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Play The Classic Lemmings Game Online In Your Browser

Game fans of a certain age will surely remember Lemmings, which was one of the hottest games of the 1990s.  Amazingly, someone actually managed to recreate a clone of the game as a Web-based application that you can play in your browser.  It works just like the original, and is just as fun and addictive as you'll remember it.

To see for yourself, head to

 If you've never played before, the rules are simple.  Your aim is to get as many lemmings to their home (the gateway with the flaming torches) as you can.  The number that you need to get home depends on which level you're playing.

Under the main playing area are icons depicting various skills that you can assign to a lemming.  These include climber, digger, parachutist, and so on.  To assign a skill to a lemming, click on the skill to select it and then click on a lemming.  Each skill has a counter, so there's a limit to how many lemmings you can assign each skill to.  As you can see in the screen shot below, you only have one skill available to you in this level (the digger), and you can assign it to a maximum of 10 lemmings.  Actually, just one will do.  Once he's dug a hole, all the rest of the lemmings will gently fall through it and find their way home.  See, now I've got you interested already....!



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by carrington on 22. April 2014 - 9:16  (115833)

Yes that's correct

by robbie weston on 13. February 2013 - 17:21  (105375)

how do u download liming can u please tell me how

[Moderator's note : email address removed on account of safety concerns.]

by Anupam on 13. February 2013 - 17:49  (105377)

It is for playing in the browser itself, not downloadable.

by Lilith (not verified) on 13. June 2012 - 9:06  (94789)

Hi there,

Thanks for the Lemmings, I used to play this game ages ago and it was one of my favorites :) It is really nice you kept the original look of the game, in the era of the fancy graphics & effects I enjoy this "simplicity" quite much!
I read the FAQs but it seems no one has the problem I do: finishing a level, normally I should get an access code to the next level so if I quit playing I can continue next time from the level I last completed. This seems not to work so I have to start again every time... I play using Mozzilla Firefox, can that be the problem?


by Pilgrim on 26. November 2010 - 13:05  (61672)

That's even better than Space Invaders (OpenGL version):