Music Scientifically Proved To Help You, er, ...


Do you like to listen to music while you're working?  If so, do you sometimes find yourself paying too much attention to the music and not concentrating sufficiently on your work?

If so, then try a brilliant new net-based service called Focus@Will.  It's a streaming music service, but instead of letting you choose your own tracks it offers a selection of specially-curated tracks that are scientifically designed to help you concentrate on the task in hand without being overly intrusive.

Choose from a range of musical genres such as acoustic, classical, ambient and so on.  Just select your chosen genre and the music starts playing.  Then get on with your work and let the music do its stuff.

A subscription to Focus@Will costs $4 a month.  But you can listen for up to 100 minutes at a time for free, with no registration required.  And there's no ads either.

You can start listening straight away at in your web browser.  Or if you have a smartphone or tablet, check out the dedicated app in your device's app store.  Note, though, that you do need an active internet connection to use the system, as it doesn't seem to store local cached versions of any music.



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I can't find any info on the site about how to register for an account directly -- only via Facebook etc -- and I prefer not to deal with aggregate sites.
(a) Why are so many sites doing this? Is it tied to their income stream?
(b) Did I miss something on this site? Did anyone else discover how to signup for an account directly ?

I'm running Windows NT, and this site comes up and tells me that it does not support Internet Explorer... Wants me to download and install Chrome.

Not impressed!

If you're still running NT (seriously?? from 15 years ago??), you have a lot more problems to worry about than not being able to load a website in whatever old version of IE you are also probably running. Security holes galore being the biggest!

I'm blown away...:) what a beautiful find.. incredible feel of comfort at whatever you do.. Thank you guys, you are awesome.

From their website:
" you can use the system for free for 100 minutes at a time, before it times out and you have to click through a "nag" dialog to use it again. You may do this as many times as you like"

Nice find Rob... bloody beautiful. I now have this running and it's so easy to change the genre if need be... not too sure if it's 100 minutes per day or simply,... when it stops after 100 minutes, just start it up again.
Either way, it's a winner.