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I sympathize with the archetypical forlorn maiden loitering at shoreline seeking her long lost husband. On moonlit nights I walk the beaches of the education category looking for applications meant for ages above five. I found my love, two in fact, how awkward. Let me introduce my two lovers:

What's The Word, and

What's The WordWhat's The Word

What's The Definition.

What's The DefinitionWhat's The Definition

Word and Definition, both by Brilaps LLC, function in parallel fashion. Word gives you a word and four definitions to choose from. Obviously, pick the right definition. Alternatively Definition presents you with a definition and four words to choose from. You still pick the right one.

Both these applications keep a simplistic score count. If you answer correctly on the first attempt, you receive three points. You lose a point for each incorrect answer, netting you zero points if you guess incorrectly three times. The bottom left button shows you your score while the bottom right resets your score. That being said, the score is meaningless. Neither of these games times you. You don’t go a finite number of questions. The score merely racks up as you play the games, creating a meaningless score.

The application design is entirely minimalist. These are the only apps I’ve used that contain only one screen. These apps function to simply test your vocabulary. Not to be boastful, but I consider myself to be somewhat literate and know a decent variety of words. This app succeeded in challenging me with a decent selection of their words. Occasionally, the answer uses the same words as the questions, which is rather silly.

My apologies, but once again these apps are iOS only. However, if you want a word game for you Android, I would try What’s the Word on Android, which is a completely different game although they share the same name.


What's The Word — Free iOS App of the Week

For iPhone and iPad
Size: 0.7 MB
Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/whats-the-word/id483872567?mt=8


What's The Definition — Another Free iOS App of the Week

For iPhone and iPad
Size: 0.7 MB
Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/whats-the-definition/id483964086?mt=8


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Though it is true that there are more Android users than iOS the statistics show that iOS users use their devices and download (and use) apps far more often than do Android users.

Have a look at http://chitika.com/insights/2013/long-term-ios-vs-android-study for one example. For another interesting discussion, see http://branch.com/b/android-vs-ios-usage where it is noted that not all Android phones are smart phones. And finally have a look at http://www.tech-thoughts.net/2012/11/ios-android-usage-engagement-patter... where the Engagement Paradox is discussed.

Sorry if my post led to some confusion. I was sincerely looking for a similar app for my personal enjoyment. Despite the fact I own a technology business, I frankly don't care who is #1 in sales, usage, etc. between Android, Apple, Blackberry. I haven't been a "fan" of anything since I was a teenager enamored with sports. Any message in my post would be directed to application developers who are missing out on a significant market share. I would be willing to pay for a well designed, stable version of what was featured here.

Thank you for your comments, I also thought it odd this application did not exist on the Android Marketplace. As far as I know, you can put an application on the Android Marketplace far easier than on iTunes store. Brilaps seems to already create apps for the Android (unless it's another corporation with the same name). I hold next to no knowledge on mobile software design, but I can't imagine putting this application on the Android platform could be too difficult. It seems odd they would give up a major market-share considering the app is free and they must create revenue from the number of eyes on their in-app ads. Nevertheless, I'll keep an eye out for a similar app for you. NicNeely

It would be nice to see a Windows and/or Android app that's similar. It's beyond me why anyone would create an app for iOS only when there are far more Android users worldwide (and that's increasing as Apple loses market share).

My first reply to you seems to have ended up as a new entry.