fundamental flaw here -- these products just aren't designed to work together.

Now, if someone did some actual vulnerability testing with product combinations, I would be very interested in that. Until then, I'm willing to pay for an integrated, full-function security suite.

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