A Photo Batch Processor That's Fast And Free


Keeping all your digital photos on your computer rather than in a printed album makes a lot of sense.  But sometimes it can be slow and painstaking if you need to make the same change to an entire folder of images.  For example, you may want to crop or rotate all of them, or adjust their brightness, or even apply a visual effect.

Photopus (presumably a pun on octopus) is a free program for performing batch operations on a series of digital images.  Choose a selection of pictures, then choose one or more filters to apply, then choose where you want the processed images saved.  After that, just press the Process button and wait for the program to finish its work, which won't take long.

Photopus Pro costs $39 or so, but the free version (as pictured below) has loads of options available too.  Check it out at www.photopus.net.  It's free, an 8 MB download, is free of malware according to VirusTotal, and runs on Windows XP and above.




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