Not Got Windows 8? Want IE 10? You're In Luck.

When Microsoft first announced Windows 8, it was widely reported that the new Internet Explorer 10 which was included in Win8 would not be made available for any other previous versions.  However, it seems that this is no longer the case.

A year ago, Microsoft released an early alpha version of IE10 that ran on Windows 7, and today they updated it to a release preview which, by all accounts, is now pretty stable.

So if you're still using Windows 7, and want to try out the new version of IE that's part of Windows 8, head to for the download.

As for Windows 8 itself, as an operating system, the jury's still out.  My personal opinion is, to say the least, far from favourable.  However, with most new PCs now being supplied with Win8, we will of course be covering it in this section of Tech Support Alert.




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by L. McNeely (not verified) on 26. November 2012 - 15:37  (102938)

Complete JUNK. I tried "Commodo Dragon", and really like it. This Chrome-based browser is solid as steel and very fast. Microsoft should try it as well. Maybe they will learn something.


by Leonard (not verified) on 16. November 2012 - 18:38  (102425)

I downloaded this and my email did not work correctly nor was I able to get into my online banking. As soon as I uninstlled the update eveything went back to working. I would suggest waiting before downloading this.

by The Kid (not verified) on 15. November 2012 - 22:05  (102382)

WIN 7 64-bit. I downloaded IE 10 and installed without a hitch. Rebooted and found that it cannot get to the internet at all while Firefox is working just fine. I couldn't figure out why - now need to go back to 9.

by express49 on 15. November 2012 - 13:41  (102366)

Just why i got rid of IE10 quickly .
I downloaded IE 10 to give it a try , and it went smoothly and fine .
Then I noticed it was cool , quick and clean , very similar to IE 9 . I have WIN 7 64 bits .
When i posted a comment to a FB post i saw i couldn't , acces to posting in Facebook was denied . It was new for me. Second bad surprise , Gmail began to act weird , not posting mails , and not marking mails as read .
The only way to get rid of IE 10 is to restore to previous installation . When you disable IE 10 in choose windows programs , it leaves you without explorer at all , when you want to download IE 9 again , it says it's on your computer .
Good to have this restore function sometimes .

by alexxx46 on 15. November 2012 - 15:10  (102372)

Win7x32, same. Downloaded, played with it for some time, uninstalled. Glitch here, glitch there. Not critical, yet Chrome is better.

by abc100 on 2. February 2013 - 20:29  (105058)

true indeed!!

by ogian on 15. November 2012 - 2:14  (102337)

I have done and still do a lot of websites using Joomla! CMS and IE, all versions, have been troublesome. Joomla! template developers don't even support IE6 - 8 and barely support IE9. IE10 is the best IE yet for HTML5 and CSS3. There are still some issues but I for one am very happy to the latest version because it makes my job easier.

by mrbrentcc (not verified) on 14. November 2012 - 20:54  (102326)

I bought windows 8 pro and it just stops at installing 15% on 64 bit and then tried on 32 bit it said windows has stopped working at 21% took it back they switched disks out and still same thing no answers from microsoft or staples where i got it except now stuck with it and it does not work been running win 7 ultimate since came out no problems on 64 bit machine and 32 bit machine any suggestion how to in stall it without losing 3 years info.

by leoc on 14. November 2012 - 16:33  (102313)

Clicked on the link you provided and went to MS and downloaded the ie10 that was supposed to work with Win7. Download and install seemed to go without a hitch, no errors, etc. But after rebooting the system (ie is the only browser I have that insists on rebooting the system; chrome and FF never do), It came up with some weird looks and malfunctions. The task bar had changed to pale grey, dialog boxes were grey and grey with a top stripe that went from medium blue on the left, fading to almost white on the right and everything was very square. In other words, just like Win98./ME/2000. So, I figured I'd use restore to go back to just before the install. Well it didn't work anymore. Also have no access to the internet on that system and my latest image backup is on a cloud drive.

I am, once again, indebted to MS for providing me with such great opportunities to learn things about my system I probably never needed to know and also how to recover from some of the most bizarre situations ever.

by gerald powers (not verified) on 14. November 2012 - 15:44  (102311)

downloaded it,,scared the hell out of me when my icons dissapeared..thk god for system restore.

by hmspa (not verified) on 14. November 2012 - 14:54  (102307)

I have put Win8 on my laptop. Original install went very well. All Office 2010 and most other programs still there. Then from the start I had problems with: metro windows stopped working, tried several of the fixes seen online, but finally tried the Refresh.

'refresh' removed all of my Office programs prompting a re-install of all programs plus those of Office. It was basically a fresh install. Now the updates stall on 'restarting' and never complete. I have to power down using the on/off switch.

Keep getting refused at the 'store' and other times accepted.

Very frustrating and hard to trust. Definitely hesitating about putting it on my main HP all-in-one.

by HipposRule (not verified) on 14. November 2012 - 13:43  (102305)

Have been using it since this morning (UK time) and seems ok but I've had real issues on some parts of IBM's site

by johnny Han (not verified) on 14. November 2012 - 10:45  (102298)

Win 8 is a big improvement, especially if you're using an older machine. Worthwhile improvements in performance, battery life.
The change in interface is very minor & easy to bypass.
IE10 ? not so impressed. I'm sticking to Chrome

by AntDude (not verified) on 14. November 2012 - 15:31  (102310)

Interface is easy and minor? WTF? Metro sucks for desktops.

by West Swan on 14. November 2012 - 13:39  (102304)

Have to disagree. I've been using W8 for about 6 months (Beta and RTM) and cannot get it to work properly without Classic Shell and VLC. But each to their own :-)

What is your issue with IE10? I'm sure others would like to know.



by DaGeek247 on 14. November 2012 - 3:37  (102277)

[Insert hateful and rude comment about how ie is a bad browser and how (opinion) browser is far superior than ie will ever be]

watch flame war ensue and feel special

by MidnightCowboy on 14. November 2012 - 3:47  (102279)

Good point but any such comments will just be deleted. :) MC - Site Manager

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