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A Photo Batch Processor That's Fast And Free

Keeping all your digital photos on your computer rather than in a printed album makes a lot of sense.  But sometimes it can be slow and painstaking if you need to make the same change to an entire folder of images.  For example, you may want to crop or rotate all of them, or adjust their brightness, or even apply a visual effect.

Photopus (presumably a pun on octopus) is a free program for performing batch operations on a series of digital images.  Choose a selection of pictures, then choose one or more filters to apply, then choose where you want the processed images saved.  After that, just press the Process button and wait for the program to finish its work, which won't take long.

Photopus Pro costs $39 or so, but the free version (as pictured below) has loads of options available too.  Check it out at  It's free, an 8 MB download, is free of malware according to VirusTotal, and runs on Windows XP and above.




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by rich (not verified) on 29. November 2012 - 5:33  (103045)

There are 2 functions for which I wanted a quick tool: cropping; and resizing.

Photopus did what I wanted for resizing, with its option to use pre-defined settings, such as 320 X 240 suggested for Web & email. Still, I found annoyances that detracted from my desire to use it again:
1. When I told it to "use source photo's folder for output" (instead of the default C:\Photopus) and to "open output folder after processing", it still opened C:\Photopus after processing. (It did, however, put the output files in the correct folder as I'd specified.)
2. There seemed to be no way to save my selected settings, other than by saving the current project, which includes whatever file(s) I had selected. Since I always resize different files on subsequent sessions, this would mean first removing the previously selected file(s).

For cropping, however, I found it unacceptable because of the UI; here are my points of discontent:
1. I saw no way to enlarge the cropping dialog box.
2. I saw no GUI tool for cropping. The only option was to set the number of pixels to crop from each edge, either by typing or clicking to set the number.
3. Even that antediluvian method was further hampered by the way the up/down arrows worked: they required a separate click for each one-pixel change, because they had no repeat action. Thus, changing a crop setting by, say, 50 pixels would require 50 clicks.
4. I saw no preview of the changes to be made. The preview (labeled "Modified") image never changed for me.

If the up/down arrows had repeat action, and if the cropping preview image changed in real time with the setting changes, then I could have lived with it.

Another sign of old-school thinking (although not a deal-breaker by itself) in this product was that I couldn't drag-and-drop a file into it; I had to use the file-open type of dialog. At least, it did allow multiple-file selections in that dialog.

Overall, I got the impression that this is an old program with a new skin.

The final annoyance, although also not a biggie, was the nag screen after closing the program.

Oh, my OS is Win8.

(My 2¢ worth)

by Century22 on 10. May 2012 - 0:56  (93279)

Good find.
This may replace my current favorite FastStone Photo Resizer.

by JayDee in Tampa (not verified) on 8. May 2012 - 13:27  (93220)

Looks Great but concerned about the W.O.T. yellow rating

by George.J on 9. May 2012 - 7:21  (93245)

Thought WOT is a very good internet safety check add-on, it's not 100% reliable. As far as the rating goes for this website, the confidence indicators points to low and there's not even a single comment to supplement it's rating, so you don't have to worry about this yellow doughnut :)

by Gil Bertho (not verified) on 8. May 2012 - 11:03  (93205)

Funny, I just tried downloading photoplus.exe and my Webroot SecureAnywhere detected 1 threat! An infection called W32.Malaware.Heur

by MidnightCowboy on 8. May 2012 - 14:47  (93225)

This is not an "infection", but a heuristic detection. Please read the user guide provided by your security program vendor to understand what this means.

by Serdel (not verified) on 8. May 2012 - 5:39  (93196)


IMHO has also very good batch process tool

by Flapperke (not verified) on 8. May 2012 - 7:54  (93204)

What about IrfanView ? It's free , it's fast and uses plug-ins to keep up with your creativity. It has batch conversion, batch renaming, ...zillion effects... :-)

by Irfanview Fan :-) (not verified) on 8. May 2012 - 22:41  (93239)

Indeed! Irfanview is with me for over ten years and is one of the first things that finds it's way into any new installation of any operating system on any computer!