Keep Track Of What You Use Your PC For


Ever wondered precisely how you use your PC during the day?  Would you like a detailed report, showing how long you spend on each activity, in each program?  Maybe you're merely interested and curious.  Maybe you are concerned that you are not managing your time efficiently.  Maybe you charge for your services, and need to know how long you've spent working on each client's files during the day.

Whatever the reason, being able to track your usage like this is useful, educational and fun.  There's a handful of programs around that can help you. One of these, which I've been trying out recently, is ManicTime.  You can get it from  It's only a 5 MB download, and runs on Windows XP and above.  And according to VirusTotal, it's clean of all malware and viruses.

Once installed and running, there's little you have to do.  Just use your computer as you normally would.  Switch to the ManicTime screen when you wish, by clicking the icon in the status bar, and you can see precisely what you've been up to. 

The program costs $67, but there's also a free version which does everything that most people will need.  




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