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Thought I would start a new topic for Lotus Symphony, as the promised review is still pending and many people like myself may give it a try now that it is out of beta.

I was not prepared for the ordeal IBM put you through to try their software. I almost didn't proceed. Dare I say they are worse MS!

A quick look is that it is well thought out with a modern layout and which will take advantage of my widescreen monitor. I like the idea of word and spreadsheet docs being shown under different tabs of the same application window. However in my first day of use I have run into the following problems.

Does not do envelopes or mail merge. In the ss it capitalises the first letter typed into a cell.


by Anonymous on 12. January 2009 - 15:57  (13735)

came across this article as first page returned by google for 'autocomplete in lotus symphony'.

If auto completion in LS annoys anybody then this is simple way to turn it off, from Menu..

Tools -> Instant Corrections -> Word Completion (tab)
Uncheck option 'Enable word completion'

Also I loved MS Word 'Hide white spaces' feature, which unfortunately is missing in OO as well as LS, poor man's version here would be to use View->outline layout, will get the job done until somebody implements it.

by tony on 6. August 2008 - 6:38  (5631)

Me, I am a great fan of it and have been using at Beta. I love the tabs, but I have asked about 'Group Tabs'. They say its not been a priority, but now its been mentioned several times it has been moved up the list of wants. To save as a group and reload would be a great bonus.


by andrews on 1. August 2008 - 5:08  (5292)

I've been playing with it and there are things and I really like and others that bug me, but I'm still getting used to it. I saw this review that was very positive. http://www.crn.com/software/208403730

I agree that having to click through about 6 screens before you can actually download is a pain but at least you don't have to register anymore:)

I checked some internal resources (I'm an IBMer) and while the current release does not support Mail Merge it was in some of the early pilots and is in consideration for a future release. I also Miss Full Screen View.

You can turn off the auto capitalize... From the help "Cell content always begins with uppercase"
Choose Tools - Instant Corrections... . Go to the Options tab. Unmark Capitalize first letter of every sentence under Instant correct options or Instantly correct while typing .

Also don't forget to check out some of the plugins - http://symphony.lotus.com/software/lotus/symphony/plugins.jspa

I particularly like the Export to Flash Plug-in.

Andrew Seward

Bets46 Category Editor

by syntax_error on 6. August 2008 - 4:18  (5628)

If I'd waited I would not need to register! Bugger. Although from memory I had to go through the whole rigmarole to find out at the end rego was optional. (Maybe they're listening, at the time it just felt like they were having a competition with MS to see who could be the biggest pain in the A___.)

Thanks for the response Andrew. I had figured out how turn off "auto capitalise" eventually. Not having a Format Menu makes things harder to find at times. The SS seems to have some strange default settings until you realise the same settings are applied to both the word processor and the spreadsheet. So now I don't get any auto capitalise in the word processor, where I would want it. Not too sure that's a good idea. Also if you could find out how to turn off "auto complete" that would be good. I was using the SS to make a list of internet passwords. Unfortunately I have used the same word many times, sometimes capitalised sometimes not, dammed if the SS will let me just record what I type (they are in comp with MS). For software so heavily pitched at businesses with IT budgets, envelopes, mail merge and database's seem like strange omissions.

If IBM would like to know how an Office Suite should work, I would recommend they have a look at Lotus Smartsuite.

by cy (not verified) on 30. July 2008 - 22:34  (5217)

I'm just now downloading the suite and will duly use and review it...

always look on the bright sight of life...

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