My 7 Extensions I like

In no order...

DownloadHelper - AMAZING.  The developer also is constantly updating it.  More, and more different videos are being supported.  The lastest is adding parental control to not download some xxx videos.

FireGestures -  Honstly this should be included with firefox by default.  No need to use the top toolbar to open, refresh, swithc tabs, etc.  A lot can be done with just the mouse, and you can re-configure it to your needs.

GooglePreview -  This is another add on that could be in by default, but the preview only shows the homepage of the website.  it is still nifty to see a visiual presentation before you click.  I prefer this than the coloris preview because it does not take long to load, and you do not need to hover over it it with your mouse to see a preview.

Screen grab - Better than using the 'prt scr' key.  It has options to grab the complete page, or the visible portion that your on while skipping the top tooolbar, and bottom status bar.

NoScript - Good to use on untrusted sites.

Stealther - Don't leave a trace!  this is better than clearing private data.

Download Statusbar - I HATE that default download popup status window.

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