Keep Track Of Your Personal Finances Online, For Free


Pocketsmith is a simple personal finance package that helps you keep track of your money and your spending.  It's based around a traditional calendar, into which you enter details of your transactions.  You can also set up automatic recurring events, such as your salary arriving or your mortgage payment leaving.

Unlike traditional accounting products, Pocketsmith ( is hosted online, so there's nothing to install on your computer.  Plus, it means you can get to your information easily from wherever you have internet access available.

There's a variety of pricing plans, based on criteria such as the number of recurring calendar events, but the basic package (with 8 events) is completely free.  Just sign up at and run through the built-in tutorial to get started.

It's worth pointing out that the paid-for packages include a link to your online bank account in order to download data, but, for security reasons, there are no facilities for transferring money. 




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