Opera problem

Hi folks - - -

Don't get me wrong - I'm a huge Opera fan - but - - -

I just installed Opera 9.63 - an upgrade from version 9.21. Ya - I know - I'm a little slow.

And now my bank passwords won't come up. I'm wondering if this is some new security 'fix' from Opera.

They didn't need to bother on my account. Anyone know how to change this.

Thanks in advance - dz



by Anonymous on 17. August 2009 - 17:53  (31027)

Big OPERA fan, too....using 9.64 now and my online banking is wrecked a bit, too. It's not that I lose my banking passwords, but I get the 'secure/insecure' warnings over and over again, and if I don't watch out, it wrecks my passing TYPING ~ after 3 tries, my account's frozen!
I reported it to my bank's tech support, and they say to use IE!

by MidnightCowboy on 17. August 2009 - 19:04  (31034)

Opera is such a popular browser there may well be a fix available for this.
Coverage here in the comments section though is very limited. If you register and post here in the forum you will be guaranteed to receive an answer.


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