Links To Thousands Of Free Kindle Downloads On Amazon


There are tens of thousands of free e-books on Amazon that you can download to your Kindle (or to the free Kindle app on your computer, if you prefer).  Finding those free books can be tricky, but a new web site called Free Book Sifter ( automates the process and updates its listings regularly.

Just browse to the site, choose the book you want, and follow the link to its page on Amazon.  You can then download the book to the Kindle.

In my tests, a couple of the books I clicked on turned out not to be free.  Presumably because Amazon has changed the pricing since the Sifter last updated its pages.  But the site is still an incredibly useful resource for book lovers who want free books.



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nice find.... however be aware that either they don't update as book prices do, or all books aren't fee to begin with.... still nice just don't automatically click thinking book is free... it might not be..... out of 5 scif fi I checked... 3 had a price ranging from 1.00 to 9.98

Thanks rob.... always good to find decent freebies.

I've downloaded some freebies before from Amazon and it works out well for all.
I get the freebie which might be book 1 of a trilogy and sure enough, I'm so impressed with book 1 that it prompts me to buy books 2 and 3.

Not a bad idea from Amazon... give them a little and they'll want more.


Great! Thank you! My son will love this.

Awesome Thanks! My kids and wife can use this.